Elections for what purpose (Part 2)
Posted on June 23rd, 2019

Mario Perera Kadawata

As regards the topic under discussion, the revolution I forecast cannot be an armed uprising. The servile military and armed forces of the SYSTEM will, with the blessings of their local leaders and foreign masters, mow down the Sinhala youth as they did in 1971 and 1989 without the least fears of charges of genocide. Such is the value of the famous TRI-SINHALA for the foreign exploiters of this country.

But we vividly recall the unprecedented event which was the MARXIST led uprising of 1953. It united not only the Sinhala but the entire nation. What result did it produce? It sent Dudley and his government scampering helter-skelter like rats for refuge into a British warship anchored in the harbour. They had relinquished their charge through fear for their skin. Confronted by the nation in uprising, the army was rendered helpless.

The Marxist initiative bore no result because the Marxist leaders the hunters, were of the same class as the hunted, The Marxists of that time were exploiting the workers, to ensure for themselves the same bourgeois life style as the other political party leaders. This is what prevented them from setting themselves up on the empty vacated throne. And so the strikers who had penetrated the empty citadel of government were unceremoniously sent back empty handed and highly deluded.

It was furthermore the god-less Marxist led strike that paved the way for the downtrodden caste-less Tamils to occupy the Vishnu Kovil during the Maviddapuram revolt. The mighty Sunderalingam who guarded the temple gun in hand, even firing the first shot of the battle, was unceremoniously pushed aside by people whose shadow he would not tread.

We also know how the Buddhist monks sided with the Marxists in events leading to Independence. The monks were accused by the powers that were joining hands with anti-religious forces. But Buddhism is not a religion in the strict sense of the term. They sided with what was right for the nation. The Marxists of that period are a spent force now, but NOT the monks.

We saw how Rathana Thero’s fast united the Sinhala population threatening an island-wide strike and a march on Colombo, that brought this rotten Gamarala SIRA and the even more rotten Ranil to their knees and accelerated the asked for resignations. It is such a mass revolution that can save this country. An outcome from within the present legal system is an unrealistic wish. It will not work. The radical change the country needs will not be brought about from within existing constitutional structures, so putrid, so decrepit, so reeking with the unbearable stench of corruption and every imaginable illegality. Just imagine a head of State who violated the constitution several times in a row still remaining in office with impunity?

The political powers must be brought to their knees by a rebellious country-wide uprising that will march from all directions on Diyawanna Oya, with saffron robed leaders at their head. The Diyawanna Oya Bastille must be stormed, not with hammers and sickles as did the rural French, but by motivated, determined, and unrelenting Sinhala masses led by the founders of their age old civilization: THE MONKS.

It is the monks who are the veritable founders of our civilization. They were the mentors and educators of our greatest kings. They put the ones on the throne and brought down others. We recall how Arahat Mahinda even tested the intelligence of Devanam Piyatissa with his riddle about the mango trees. It is Mahinda who told the political power: you are only a TRUSTEE. The trustees come and go but the founders, the architects of our civilization, the writers of the Mahavamsa, founders of Theravada Buddhism, compliers of the Tri-Pithaka, unshakeable opponents of colonial rule paying with their lives for their convictions, are the monks. They remain watching over the Sinhala nation. They will not allow mere trustees to assume ownership of power over the nation on a foreign gifted DEED that is this constitution.

The monks are our saviours. Only they can save this nation from falling over the precipice to which the rabid mad-men of the Diyawanna Oya mental hospital have brought it. There is no time to wait and ponder. It is NOW or never. RISE you yellow-clad guardians of the TRI-SINHALA. GALVANIZE the Sinhala, and put to rout the enemy within who has undone all that you built over two thousand six hundred years, falsely clothed in their FAKE Buddhist piety. This deception has reached the end of its tether.

Mario Perera


5 Responses to “Elections for what purpose (Part 2)”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    However, the government will brand the peaceful revolution as violent and clamp it down violently.

    Rathana thero’s two fast unto death campaigns had state patronage.

    The 1953 event killed 6 people and it was unprecedented in Independent Ceylon’s history. Killing anyone going against the regime is normal today.

    It is extremely unlikely the minorities will join in (without making highly racist demands that cause more problems than solutions). Their participation will also drag India, Saudi, etc. into the matter.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Please publish this.
    Reference is made here to terrorist Mareena Raffai who publish letters on this site. Editors should be aware of this !
    Very important revelations here how government itself published evil muslim concepts in school books , teaching Muslim children terrorism.


  3. Christie Says:

    Elections in an Indian Colony?
    Since 1956 we Sinhalese have been directly under India. Bandas; SWRD, Sirima, Chandrika. and JRJ did what India directed.
    The Indian terrorists the Tamil Tigers killed Sinhalese and India’s Sinhala terrorist Jeppos killed Sinhalese and got Sinhalese killed.
    Genocide of Sinhalese started in 1958 with killing of thousands of Sinhalese in the North and continues in the Indian colony.
    Let us Sinhalese understand this and unite and stand up to the Indian Empire and Indian imperialists.
    The majority Sinhalese are the second-class citizens. Go for a walk in Pettah or Fort and see who owns the island nation. The Indian Colonial Parasites. This 71 year is another slogan by Indian Parasites and their suckers like the Jeppos and Nagananda. The rot started with Banda in 1951 when he was picked up by India and Indian Parasites. Up to 1956 the Sinhalese majority was in control and leaders like John stood up to India and Emperor Nehru.
    Our nation is run by the minority Indian Parasites. They are the local Rajas and Ranis. Did you know N M Perera was financed by Captains? Phillip by Gnanam? Then Banda by Kundas and Hidramanis. People like Sirisena by Boras. JRJ by the same lot. Jeppos by Eswarans. The Nadars, Boras, Parsis, Malayalis and Tamils all Indian Parasites work as a Cabal and finance the Sinhala politicians. We do not see what they do so we fight among ourselves.
    We must understand the predicament we are in.
    Unite and stand up to Indian imperialists.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    A general strike will bring down these anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist traitor, murderous thieves
    partying to a halt. Trade union leaders are also in the pockets of these thieves and there is no hope for Sri Lanka, Sinhalese, Buddhism, catholicism and hinduism since every day passes fast breeding religion aka religion of
    violence mussies keep destroying all non-mussies and their cultures. By now probably the whole Sinhalese race
    have been sterilised by the mussie vermins like the one in Kurunegala (pay back for our FREE education system)
    and sterile agents in food, sterile agents sprays in underwear for Sinhalese girls and women. Today, we saw a
    2,500 years old sthupa has been bulldozed in the east while archaeological guys asleep or possibly asleep in
    mussie pockets. Most probably to make room for mussie new breeds.

    Sinhalese Buddhist murdering (not a war crime by UN, AI, etc.etc. standards, only tamils, mussies and catholics
    qualify for that), Sri Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping traitor United National Ponnayingparty (seedless)
    aka UNPatriotic_rats will burn Buddhists in tyre pyres, headless corpses in rivers etc. etc. without a care in the
    world. What’s more vastly experienced in that field Batalande wa(n)dakaya will spearhead the charge. Only
    two days ago traitor low life insulted our great king Dutugamunu at a meeting. There were Sinhalese (only by name) listening to the low life intently and nobody batted an eye lid or walked out in protest, probably fear of
    losing the free packet of rice or the shot of arrack after the meeting. We can understand nobody dares hooting
    at the mass murderer since you can end up in a coffin, but at least walk out in protest. That”s how pathetic the Sinhalese have become.

    Traitor UNPatriotic_rats are never keen to hold elections since traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists, Sri
    Lanka and Buddhism only) since thambi mudiyanselage jr@ taught the traitors how to carry on without holding
    elections for 10/20/30 years. Burn the country, murder Sinhalese Buddhists (remember it is not a war crime by
    UN, AI etc. etc. standards, to qualify you have to have enough Sinhalese votes in a constituency abroad). So only
    chance of an election is if Batalande wa(n)dakaya falls from a helicopter or have a heart attack. Anyone
    who is betting for it, go for the first one since the traitor low life doesn’t have a heart. UNPatriotic_rats are
    anti Sri Lanka, anti Sinhalese and anti Buddhist by nature since most of them are seedless.

  5. aloy Says:

    Finally the western press and their local boys like SO (Sunday Observer), Island Editor and a guy named Sanjana Haththotuwa seems to have got something to scare the muslims. Perhaps they may even call for R2P. The reason: a Buddhist monk has called for stoning of ISIS members!. They have taken what he said literally. This sort of things happen only in middle east from the time of Jesus Christ. But this country got the system of governess from Arahat Mahinda as described by Mario and the culture and the way of life where they show kindness even too the enemy, developed from there.

    This nonsense should stop before it goes too far.

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