The Election Commission’s officers confiscate over 2,000 appointment letters from the National Housing Development Authority.
Posted on October 16th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

The officers of the Election Commission today (16) commenced an investigation regarding a complaint with regard to over 2,000 confirmation letters set to be given to employees of the National Housing Development Authority.

The Organization to Protect the National Housing Development Authority, which filed the complaint, charged that the chairman had made the appointments violating the election laws.

It further stated that the Authority’s chairman and the upper management had utilized over Rs 400 million for election campaign purposes. The funds were to be allocated to construct sanitary facilities for low-income families as proposed by the Budget 2019.

The organization also charged that the ‘Sevana Funds’ established under the Authority to provide free housing for low-income families had been used to give out housing loans.

It also alleged that the appointment made to the Authority were done as a part of the UNP’s election campaign.

The Election Commission’s officers accordingly launched an investigation in this regard and as a result over 2,000 confirmation letters were confiscated at the Authority.

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