Future development of Sri Lanka on district basis
Posted on April 4th, 2019

The proposal to establish provincial councils was, apart from JRJs debacle to stay in power with the help of Indians, primarily to solve the problem of people coming to Colombo to get work done which later translated to sharing POWER.

Establishing a PC in Western province had no relevance on this basis. Further provinces close to Colombo and a province like central province had no relevance either.  Added to a financial burden, the low bred lowly educated members of PCs did a greater damage to the fabric of the landscape with illegal nefarious activities such as illegal projects of cutting down forests for re-settlements, building hotels etc. by-passing all established norms of ethical rules and environmental regulations.

What needs to be done is to keep North, East, North Central and Uva provincial councils, which are furthest from Colombo and dissolve the rest.   Future development of the country should be based on 25 districts basis and every district should have major institutions like hospitals, universities, transport hubs, agricultural centers, power distribution etc. etc. named after the specific district. e.g. there will be 25 universities in Sri Lanka once this strategy is undertaken, minimally.   Some districts do have already these institutions and needs to be improved. 

We need to shed tribalism, especially Majority – Minority labelling  and development based on tribalism on ethnic grounds MUST end and call for separation and dissolving of power must end. Our primary goal should be development of Sri Lanka based on one identity as SRI LANKAN.

2 Responses to “Future development of Sri Lanka on district basis”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    The proposed solution is worse – keep North, East, North Central and Uva provincial councils.

    Keeping the NPC and EPC is an utter disaster. They are the problem.

    If they are to be kept, merge all the other 7 provinces into one and have only 3 provinces. NPC, EPC and the one large province making up of the rest of the 7 provinces.

    The best option is to abrogate 13A in full.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Nest to North Province worst one is Southern Province. To a lesser degree Southerners are also like Tamils, segregate themselves. They vote to those whop came from down South regardless of whether they are good people or Pal Horu. Their businesses purposely employ southerners only. They discriminate Sinhalese in the other areas.

    As Dilrook says, best to abrogate 13A completely and re-unify mother lanka.

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