Stone weapons used by prehistoric man found from Mankulam
Posted on October 16th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

Several stone weapons used by prehistoric man have been found in the area nearby Panikkan Kulam in Mankulam, Mullaitivu, says Professor Paramu Pushparatnam.

Speaking to Ada Derana reporter, Prof. Pushparatnam stated that he had inspected the area after he was notified by the residents that artefacts belonging to the prehistoric times exist there.

According to the estimation of Prof. Pushparatnam, the stone weapons recovered from the area had been used over 10,000 years and he added that these artefacts would be directed for chronological dating.

Prof. Pushparatnam added that multiple fragments of rocks, which proves ancient settlements had existed in the area, were also observed in the proximity of Panikkan Kulam.

Stone weapons used by prehistoric man found from Mankulam

A formal inspection will be conducted in this regard and a detailed report will be submitted to the Director General of the Department of Archaeology on the discovery of ruins and stone weapons.

Paramu Pushparatnam is a professor of History at the Jaffna University and he had conducted many archaeological inspections in the northern areas of the country.

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