GOTA PHOBIA – Part V B (Chandrika’s woes, agony, and betrayals)
Posted on October 17th, 2019


Reliable sources indicate that the old hag and the symbol of jealousy bandit queen Chandrika will be getting into Sajith Premadasa’s stages in a bid to make the UNP win the forthcoming presidential election. 

She fled from Sri Lanka in an utterly dejected mood, probably after emptying her bottle of night companion, on the night of 11th October when then the Elpitiya election results were announced.

Already she has issued several press statements condemning SLFP’s union with the SLPP, particularly to social media sites operated by Ton Pacha groups of the UNP.

A massive blow to President Maithreepala Sirisena from Chandrika

Chandrika Kumaratunga has objected the stance taken by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party in the forthcoming presidential election, 

Given below is a note published by her strongly criticising the current Sri Lanka Freedom Party leadership. 


My dear Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s genuine supporters! Friends!

I consider it is my bounden duty and a great responsibility to address you, who had made immense dedications on behalf of the party, at a time the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the party supporters have been put to inconvenience and dismay by the present myopic leadership of the party.  It is because you are keen to know my stance since I have for several decades worked enthusiastically to safeguarded the party

Our beloved party is a political party that has inherited a proud history of 68 years. It was a party that after the independence not only ruled the country for a long time, but it was the political party that gave leadership to liberate the peoples from the shackles and bonds to which they were tied up to by the imperialist servile politicians of this country.

Our party was able to rule this country for the longest period because our party stood for democracy, human freedom and equality.  When our party was under Bandaranaikes for 54 years never there were manslaughters.  They never robbed the wealth of the people.  They were committed to carrying out their rule transparently. 

It was the Sri Lanka Freedom Party governments that adopted people-friendly economic policies and uplifted the indigenous economy.  We created Prime ministers.  We created Presidents and we created populist leaders.  We also dedicated to strengthening the underprivileged common masses economically, politically and educationally.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party that fulfilled such a mammoth task contested all elections in the post-independent period.  But sadly our party has become unable to nominate a candidate for the forthcoming presidential election.

Our party was successful in directly winning four elections in the seven presidential elections held in this country. In the third presidential election held in 1994, the party gained ruling power after 17 years and our beloved party was able to select one of the two presidents who have obtained the highest percentage of votes in presidential elections in the world.  The other leader who won such a highest percentage was Nelson Mandela of South Africa. 

In the three elections, our party was unable to win one was the presidential election held in 2015.  In that election, the main two Contenders were the President of our party and the then General Secretary of our party.  In that election, the party symbol was with the President of the party and the party policies were with the General Secretary. In that sense, it was only in two presidential elections our party has lost.

In the 2015 presidential election, the common masses of this country risking their own lives defeated the tyrant leader who had taken the leadership of our party. But the leader who came to power with a mandate of 6.2 million votes has betrayed the party to conspirators in a bid to achieve his personal requirements. 

From the founder of the party onwards to the grass-root level member of the party, and millions of members who nourished the party through sacrifices of their lives, limbs, sweat and tears to protect the party lament when they focus their attention on the disaster that has befallen on the party and I to join with you bemoaning.

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party is not a party of cheats, murderers, and barterers. It is a party of toiling and oppressed masses of this country.  I am well aware that a SLFPer is not prepared to push the country again towards racism, tyranny, oppression, robbery, and lawlessness.  

Our party highly respected democracy from its very inception. It was for safeguarding democracy the founder of the party sacrificed his life, Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike endured immense humiliation, chagrin and ignominy and thousands of numerous innocent party cadres like you sacrificed and risked your l.ives for protection of the party and democracy. 

Under these circumstances, in order to get the power greedy passions of a handful of opportunist leaders, despite objections by 95%of the electoral organizers, took steps to betray the party through an agreement to a group of conspirators on the very day of the 29th death anniversary of Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike on 10th October. We should not allow this exercise to become successful.  Therefore, I request all of you to act wisely at the forthcoming presidential election.    

Similar to the leadership I undertook to liberate all of you in 1994 from the 17 years of immense misery, oppression, and dejection, I solemnly pledge that I would commit to dedicate myself to support you in the struggle you have started in this decisive moment to safeguard party policies and protect the party. 

May Sri Lanka Freedom Party be victorious!
May you be victorious!
May the future generations of our country be victorious!
Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga
An ardent lover of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.
(Translated by the writer of this article)

Dear Mrs. Chandrika,

It was a surprise to find that you have shown a keen interest in Sri Lanka Freedom Party policies and the need to protect and safeguard the party.  As a former vice president of the central committee of an electorate, I would like to mention that it was you who betrayed and endeavored to betray and destroy the SLFP after the damage caused to it by the Silva/Mahanama Samaraweera treacherous gang.  You made every effort to split and weaken the party because the party-appointed your own brother Mr. Anura Bandaranaike as the NationalOrganiser and you lost the hope of getting the party presidency to your husband. He was an innocent and straight forward man and not vicious like you.

As a result of this, you formed a party called Sei LankaMahajana Pakshaya with your husband and this party was housed at a building belonging to Mr. Izzet of Borella.  I have the experience of visiting this office with my relation Mr. Akram Sufiyan and when I went there I found the people in that office were highly critical of Anura and Madam Sirimavo and also were highly critical of the SLFP.  Then after your husband’s assassination by the JVP you formed another party named United Socialist Alliance (U.S.A) with left politicians and this party did not last long as you were not compatible with the principles of the left leaders.  After that, you formed another Bahubootha party called Bahujana Nidahas Peramuna (Banipe) with the political chameleon Rajitha Senaratne. Forming and breaking political parties seemed to be a craze haunting you.  So, you cannot claim that you were a SLFPer right throughout and since you have functioned against the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and party policies.   

Reference to the 54 years of Bandaranaike rule you cannot qualify for these achievements because there had been numerous misdeeds under you as it has been described in length in the book titled Choura Rejini (Bandit Queen) written by Ravaya Managing Editor Victor Ivan divulging the horrendous activities that took place under you.  Also, you are the only President who had been fined by a Court and that was regarding a land deal at Waters Edge.

You claim that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party contested all elections in the post-independent period.  Here too you are wrong and were trying to mislead the people.  The Sri Lanka Freedom Party contested all elections EXCEPT the first Provincial Council elections held after India forcibly imposed the Indo Sri Lanka Accord on us.  We boycotted that election and only your party U.S.A at that time and the UNP contested.

Our party was successful in directly winning four elections in the seven presidential elections held in this country. In the fifth presidential election, you were forced to nominate Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa due to popular demands and you attempted to indirectly defeat him with not issuing even a single pamphlet on behalf of the party and restricting some of your proxies either to work against him or to refrain from taking part in campaign activities.

Speaking about presidential elections you state that the party was unable to win the2015election in which the party President Mr. Mahinda contested.  It is you who should take full responsibility for the party’s failure to win that election because you were one of the opposition strategists.  You along with Ranil Wickremasinghe made all plans and moves to defeat the SLFP candidate Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.  After the election, you told Indian media in an interview that you were responsible for getting Sirisena persuaded to contest against Mahinda and you communicated with him using Viber technology to avoid Mahinda camp getting a clue about what was going on.

The former General Secretary of the SLFP Mr. S.B.Dissanayake has said that that the worst presidency in this country was your presidency of 11 years and during which the country experienced a minus economic growth for the first time in its history.  It was the reason for several talented Ministers such as S.B. and Mahinda Wijesekera to leave the government. 

We have found you to be anti-Sinhala and extremely pro-Tamil. It was because of these sentiments you attempted to impose NAeelan Thiruchelvam’s 2000 package to replace the constitution which you named as a Bahubootha (absurd) constitution and fortunately, Mr. Mahinda had a night to dawn meeting with you and became successful in o

persuading you to abandon the move.  Another matter worthy to mention was the attempt to introduce P-Tom which was a mechanism to entrust to LTTE all foreign and local funds for Tsunami reconstruction work in the North and East.  This measure had to be abandoned because the JVP left the government in protest.  Speaking about Tsunami we would like to take this opportunity to ask you as to what happened to the promise you made to provide a modern city to Galle and where is that orphan Tamil girl with so much publicity you said you were going to adopt her as a child of yours?

You are speaking about 95% of SLFP electorate organizers are with you and they oppose SLFP getting into an alliance with SLPP.  It is ideal for you to write fancy tales like Arabian nights.  As far as we know all well known and popular electoral organizers, as well as party office bears of the SLFP, are now working for Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa day and night organizing meeting by themselves.  Who are these 95% gang you are talking about? Can you at least publish the names of five of them? What we understand is that five or six SLFP MPs whose political life is over and who can never get elected again are negotiating with the UNP hierarchy to crossover for payment of unimaginable amounts of money.  One is reported to have already closed the deal for Rs, 400 million.  Deals related to the other four or five are reported to be ongoing with offers ranging from 250 – 300 million rupees. 

You sometimes make funny statements that render people to wonder whether such statements have been made in your proper senses.  One such statement said several times was that it was you who completed 75% of the terrorist war. If that was so, how we experienced the worst war debacle during your reign? As per historical records the country experienced the worst war debacle, including 40,, 000 soldiers getting entrapped to LTTE in Jaffna forcing the government to seek Indian assistance to get them transported out of Jaffna by sea, the fall of Elephant Pass with a loss over 1,000 soldiers and arms and ammunition, fall of Pooneryn camp with a loss over 600 soldiers and arms and ammunition, attack on Katunayake airport and destruction of several passenger aircrafts, and the attack on Sri Daladawa, a place of worship venerated by Buddhists all over the world.  These are only a few setbacks we have suffered under your reign and the list is very long. 

While writing this information was received that this old hag Chandrika bursting with jealousy over reports favorable being received by her will be returning to Sri Lanka on Saturday or Sunday and upon arrival, she will hold a meeting with the few proxies she has in the SLFP and make them join the enemy camp.  It is also reported that she is also seriously contemplating to address meetings of Sajith which is not even addressed by Ranil at present. 

Meanwhile, the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Mt. Dayasiri Jayasekera has said that Chandrika is opposed to the party supporting Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna’s presidential candidate, Gotabaya Rajapaksa because of her personal animosity against the Rajapaksa family. Addressing a media conference, he said that they respected Kumaratunga for her past services to the party. But however, her actions in the current context couldn’t be countenanced. Mr. Jayasekera said that Chandrika has a personal issue with the other party patron and former president, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and they can’t allow the party to be affected by this animosity and the SLFP has weakened enough already due to her animosity.

Speaking about the Central Committee meeting, Mr. Dayasiri said that during a debate on what the party should do in the coming election, most SLFP representatives, at all levels, wanted President Maithripala Sirisena to contest the election. However, it didn’t mean that the majority in the party was against supporting Gotabhaya, and some SLFP organizers wanted the SLFP to contest separately as that would help the UNP indirectly. Taking all the matters into consideration the decision to support Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had been taken by the party’s Central Committee and it was his duty to respect that decision.  He further stated that this decision was taken in a very democratic manner after weeks of discussions with the party’s elected representatives and added that some people are misinterpreting this as a betrayal of the party’s principles. He said that they are only advancing the agenda of the UNP.

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