Posted on October 2nd, 2019

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I believe in FDI –that means Direct Foreign Investment. Outsiders, as well as Sri Lankan expats or diaspora, keep postponing any new investments until a change of guards in Sri Lanka.

We watch TV and listen to pep talks by leaders who boast that we have freedom and democracy and transparency in Sri Lanka. But none of them have any clue that bureaucratic procedures and reluctance by state officials to approve any investment is hampering FDI.

When I was running a state corporation, investors were asking for land for investment to provide an influx of FDI and also provide employment to youths, we were given clear instructions to minimize bureaucratic procedure and encourage such projects. That was the era of RP. Then during the time of CBK, nothing was moving as the country was lingering lethargically. Then came MR and there was no much FDI but state-sponsored infrastructure projects were given high priority , with Chinese funding. Surely there was a boom in surface and country saw a facelift to imitate a western city. But FDI was minimal.

Whether it is SP.GR  or AKD  or even MS ( not Maithree but Mahesh) we need to encourage FDI.

WW  with his eloquence in analyzing imaginary invasion by the west will complain about any project in Sri Lanka, We should not give in to those allegations.

New President who can change current impasse should take over and change the whole bureaucratic apparatchik and push for development.

I am personally waiting for the change of guard  who will have an iron hand

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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