Ada Derana reporter covering Maligawatte search operation harassed
Posted on May 8th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

The Maligawatte police have found 56 swords in a well in the Maligawatte area in Colombo, today (08).

Reportedly, 44 Chinese manufactured swords, 12 old swords, 49 knives, 26 CDs with covers with Arabic writing letters on them, a firearm, and a narcotic drug called ‘Ice’ have been found inside a 20-feet deep well near a mosque in Maligawatte.

However, the Ada Derana correspondent, who had gone to report search operation conducted by Navy divers, had been obstructed by a certain group who had been at the scene.

Meanwhile, 16 knives had been found when inspecting a suspicious parcel abandoned at the Arnold Ratnayake Road in Maradana. The parcel was found by the CMC employees at the Sudewella worksite.

Furthermore, a stock of sharp weapons including swords was found hidden among clothes inside the cupboard of a house in Kumbukkandura area. Theldeniya police stated two persons were arrested with this regard.

Eleven knives including Italian-manufactured knives have been found near the Richmond Hill by the Special Crimes Division of the Galle Police.

The person, at whose house the knives were found, has also been arrested by the Police.

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