Fox’s Jesse Watters Says Dems Are ‘Pandering to Muslims’ by Using ‘Easter Worshippers’: ‘It’s a Made-Up Phrase’
Posted on April 22nd, 2019

Fox News host Jesse Watters went off on those referring to victims of the Sri Lanka bombings as Easter worshippers,” accusing them of making up a term in order to pander to Muslims.

Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clintonfaced a backlash from conservatives for using the term Easter worshippers” in their initial responses to the attacks.

Look at some of the leading Democrats, how they characterized it,” Watters said on The Five Monday. They didn’t use ‘Christians.’ They didn’t say ‘a lot of churches.’ They actually said ‘Easter worshipers were under attack.’ You don’t call Muslims ‘Ramadan worshipers.’ You don’t call Jews ‘Passover worshipers.’ It’s a made-up phrase.”

Watters continued: Why did they make up phrases like this? This is one of the reasons why people don’t trust liberals because they are not in touch with reality. They do this because they are pandering to Muslims. Because a lot of liberals feel they are so upset with how other people think about them and if they are thought up to be insensitive, that drives them crazy.”

It’s worth noting that Easter is an exclusively Christian holiday, so it’s unclear why using the term Easter worshippers” does much to obscure the faith of the victims. What’s more, the phrase is not made up – the same formulation has been used on the air at… Fox News

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  1. Caesar Says:

    100 % true, UNP is playing balls of Muslims!

    MR also gave all concessions to MUSLIMS with his one foot in Palestine.

    All Political parties are on the MUSLIM side.

    F**k the Muslims, Kill the scum, we don’t need damn, shit MUSLIMS here!

    They should be killed.

    Hail Hitler.

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