Search operations seize 12 suspects, weapons and other items
Posted on May 1st, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Security forces are continuing to carry out island-wide search operations to ensure the security of the country following the Easter Day attacks.

Mullaitivu police stated that 09 walkie-talkies generally used by security forces and clothing similar to Army uniforms among other items have been found in a luxury hotel under construction in the Alampil area in Mullaitivu.

The Army has found these today (01) in a search operation carried out at the construction site of the hotel.

Among the seized items, a pair of binoculars, 11 SIM cards, batteries used for walkie-talkies, a dagger, and 02pairs of boots used by Army personnel have also been found during the search.

Reportedly, no one had been at the construction site when the search was carried out and the hotel construction is funded by a person residing abroad, stated the Police.

No individual has been arrested on the matter and Mullaitivu Police are carrying out further investigations.

Meanwhile, 12 persons and other items including swords have been found in another raid conducted by the Sri Lanka Army in Akurana.

The Army has found 03 swords, parts of firearms, clothing similar to Army uniforms, posters, banners and CDs that may belong to the Thowheed Jamaath organization, several number plates of vehicles, fake passports, National Identity Cards, birth certificates in the area.

Search operations are still carried out in the area, stated the Sri Lanka Army.

Furthermore, the Police have also found 03 swords near a mosque in Galenbindunuwewa, stated Ada Derana reporter.

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