89 others with direct links to 21/4 in custody – SP Gunasekara
Posted on May 26th, 2019


The Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested 89 persons who have had direct contacts with the suicide bombers involved in a multiple attack carried out by the Islamic extremists on Easter Sunday that killed over 300 people and injured over 500.

By the one-month anniversary of the blasts, there are 89 taken into custody noted police spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekara.

He said the other suspects who had been arrested in various parts of the country have been released; we cannot maintain an accurate record because they are only suspects, so after questioning they may have been released.

In the meantime, the intelligence has revealed that out of the eight (8) suicide bombers four of them have had their training in Syria and Zahran Hashim is one of them.

The others are the Kingsbury hotel bomber Mohamed Assam Mohamed Mubarak of Colombo 12, Dehiwela bomber, Abdul Lathif Jameer Mohamed of Welamboda, and Zion church bomber Mohamed Nazar Mohamed Azath of New Kathankudy.

However, SP Gunasekara said he has not got confirmation on that information and still the Government is ascertaining their links with Syria and as the ongoing probe, he is unable to reveal any of that information to the media.

The news about four bombers being trained in Syria has been already published in Asaahi Shimbun, the Japanese newspaper who obtained the information from the intelligence, according to sources.

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