Bathiuddeen stations another set of Saharans at Wilachchikulama
Posted on June 7th, 2019

බදියුදීන් විලච්චිකුලමේ තවත් සහරාන්ලා පිරිසක් රදවයි.. 7, 2019

(Unsolicited verbatim translation by Rohana R. Wasala without any commitment to the veracity of its contents.)

It has now been revealed that, in the recent past, there were safe houses that provided security for Wahhabist terrorists in the Muslim villages established by the person called Rishad Bathiuddeen in the thousands of acres of land cleared in the Wilachchikulam forest reserve. Member of Parliament Udayashantha Gunasekera, Secretary for Youth Affairs, Jathika Nidahas Peramuna/National Freedom Front (NLF), pointed this out during a press briefing held at the NLF Headquarters at Pitakotte.

Following the Easter Sunday terrorist attack, Muslim politicians Rishad Bathiuddeen, Azath Salley, A.M.L.M. Hizbullah, and Mujibur Rahman met with strong public opposition because they were identified as a pack of cunning foxes who spread Wahhabist terrorism, thereby shielding the terrorists it bred. Mr Gunasekera questioned why other Muslim Ministers who faced no such allegations issued a joint statement and resigned from their positions. He charged that, though there were many (gravely critical) situations in which they ought to have issued such joint statements and behaved responsibly, they just spent their time, enjoying their perks to the fullest, without doing anything about them.

Let alone resign from their posts, these politicians did not at least issue a joint statement in respect of such instances of extremist terrorism as the vandalizing of Buddha statues at Mawanella, shooting at Minister Kabir Hasheem’s liaison officer by Wahhabist terrorists, discovery of a Wahhabist terrorist camp with a haul of high explosives at Wanathawilluwa, and the killing of more than 400 people on April 21, Mr Gunasekera recalled.

But, he further stated, the resignation of these Muslim ministers who stood by the extremist who fostered Wahhabist terrorism, in order to protect him, endangers (the lives of) not only Sinhalese and Tamil people, but also the moderate Muslim community. Mr Gunasekera added that it was most unfortunate that the nineteen Mustim politicians including Rauf Hakeem and Kabir Hasheem, by siding with the Saharans (i.e., potential suicide bombers), made the whole Muslim community capitulate to Wahhabist terrorism.

He revealed that Wahhabist extremism is spreading dangerously in Sri Lanka. Extremists have travelled throughout the country indoctrinating their disciples with such extremist teachings as that Allah has encouraged his followers to acquire all large scale resources and land from non-Muslims and to possess land still not trodden on by people of other religions. These doctrines could lead to much bloodshed in this country.

– Anuruddha Bandara Ranawarana

(Media secretary/NLF)

2 Responses to “Bathiuddeen stations another set of Saharans at Wilachchikulama”

  1. dhane Says:

    The best what President Sirisena could do is not to re appoint any of those Ministers who resigned recently. Only Kabir Hasheem is left over. We will see whether he too will resign from his portfolio when he return from overseas. These are all Ranil’s plans including Mangala letter to Pope against Cardinal Malcom Ranjith. Now Mangala says its a forged document and complained to CID. As usual whole country know that this government is not aware of anything starting from Bond robbery to Easter Sunday disaster. Nobody take the responsibility of anything other than appointing commission of investigating wasting time & money. However both parties specially UNP had lost the Catholic votes and confidence of traditional UNPers. Whatever the next Election voters should vote for a New group of intellectuals to run the country perhaps with new constitution.

  2. Gunasinghe Says:

    Are there any person in the government with backbone to jail these bastards. Mr Rajapaksa, why did you talked to these guys. They are traitors. Hang them. they all deserve death penalty. Average muslims will appreciate that. Investigate their finances. If you can include Avamangala into this group.

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