Epidemiological and statistical study – On allegations against Dr. Shafi
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The opposition yesterday urged the government to conduct an epidemiological and statistical study into the allegations against Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Shafi Shiabdeen of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital without trying to sweep the allegations under the carpet.

UPFA MP Ramesh Pathirana told parliament that it was the responsibility of the health ministry to conduct an epidemiological and statistical study and find out the truth behind the allegations.

He said more than 1,000 complaints had been received of secondary sub-fertility after 4,732 C-section operations carried out by Dr. Shafi and added that it was an important incident when compared with the global situation.

Secondary sub-fertility after C-section operations is 10 per cent in the world. 1,000 incidents of secondary sub-fertility out of 4,732 caesarean sections amount to 25 per cent. This should be reported as a statistically significant finding,” he said.

The MP urged the health ministry to conduct a scientific investigation and reveal the truth to the public. 

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