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Spending more on misguiding propaganda tools than fatal war-weapons is fortunately or unfortunately considered a sign of wisdom in this so-called very civilized and sophisticated world of us. Propaganda most of the times proves more fatal than war-weapons as it hides the realities and highlights the things which had never occurred. For this purpose, pens are bought and words are sold. Intelligent are those who do nothing but make all possible hue and cry, who speak loud as much as they can and beat the drums as much deafening as possible and ultimately they succeed in conquering the sympathies of others by silencing everyone around; this is the wisest way to win the race. In short, yelling, screaming and screeching at a very high pitch are the best tools, no doubt the most successful tools, in the present day scenario. Intelligence agencies, political parties and think-tanks promoting different philosophies spend countless on propaganda moves.

The darkest exploitation made on the basis of propaganda could be seen in India where every year, hundreds of people are brutally slaughtered in the name of religions. Hindus are dominating the Indian society; people belonging to the Sikh, Christian and Muslim communities are always under the clouds of hatred and injustice and same is the case with the low-caste Hindus but even then, propaganda says, India is a secular country. Then comes there another mesmerizing slogan, the ‘Shining India’; shining on the basis of progress and development in the field of science, technology, economy, education and certainly in the field of human-rights as very often claimed; but for this ‘Shining India’ human–rights violation is simply a routine matter in Kashmir. And same is India’s behaviour and approach towards the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Recently an article of N.P.Upadhyaya was published in different newspapers of Nepal with the title ‘Is Nepal India’s Next prey after Kashmir?’ The article said, Research and Analysis Wing, is taken as the most notorious terror machine in South Asia which is the brainchild of the most arrogant and undemocratic lady ever the South Asian nations have had-Mrs. Indira Gandhi. PM Modi has just copied her notoriety.” It is ‘talk of the town’ in different patriotic circles of Nepal that the RAW Chief landed in Kathmandu on July 20, 2019. Though his three days stay was limited to Kathmandu but ‘he made the whole country politically unstable’ in these three days. Details say that he was there to buy more writers and more TV anchors to speak and write in favour of India. It is a very common opinion in Nepal that India has been trying to export terrorism in Nepal by encouraging Maoist activists who are at present as active as they were a decade back. In spite of the fact that patriotic circles of Nepal do all their best to stop Indian interference in the Nepalese society, the RAW has succeeded in establishing a very strong network in Nepal to achieve its heinous aims and objectives.

The tale of Indian interference in Nepal is not a new one. In October 2012, an analysis of Shreejana Shreshtha was published in Defence and Security Alert Magazine commonly known as the DSA. The analysis said, It is true that the porous Indo-Nepal border helped sustain the Maoist insurgency in Nepal for a decade. And it is an open secret that Nepalese insurgents received shelter and some kind of cover in India during the days of the insurgency. There was extensive reporting on how Nepali Maoist combatants were receiving training from their counterparts in India.” The analysis further referred to the statement of a security expert in Nepal that ‘India regarded Maoists as a tool to overthrow the monarchy and believed that it could always play the Maoists against the state’.

Geographically, Nepal is a landlocked country, located mainly in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The estimated population of Nepal is 26.4 million and it is ranked as ‘the 48th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area’. According to Wikipedia, Nepal borders China in the north and India in the south, east and west. Bangladesh is located within only 27 km of its southeastern tip and Bhutan is separated from it by the Indian state of Sikkim. Nepal owns eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on Earth, the Mount Everest. Since naturally, India is blocking this beautiful country from three sides, so, unfortunately, the people of Nepal had to depend a lot upon India. Nepal has to imports all of its petroleum supplies and other basic necessities from India. As far as petroleum products are concerned, roughly more than 300 fuel trucks enter from India on a normal day and same is the case with a supply of medicine and other commodities. It all depends upon Indian desire to stop this supply or to let it be continued. In September 2015 Nepal had to face the ever worst consequences of being a land-locked country. A horrible blockade was imposed by India which continued for more than two months leading to acute shortages of fuel and medicine. In short, India is in a position of turning Nepal into a barren wasteland by blocking all supplies coming to Nepal through Indian route. This geographical supremacy is the strongest tool in the hands of India and no doubt India is exploiting rather misusing this tool in the best possible manner.

India is dealing with Nepal as its colony. Indian hegemonic designs are no doubt a severe threat to Nepal’s sovereignty. There are very strong possibilities that in near future India could adopt the same strategy as it has recently adopted in Kashmir. Some people might be of the point of view that legally and constitutionally it is impossible for India to change the independent status of a neighbouring country though it is land-locked by India from three sides there is nothing impossible where ‘might is right.’ Moreover, cruel silence of the international community over India’s unjust action in Kashmir has simply added a lot to the wicked courage rather criminal stubbornness of Modi government.

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