Posted on April 30th, 2019

Malin Abeyatunge

Let me give a grim reminder what happened during Eelam War.

In year 2000, when the then Govt., accepted Norway’s help to facilitate the negotiations with the   Terrorist LTTE outfit, I wrote a small letter to Sunday Observer on March 12, 2000  titled SCREEN PEACE TALKS FACILITATORS and not to accept the chief facilitator Eric Solheim from Norway  without investigating into his credentials and his hidden agenda but instead then government received him and his team with red carpet welcome. What was the outcome? Eric Solheim  the facilitator became the best of friends of LTTE leader Prabhakaran and connived with him and LTTE until the end against the Government. He went to the extent of acting as God Father of LTTE drafting infamous PTOM and CFA to facilitate LTTE agenda. Under the patronage of Eric Solheim, Tamil terrorists were nurtured on Norwegian soil as his own baby. They were given military training and visits to military operation units in Norway;  gave refugee in Norway to the LTTE terrorists. Norwegian government financed the LTTE to the teeth. Norway covertly assisted LTTE to smuggle arms illegally to the Tamil tiger area; Norway supplied LTTE with the State of the Art military communication systems thro its Embassy abusing the Diplomatic Immunity. This is our past bad experience in inviting   an unknown devil to facilitate the peace talks with LTTE.

Are we going to do the same mistake now by accepting offers from some outside countries?

With the recent Islamic terror attack in Sri Lanka on 3 Christian churches and three five star hotels killing 243 and injuring and maiming over 500 innocent citizens of the country. In an interview with a foreign journalist SL PM  mentioned that Donald Trump has called him personally and promised Sri Lanka with necessary help to Sri Lanka to get over the current situation. Even the President of SL also said the same thing that some countries including some western countries have promised to help us. It’s a known fact that most of the western block countries and their allied are covertly helping the ISIS financially through its friendly Middle East countries. In such circumstances, can we trust those who have offered us help without any hidden agenda? By accepting help from the western block to fight the growing menace of Islamic militants, we will face worst dangers by becoming  a target of ISIS enemy which will be a worst outcome for our country.

Sri Lanka does not need any help to overcome present calamity created by ISIS and other Islamic militants. We have our expertise to fight against any kind of terrorism and amply demonstrated by annihilating the world most dreadful and dangerous terrorist outfit LTTE conclusively. Our Police, STF and the three armed forces are currently doing   excellent operations all over the country to arrest the members of these Islamic militant groups and their hide outs. We have bad experience of having invited Norway to facilitate peace talks with LTTE. Our seeking help from western countries will   have the same effect by planting their stooges in our country by to achieve their targets and exposing our country to multiple dangers by ISIS and other related Islamic militant groups.

So, to save our country from any future dangers from any kind of militant groups be local or global, please do not accept any voluntary help from any foreign country who have connections with ISIS and other militants. Of course, We must accept intelligence reports with thanks.


  1. Dilrook Says:

    No. We must accept foreign help as we sought and accepted foreign help during the war against the LTTE. USA was at the forefront of helping Sri Lanka in many ways. If not for US help, we would not have won the war. This is the bitter truth. Here is a short list of examples. We must not forget those who helped us.

    * USA provided us the co-ordinates of LTTE floating weapons warehouses
    * US donated OPVs played a key role in destroying them. This year USA is set to donate our largest warship.
    * Our other state of the art warships are donated by US allies (Israel, Japan, Australia, Belgium, etc.) because of this special relationship.
    * Fast attack crafts for the SBS and RABS were donated by the US. They turned the tide against the LTTE along with our own reverse engineered craft
    * US fire finder artillery helped us penetrate LTTE positions with minimum civilian casualties
    * US C-130 Hercules transporter was the most realiable plane that helped save tens of thousands of soldiers
    * Had the FBI not stopped some Tamils in Canada buy a Russian SAM missile, our air force would be in ashes.
    * USA played a key role in busting Tamil finance network around the world.
    * USA banned the LTTE in 1991; 7 years before we banned it.

    In 2018 USA assisted Lanka raise Sri Lanka Marines – a formidable force that has tremendous potential.
    USA also issued a warning in early April of an impending attack.

    The point is not to go to the extreme of becoming a subject of USA but to remain balanced for the benefit of Sri Lanka.

    The threat we face is a global threat. We cannot investigate it beyond our shores. No country allows our investigators! We need the help of USA, etc. as we got during the war against Tamil terrorists.

    Some of our personal views and opinions must not hinder the national policy.

  2. Christie Says:

    Yes we should use foreign help where it is appropriate and helpful.

    USA helped us a lot in fighting Indian terrorists the Tamil Tigers.

    We should not ask for help from India.

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