Minorities Holding Sri Lanka Hostage
Posted on May 26th, 2019

Dilrook Kannangara

What happens in Sri Lanka is a story straight from hell. Indian and Arabic minorities are holding the nation hostage. To an outside onlooker it is strange and comical but this is serious. It marks the end of the nation. Tamil and Muslim terrorists have been released under various pretexts. Some were not even taken into custody. Those few arrested but not yet released were arrested under petty crimes and not under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Over 150 ethnic Sinhalese have been slaughtered more than a month ago but no concrete action has been taken to punish the terrorists. The army has been cowed down to a group of ragtag weapons carriers providing regular updates on the situation to Islamic leaders! When did the army’s reporting line change? Instead of punishing terrorists, the security establishment shuts down freedom of expression. Sri Lanka has become an apartheid dictatorship.

Sinhalese are extremely vulnerable, defenceless and hopeless. This must change and change quickly.

In wide contrast India for the second time elected a BJP led government without a single elected Muslim MP from the coalition. World’s largest democracy upholds true democracy while Sri Lanka’s twisted form of democracy is plagued by the PR system of parliamentary elections and an executive president who is just a puppet in the hands of minority political parties ever since it was introduced.

The PR system was worsened just two days before the 1988 presidential election where the SLMC forced the UNP to bring down the cut-off of parliamentary election minimum votes requirement from 12.5% to just 5%. Any party that wins over 5% of the vote in a district will be considered for seat allocation. Desperate Premadasa had no choice than to agree. However, in 1994 SLMC joined Chandrika’s PA and managed to keep the privileges as it is. This is used as a threat by SLMC, ACMC and CWC in key election districts.

Executive presidents have been the weakest Lankan leaders. When a weak leader has executive power, it is total disaster. All executive presidents were held hostage by minority political parties.

If Sri Lanka were to be saved from this Satanic hostage situation, both the PR system and the executive presidency must be abolished. The old First-Past-The-Post system must be introduced.

To make matters worse, the island has become a battlefield of superpowers. USA, Saudi Arabia, China and India are after their own military bases in the island. They want secure and friendly chunks of the island where their military can be based and their backs are covered. It is a matter of time a major regional war will split the island nation. Minorities will take the side of their respective external motherlands.

Sinhala voters must realise their potential. At the 2019 and 2020 elections Sinhalese must use bloc voting – a tactic used by minority voters. However, the biggest responsibility is with Sinhala candidates. If they remain minority-venerating mollusks, then Sinhala voters will be rightfully divided. They must grow a backbone for a change and stand their ground. The 2019 presidential election is a referendum for independence from a hostage situation.

10 Responses to “Minorities Holding Sri Lanka Hostage”


    You are spot on Dilrook. Muslims have invaded the education sector by underhand methods, not following guide lines of Dept of Education and University Grants Commission. Sharia University had been initiated in 2013 under President Mahinda Rajapakse’s watch. Hizbulla was one of his Ministers. Why didn’t MR look into these things, I am disappointed? Muslim Schools are everywhere in Sri Lanka, just like Pubs in Australia.

    Anyone looking to be next President must give top priority to keep Muslims in their right place, as a proportion of their population.

    Old agenda’s may not attract sufficient votes, President MR must fine tune his Mahinda Chinthanaya, without wavering.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Executive presidency must go. That’s what changed JR, Premadasa, Mahinda, Sirisena, etc. Even Ranil who entered politics with Sinhala votes alone. Fonseka is another example. Anyone who gets caught in the executive presidency becomes a minority venerating joker.

    Chandrika paved the way for the non-UNP camp to win presidential election by tying up with SLMC and CWC (and dividing them). This model worked well for the SLFP camp that had no chance of winning presidential elections before. However, it destroyed the nation.

    Had she not kept the SLMC in her government after 1995 when there was no real need to keep them (her government had over 113 seats by the time the honeymoon with the LTTE ended), she would have lost in 1999 (unable to win over 50%). Mahinda continued it. Hizbulla and Athaulla supported Mahinda when he had no minority support but at a cost.

    Even if Gotabaya becomes president without much minority support, he too will quickly start venerating them eyeing the 2024 election.

    Anyone who gets caught in the executive presidency madness becomes a minority venerating joker. No exceptions.

    If India had a presidential election, Modi’s NDA would have lost worse than Sirima in 1988, Ranil in 2005 and Mahinda in 2015 with only 45% of the vote. Others would have collectively won with minority support.

    Those who support EP after 2009 are a danger to the nation. Some of them hailed the EP and said Sirisena ordered the army to clamp down on terrorists in search operations. Really? We now know most arrested suspects were arrested on petty charges and not on Prevention of Terrorism Act. The EP can do these tricks as he is above the law. If the Cabinet had executive powers, no such thing can happen because they are answerable to courts.

    When Sri Lanka was ruled by a Cabinet of ministers as the executive branch, tough decisions were taken. A cospiracy (1962), an insurrection (1971) and even rising Tamil terrorism were clamped down. Foreign interferers were dealt with aggressively. Their assets were nationalized! Criminal syndicates were busted aggresively.

    The war could have been won way before 2009 if we didn’t have EP.

    All hell broke lose after EP that turned the incumbent into an ostrich.

  3. Christie Says:

    It was long before independence Indian imperialists tool an interest in our country. In 1927 Mohandas Karamchand came and in 2017 Modi the Great came.

    First of all let us stop sucking to India and Indian Parasites all over the world. They are the ones who want Sinhalese out of this planet. They have got natives of Andamans out of this planet.

    It is mainly the Indians in the West who are directing the West against the natives of Indian colonies.

    I have come across Indian Parasites from Fiji, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, UK, USA, Canada and none of them like the natives of their adopted countries.

    Take the Easter massacre. India knew it. How did they know it? A stupid question? But stupid questions are the most intelligent.

    There are very close relations with India and Saudi Arabia.

    Indian workers and Indian women in the Saudi Palaces run Saudi. Saudi has given a plot of land to build a Hindu Kovil in Saudi.

    So ISIS franchise in South India is a prosperous one and they run the franchise in our country. Our Muslims are paid a

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese are divided close to 50, 50 since SWRD broke away from the UNPatriotic_rats party. Since then, every
    government had to seek the support of the mussies to get into power. While tamils stayed away from the
    governments of the day, mussies somersaulted, landing ministerial posts in EVERY government and promoted
    mass breeding, mussie only schools, eye sore mosques in every street corner, land grabbing, towns overrunning
    etc, etc. wanda pethi (sterile agents in food for Sinhalese), sterile agents sprays for Sinhalese women, marrying
    Sinhalese women, child brides to start production lines early, sharia laws, madra asses, halal (sorry, no halal
    fish since we can’t jump into sea to murder fish first before eating), burkas, goni billa dresses aka high fashion in hell for ghosts, now finally finally once the numbers are high enough to murder Sinhalese by millions in one night using sword stores aka gun stores aka ammunition dumps in every street corner etc. etc. everything imaginable
    to destroy an entire race and take over the country. Any shame? Any guilt? Not a bit of it. Still the perpetrators
    are governors, ministers etc. etc. and holding the country to ransom thanks to traitor, greedy, thieving, back
    boneless, lying bunch of low lives who are prepared to sell the country, Sinhalese race and Buddhism to be in power.

    For Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism to survive we should wipe the traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka minority worshiping Mother Lanka dismembering United National Ponnyainparty aka UNPatriotic_
    rats party who divide the Sinhalese and make minorities king makers. This will help the Sinhalese to have a voice
    in their own land for the first time in nearly 75 years.

    Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka are at the mercy of these foreigner tamils and mussies since traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) thambi mudiyanelage jr@ changed the Constitution to make minorities king makers and put up mini thieves dens every 50 miles. Now we see empty dog aka his bxlla, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), then traitor tamil pigneshwaran, then other racist bigots
    who all are hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. This is in addition to the
    racist bigots we have the likes of church acolyte sumanthira, sivajipodilinga, old hag one foot in the grave
    eyes filled with hatred (obviously against you know who) sadbanda, xxxxheem, sm slimy marakkalaya,
    bada uuru deen etc. etc. etc list goes on and on.

    Sinhalese must be the most unfortunate race in the world to have such ungrateful, selfish, never happy, never
    Sri Lankan, never enough, never a good word, only intentions are to destroy entire Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka
    and Buddhism foreigners on their soil. Most traitor tamils have their hearts and minds in tn from where they came from and are reluctant to even write the country’s name correctly. That’s after getting FREE education and FREE hospitals costing their parents 0000000 cents while even the richest country in the world don’t provide those for free. Sri Lanka is Srilanka to them. Can any one believe that shallowy attitude? Such hatred! It’s all coming from the religions of conveniences they follow in this 21st century which don’t teach them what sins and what’s right
    and what’s wrong.

    To save Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka:
    Wipe out traitor UNPatriotic_rats who divide the Sinhalese make minorities king makers from the political map of
    Sri Lanka
    Have a Sinhalese government without mussies or tamils
    Abolish mini thieves dens with governor thieves every 50 miles
    Limit 2 children to a family to stop mass breeding
    Stop FREE education, FREE hospitals after 2 children
    Stop mussie/tamils schools which they use to hide real numbers (any Sinhalese only schools in their own country? No, we even take mussie/tamil surplus
    Ban mussie/tamils only parties which they use to somersault to land ministerial posts after elections
    Limit one sword store/bomb factory/ammunition dump to a town to save Sinhalese necks
    Limit mussie/tamil medical students to save Sinhalese mums (use FREE education and we find a knife stuck in
    our back after qualifying – a world’s first, of course.

    To do things list goes on and on. Hope Sinhalese will be wise this time and dump the foreigners for good and
    teach them how to live in a foreign country! This is the last chance! Only one Sinhalese should contest the
    presidential elections or traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega
    thankkadiya walking crime bomb (against Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande
    wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer will field one of its pawns and become the back seat
    driver and destroy the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism for good and die on the job which is its only
    wish now after a life of murders (Sinhalese Buddhists only), treacheries, lies, robberies during the past 40 years!
    A menace in every sense of the word to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism. We already seeing tried
    and tested GR being sidelined by DP/gandaskkara (lost all respect for him after going to bed with traitor
    alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) lk porisada @’s nidan hora son etc etc to
    divide the Sinhalese. After all Sinhalaya famous for being modayas and having short memories who is going
    to bet against them? All patriotic Sinhaleses’ fervent hope this final final chance they won’t throw away!

  5. aloy Says:

    I have a feeling that some media houses while being critical of PM slowly promoted the people with lots of accusations as being corrupt or racist. The good image given by one media house to all the recent appointees of governors by the prez is a case in point.
    It now appears that most of those appointees have some form of connections to terrorism. Not only that they have employed a disproportionate number of minority employees and some of them are allowed to speak in programs like human rights and minority rights to question the Sinhala cultural values with regard to the wearing of arabic attire in public.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    Dear Patriots,

    Please watch the following Video. Our Maha Sanga is getting together to hit back at the politicians. We all should support this


    In the same lot, we have to push for; Getting rid of the following:
    • Shariya law
    • Madrasa School or any school other than the Ministry of Education
    • Thesawalamei Law
    • Communal Political parties
    • Religious Political parties
    • 13A – Provincial Councils
    • Preferential system of Election
    EP can be retained if the political system is cleaned up to get a simple majority.

  7. Randeniyage Says:

    @ Hirante
    Sinhalaya should get together get rid of this evil forever. But yet again Sinhalayas are fooled to go politician worshiping. Those who gave land and let this spread for 10 years are now showing a good face and coming like saviors. They will never do it because to get votes for Presidential Election you need the Jiahad votes and Tamil votes.
    Otherwise how to win ?
    Sirisena 20%
    Fonseka 30%
    JVP 5%
    Others 5%

    Tell me how to win ? Meanwhile current EP is protecting the top Jihadists.

  8. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Your argument is very foolish. If Sirisena, Fonseka and others get 60% of the votes, then no one can get over 50% so the inevitably they have to go for second round between Fonseka and GR as a straight fight between them and GR can reach 50%+ votes easily.

  9. Dilrook Says:


    Randeniyage’s numbers are absolutely crazy. But he’s got a point. To put it crudely, without pro-LTTE and pro-ISIS votes it is very difficult for anyone to win the presidential election.

    Re: election.

    I too believed that but after reading election laws in detail, now it is clear there is no need for 50% if no one was able to get it. The highest getter of first, second (and third) preference votes wins. A re-run is not required.

    This is a key issue that will determine the winner. This will be intensely debated in time to come.


    It is not the fault of Sinhalese. It is the fault of politicians who cannot deliver what Sinhalese want (e.g. abrogate 13A, remove racist laws, etc.). Therefore Sinhalese are divided, they must be. To unify Sinhalese a presidential candidate must at least promise these things and no one can. If anyone promises these even if he is a less known politician Sinhalese must vote for him. Otherwise it is insanity.

    It is best to abolish EP as promised by Chandrika, Mahinda and Sirisena. As long as EP remains, pro-LTTE and pro-ISIS voters will run and ruin Sri Lanka. No exceptions. The winner was always supported by demanding minority groups.

    Did the winner get minority support?

    T – Tamil mono-ethnic political parties
    M – Muslim mono-ethnic political parties
    UT – Upcountry Tamil mono-ethnic political parties

    1982 – M, UT
    1988 – M, UT
    1994 – T, M, UT (all of them)
    1999 – M, UT
    2005 – M (Hisbullah, Athaullah, Inamullah, Bathurdeen), EPDP, TMVP
    2010 – M (Bathurdeen, Hisbullah), UT
    2015 – T, M, UT (all of them)

    In 1994 and 2010 the winner didn’t need minority votes but they nevertherless accepted some minority mono-ethnic political parties.

    Imagine someone wins a very small number of votes from these voters but wins. From Day One he will be trying to win these voters for the 2024 election.

    This is why EP must be abolished.

    If India had a presidential election, Modi’s NDA would have lost worse than Sirima in 1988, Ranil in 2005 and Mahinda in 2015 with only 45% of the vote. Others would have collectively won with minority support.

  10. Christie Says:

    Forewords: 1. The British Empire is in fact a British-Indian Empire.
    2. Indians went to Tropical British Dominions as colonists. Indian Colonial Parasites.
    3. Cabal, a secret political clique or group.
    Our country is another Indian Colony like Mauritius, Fiji, or Guyana. In the 2015 Presidential election, it was an Indian from Guyana who was the head of the Commonwealth delegation of election monitors. He made sure Sirisena won.
    Our economy is in the hands of Indians Colonial Parasites. If you do not believe me go for a walk in Pettah or Fort. These Indian Cabal, that is Tamils, Nadars, Malayalis, Parsis, Boras control the country. These Indian colonists run our politics, economy, culture and religion. It started long before independence. Around 1920s. For example, Sol Captain was the sponsor of N M Perera and Gnanam was the sponsor of Phillip.
    The Socialists failed to gain control of the politics in Ceylon. So, in 1951 Indian Cabal and India got hold of SWRD and set up SLFP and won control of Ceylon in 1956. Kundanmals and Hidramanis were direct sponsors of SWRD from the Indian colonist’s Cabal.
    The Bandaranayke family destroyed the Sinhalese by all sorts of legislation and activities. Nationalization of Sinhala businesses but not businesses run by Indian Colonial Parasites. Family planning that was promoted among the Sinhalese but not among the Indian Colonial Parasites. Acquisition of Land from Sinhalese under the Land Reform. Feeding Sinhalese only to the Sinhalese masses while feeding English to their own children.
    Up to 1956 the UNP was self-financed and they set the foundation for a great country. Settlement of landless Sinhalese in new developments who lost their land to the plantations industry under British and Indian imperialism. World class secondary education in English medium with Central Colleges in remote areas. World class hospitals, ex. Rathnapura and Anuradhapura. Then CSIRO, Colombo Port, Ratmalana Railway workshop, Galle Road, University of Peradeniya, Ampara Hardy Tech, Junior Technical Schools, Institute of Practical Technology, the lists goes on.
    All that were destroyed under Banda’s family. The Sinhala businesses were destroyed. The Indian Cabal became richer and stronger. Then came JRJ and UNP was poor by then and had to rely on India and Indian Cabal finance to survive. So, JRJ the quarter Indian and his politics were under the control of India and the Indian Cabal. Under JRJ the Indian Cabal became richer and richer. Examples are Captains, Gnanams, Maharajas, Pages, Hidramanis, Kundans, Abans, Eswarans, Vaithyalingams, and the list go on. JRJ had few properties and they were never rented to Sinhalese.
    In 2005 India and the Indian Cabal made an error by installing Mahinda, Mahinda did not suck to them. Mahinda wiped out the Indian terrorist arm LTTE branded Tamil Tiger by India. India and the Indian Cabal tried to oust Mahinda in 2010 with Sarath Fonseka but failed. India and Indian Cabal succeeded in 2015 to install Sirisena and Ranil. They used Sobitha to divide Sinhalese with good governance sermons and used Nanasara to alienate Muslim and Christian voters from Mahinda and delivered Sirisena with the Indian colonists’ block vote.
    Like the old UNP Mahinda and Co. after wiping out the Indian terrorists started to lay foundations for a prosperous country.
    But unfortunately, India won again in 2015 like they did in 1956. With the help of Chandrika and she is at the moment negotiating her payments from India.
    So, again in 2015 is being repeated by India and Indian Cabal.
    We yet do not know exactly who will be backed by the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.
    But they are laying foundations for example with Nagananda Kodithuwakku appears to be an Indian pawn from UK as they did with Sobitha and Nanasara before 2015.
    Financed by India and Indian Cabal money funneled through Indian Parasites in the West and elsewhere.
    The other day Nagananda was showing his bank papers but who makes the deposits cannot be verified without full details of the depositors and the

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