I won’t let anyone interfere with the sovereignty of my country – Gotabaya
Posted on August 12th, 2019

Dr. Sarath Obeysekera

As professionals and entrepreneurs, we expect the future president to have the qualities of what Gotabaya preaches.

Though freedom of the nation is of utmost importance, but at the end of the day, poor masses need food, shelter and also to live peacefully.

We cannot achieve that unless the whole country is put on High gear of development.

In order to achieve above, we need to be a disciplined nation which Gota is preaching

When you talk about discipline we need to make sure that discipline should start from home, family, on the road, at the workplace.

The young generation getting an education with public money should be made to understand that they have an obligation to serve the country.

Gota need to bring discipline not only in matters related to the environment but also in general behavior of the youth

Slightest miscommunication with university management they go on demonstrating and disturb day to day life of the masses

Gota need to stop this

Unbearable bureaucracy in the public sector which is an obstacle and impediment for investment should be eradicated

That means Gota need ruthless ministers and secretaries who can take decisions 

Gota needs to have a dialogue with Judiciary so that national interest is given priority when delivering judgments.

Gota need to make clergy involved only on religious matters and leave politics 

Gota need to emulate Lee Kwan Yew and be above board

People should not fear him but respect him

All bad eggs in the party should be asked to stop interfering 

If Gota can do this I will surely vote for him 

Dr. Sarath Obeysekera

One Response to “I won’t let anyone interfere with the sovereignty of my country – Gotabaya”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    One of Ranil Wikunanasinghe’s first ACTS after becoming PM was to STACK the Supreme Court with his own APPOINTEES to ensure decisions FAVORABLE to HIM!

    As such, this Supreme Court is a MORTAL DANGER to the continued INTEGRITY of the Sri Lankan Nation!

    A Supreme Court unsympathetic to him was the reason he was OUSTED from power on PREVIOUS OCCASIONS that he SERVED as PM. To PREVENT a REPTITION of those OUSTINGS, he STACKED the DECK of the Supreme Court.

    ONE of the FIRST things Gotabhaya and the NEW PATRIOTIC GOVT elected to power next should be to RETIRE these Supreme Court Judges ASAP and empanel a PATRIOTIC Supreme Court!

    The present Supreme Court CANNOT BE RELIED ON to ACT PATRIOTICALLY even in the WORST EMERGENCIES, as we saw in October, 2018!

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