US urges Lanka to respect human rights while fighting terror
Posted on April 27th, 2019

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Colombo, April 27 ( The United States has said that while applying improved safety mechanisms to protect Sri Lanka’s citizens from new threats, it is imperative that the Sri Lankan government do so in ways that also protect rule of law and that do not infringe upon the human rights of individuals or groups, or limit their ability to worship, communicate and to live together in peace.

The US Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Alaina Teplitz, stated in her call for unity on April 25: These terrible attacks are the work of a few individuals and not of an entire community. Sri Lankans of all backgrounds and faiths have come together to condemn these atrocities. Unity is the most powerful answer to terrorism.”

Ambassador Teplitz further underscored that while we work together to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice, we must remain vigilant in defending the democratic ideals that form the pillars of a strong society. And we must do so without destroying communities of peaceful, innocent people who share the faith of the attackers, but not their warped ideology. We must always respect the wonderful diversity of Sri Lanka and fortify the culture of unity that the country needs to thrive.”

Short Term Collaboration

On Saturday, the US said: At the request of the Sri Lankan Government, U.S. experts are already working closely with their Sri Lankan partners on fulfilling short term, specific objectives related to the recent attacks and to bringing the perpetrators to justice. This cooperation does not indicate a larger, long term presence of US security teams in the country,” a press release from the US embassy said.

As Sri Lanka looks to the future and to implementing changes in security and communications procedures to prevent future atrocities, the United States stands ready to assist with lessons learned from our own past tragedies and through our ongoing cooperation with local authorities.”

The US statement follows a warning by an opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardene that the US may post its troop in Sri Lanka in the guise of helping Colombo fight Islamic terror.

When asked about the possibility of US stationing troops in Sri Lanka, President Maithripala Sirisena said that no foreign troops would be allowed to be deployed and that Sri Lanka would only seek cooperation in intelligence.

4 Responses to “US urges Lanka to respect human rights while fighting terror”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Americans are the biggest terrorists and human rights violators in the world and they are famous for preaching others about human rights etc. Did un armed Osama Bin Larden have human rights when he was murdered in could blood? As the Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said is America one of the powerful countries involved in the Easter Sunday carnage? Isn’t it obvious they were quick to send the FBI to investigate to cover up their involvement?

  2. samurai Says:

    This is hilarious. After causing the deaths of so many civilians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran etc. in their wars against terror these sanctimonious humbugs are asking us to respect human rights when we engage in domestic security operations.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Yes folks, it’s very very very imporant! We showed the world in
    Hiroshima, Nagasaki – 100,000+

    Vietname – 3 million+, still poor farmers getting blown into pieces with UXBs from billions of bombs we dropped

    Libya, iraq, syria, afganisthan, yemen etc indirect/direct involvement

    We still meddle in helpless countries and instrumental in causing deaths/destruction if they don’t toe the line

    We even have our own UN (impotent in syria, yemen etc) punish countries who don’t dance to our tune. Then we
    also have US war crimes act (for non US citizens of course) who don’t/didn’t dance to our tune

    Only deterrent to us is Russia/China on the other side of the fence or having oil/money. Remember, we put all native guys in to the jungle areas and showing the world how to run their affairs

    See our record is exemplary! Remember to adhere to the example we have set!

  4. Nimal Says:

    If that’s so then why is US hounding Bradly Manning and Julian Assange for exposing the criminal acts of it gunho armed forces?

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