Why swords?
Posted on May 1st, 2019

sunil vijaya

The proliferation of swords and other weapons clearly tell a story which shows the characteristics of primitive warfare.  why don’t the security forces analyse further this threat!

why use swords unless they want to chop people in mass numbers going into crowded places in battalions.   

This development is as dangerous as suicide bombers. why on earth swords!!! unless an island-wide attack in temples, homes, schools with an army of wordsmen and women on a specific day? probably a poya.

Maybe we avoided a war using conventional weapons!

Maybe they wanted to burn everything down and install one of their wahaabi minsters as leader of the country With the help of Saudi Arabia and in turn their American friends?

Isn’t this a new development?  Was there a planned attack by explosives and swords by both wahaabi men and women In one go?

Why is Pottuvila aka pottuvil not showing any signs of aggression, especially Muhudu maha vihara precincts?

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    M H A Halim, Minister for Muslim Religious Affairs and Postal Services has said that vast number of knives, swords are kept in Muslim Mosques to use it for clearing weeds and lawns.

    Minister Halim – UNP is not a fool, but he thinks Sri Lankans are fools. Halim knows there are thousands of hardware shops in the island, in every major city, city intersections selling lawn moving equipment, bush cutters etc. These shops are mostly owned by Muslims. Muslim Churches have plenty of money, even otherwise rich muslims will gladly donate a lawn mower, bush cutter to every church. Muslim shops will give special cash discounts to their places of worship.

    Government must ban knives, swords, guns and other weapons from all places of worship.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Obviously they were planning an attack on a very large scale. Please note Islamic terrorists used blades and small knives in China to wreak havoc and kill a large number of non-believers a few years ago. This was probably the plan here.

    Amidst all the clutter we must keep our heads clear. We must identify the national interest without personal bias and act upon it. The threat is clear – Islamic extremism. Unless we focus on neutralizing it with full force, they will overpower us.

    There are many distractors. Some may be driven by good moral intentions. But intent does not count. What counts is the impact. Uphold the national interest opportunistically using whatever means that advances it.

  3. Christie Says:

    Swords and Knives, for what?

    May be one or two to cut grass or throats.

    Mainly as a weapon for training leading to aggression of using more lethal weapons like guns and bombs.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    A Sharia University Campus in Batticaloa is being built for no purpose other than SPREADING the FANATICALLY EXTREMIST VIEWS of Wahhabi Muslim Religion not only within Sri Lanka but also in the GREATER South Asian region.

    This “Super-Madrassa” style UNIVERSITY is slated to enroll over 5000 students next year as its first batch of POTENTIAL AGITATORS & TERRORISTS in their quest to achive the declared objective of Transforming Sri Lanka into a Wahabbi Religious Nation.

    If this Sharia University survives and continues to exist within Sri Lanka, it will INEVITABLY THREATEN Hindu Majority INDIA and will TRIGGER ANOTHER INVASION by India into Sri Lanka. This time to protect itself against its Muslim Enemies who are prevented from achieving the same goals within India by the Hindu Dominated Government of India.

    This university also has links to American/USA interests who will use any available tool to destabilize Sri Lanka and ESTABLISH a MASSIVE PRESENCE on the ground in Sri Lanka in pursuit of their STOP CHINA project.

    The Americansare so myopic that they fail to see that the rapidly spreading Muslim FANATICISM, well funded by Saudi Arabia and other Extreme Muslim states, is a GREATER THREAT than CHINA to their own survival in the long term.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: For Sri Lanka, this is DECISION TIME: Do we want to SURVIVE as a Buddhist Majority Nation? If we do, then then we must UPROOT this Sharia University and the growing collection of Madrassas within Sri Lanka NOW!

  5. Ratanapala Says:


    Deny, evade, confuse, mislead and if everything fails cry!

    Be careful when questioning Islamists. They are permitted by the Koran to lie unashamedly to deceive anyone who they consider to be their opponents or enemy. It is called Taqiyya.

    Be careful of artful deception and deceit – they are masters at the game and well versed in debating. 
I have been following the recent talk shows after the Easter Sunday Massacre how Muslims and Muslim Clerics respond. Evading the question, confusing the moderator, the interlocutor and taking the main line of questioning to an area where he is most comfortable are some of the tactics they use. If everything fails ‘tears’ – I myself was about to cry when I saw those tears they were so real till I understood and got the gist of what was happening!

    This is what Islam is all about. They will point out one part of the Koran which is outwardly peaceful in order to hide a vast majority of sayings which are absolutely hate-filled and anti-social. 
At one point the Prophet has said that the killing of one human being is equivalent to the killing of the whole of humanity. Elsewhere it says to kill the non-believer if he does not convert to Islam.

    The Koran must be understood in its totality and not in parts to declare whether it is a document that promotes peace in the world. World Governments are guilty of this overlook! Today thousands of young men are taking up arms following this call to kill the INFIDEL, while conveniently forgetting that killing one human being is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity!

    This is an undertaking for the world governments before they are all fooled into believing what is stated in this holy book. Young Muslim children are drilled in their ideology in Islamic Schools called Madrasas all over the world. What is taught to these children at an impressionable age and who are the teachers are not closely monitored by governmental authorities.
Even if they are told that they are Muslims and that they are different from the others who are not Muslim is good enough to turn a child later into a young terrorist capable of killing Non-Muslims!

Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali a former Muslim about Taqiyya.



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