We should not judge all the Muslims on the basis of Saharans action
Posted on June 9th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I have been in association with Libyans .Iraqis Syreans .Egyprians ,Azerbijanies .Kazaks .Maldivians,Thadjiks and also Indian Muslims during  by carrier .I have never noticed any of them blindly advocating what Saharan was preaching.

Even though Rohana Wijeweera was advocating violence ,and being a Buddhist he should not have done what he did. His henchmen killed one of my friend who is a brother of and existing lady judge ,in cold blood for acting against their orders ,He was shot with an AK 47 ( built in the same country he had  his education ) and worked in Pullalam cement .That does not mean that all JVP cadres were cold blooded murderers .I knew Stallworth’s like Susil and Viraj ,But they were ordinary harmless people .

Similarly Saharan  could have been an exception  and we should not treat all the Muslims in the same yard stick.

My good friend who was my GP in London educated in Russia was born on Rideegama in Kuruneagala.

He studied in Sinahals and leaned Buddhism .He can recite many Sinhala verses from Subhasitaya and Salalihini Sandehshaya.

He tells me that Chief  prelate of Malwatu Chapter was in his class in Kurunegala and they both studied Buddhism together in their humble child hood .

I have known him for many many years and I have never noticed any ill will or hatred in him against any other religion .

He prays several times during the day and recites Quran by heart. ( Anyone who can recite by heart  Quran in Arabic  are called Hafeez.)

The point I am making is that we should not attack Muslims and discriminate them. .We should live together .In india government monitors actions of radical muslims but they treat all of them as Indians.

JVP .TNA ,UNP and all other opposition members should call upon Mahason Balkaya ,Ravana Balakaya ,Sinhale’ Balakaya and what not ,and organize a peace march starting from Puttalam and  walk all over the country and declare that we Sinhlase Buddhist and Catholics join hands with  Muslims and promise to live in Harmony .

Dr Sarath Obysekera

One Response to “We should not judge all the Muslims on the basis of Saharans action”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Mahinda is EXACTLY CORRECT!

    The Muslim terrorism of Easter Sunday was an INEVITABLE CONSEQUENCE of the Arabization and Wahabization of the Sri Lankan Muslim Community. The terrorism was a SYMPTOM of the much larger problem of the growing ISOLATION and SEPARATENESS of the Muslim community.

    But Muslims are NOT SOLELY AT FAULT; the greater society is also CULPABLE because it PANDERED to the Muslim Community allowing increasing demands for rights unavailable to other citizens: Sharia Law, multiple wives, underage marriage, Sharia lending, rape of the wilpattu forest, illegal import and cladestine settling of foreign Muslim migrants into Sri Lanka, Muslization of entire towns and villages, unlimited building of mosques which often become public nuisances with their loud broadcasts, unsupervised madrassas brainwashing Muslim children, kowtowing to Muslim Ministers to assure Parliamentary Majorities and to keep the Petro-dollars flowing into Sri Lanka, head-to-toe covering in black garb alien to Sri Lanka, imposition of Halal food standards specific to Muslims on the entire society, to name but a few of the Muslim community’s long-term transgressions against the society at large.


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