More Than 100 Apply for the Job of a Hangman in Sri Lanka Including an American.
Posted on April 7th, 2019

Dr Sarath obeysekera

I wonder what questions were asked during interview 

If I was in the interview I would have posed following questions

Was he a politician  ever ?( if GCE is required he cannot be a politician!)

Is he a Buddhist ( disqualification!)

Has he ever killed an animal ( I not he cannot kill

Humans )

Would he look for annual bonus for out put ( he can get 1000 rs incentive for killing the person in one try)

Does hi drink ( if not he cannot be the hangman)

Does he know Wele suda Makanudure Mahesh Kinjipani Imran ?( if he knew he cannot be the hangman)

Has he ever cried for something ever ( is he had he cannot be hang man)

Is he a vegetarian ( if yes he is ok )

Does he believe in any religion ( if he is atheist he is ok )

Does he ever see dreams ( if no he is ok )

Is he married ?( if yes not suitable )

Dr Sarath obeysekera

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