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Posted on September 25th, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

When I read the opinion written by one Sariputta I decided to pen an opinion reg EDB function held in BMICH

I was there  myself and noted not only the issue of food waste at the end of the function but also another important matter

I keep attending the same function as an invitee of EDB as a member of the working committee to develop boat building 

Salient point I am trying to make is that for years since Premadasa spearheaded apparel industry, we have not seen much of  any other Industries leading in achieving best exporter accolade 

I also mentioned that the export industry of our Labour to generate export revenue may also win a prize!

My contention is like Singapore and other Asian giants we should endeavor  to move in developing more high tech industries

Finally, reg waste of food I told my colleague who was a Secretary to a ministry once run by Premadasa that we should carry doggie bags” and take leftovers home as it is Colossal waste 

I packed two lots of food leftovers for our drivers who were waiting for hours in the car park because the President came very late and the award ceremony took a longer time to complete 

Dr. Sarath Obeysekera 

Colossal Waste of Food


September 24, 2019, 8:47 pm 

The Annual Exporters Awards ceremony organized by the Export Development Board was held at the BMICH on 19th September, in the presence of a large gathering of about 400 people, attended by the President and some ministers.

At the end of the function refreshments were served on plates to all who attended. Each plate had four short eat items and a large cup cake, which was far too much for one person to consume at that time.

Almost all who were there just ate about two or three items from the plate and left the rest on their plates. The waiters just took the plates away and dumped all the untouched food into waste bins. The food that was thrown away would have easily fed 200 – 300 people. What a colossal waste of food, at a time where thousands of our own people are struggling to have one square meal a day!

My heart cried to see how plate after plate of untouched food was thrown into waste bins by the waiters. The Organizers of the event the EDB, and the BMICH authorities should be ashamed of this, and many who were present commented on this pathetic happening.

We were taught by our parents to respect our food and not to even trample a grain of rice, may be old school thinking, but of very high value.


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