GOTA PHOBIA – Part IX A (Fake News Propaganda against GOTA intensified)
Posted on November 10th, 2019


We now enter the last week of the election in which frauds, intimidation and other malpractices reign supreme.  Before proceeding to comment about the current situation I think it is pertinent to remind the voters how Maithripala Sirisena, finding that United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has all the chances to win the August 17th 2015 General Election acted indecently and made a harsh and unpardonable statement that even if the UPFA wins the election he will not appoint Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister of the country. This made a large percentage of voters to refrain voting and despite that that the UNP,  Sirisena’s favourite was able to get only 11 seats more than the UNP and what Sirisena did next was appoint a number of unsuccessful UPFA candidates as MPs through the national list and facilitate the reactionary UNP to form a government in coalition with some Sirisena loyalist UPFA MPs.

This was said to warn the voters that various mud-slinging activities have been starting and distribution of pamphlets through electronic and print media, through d numerous pro-UNP  websites, social media, paid advertisements in electronic and print media, through distribution of pamphlets and spread of rumours  to mislead the voters against Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa despite intelligence reports predicting a tremendous victory for Mr Gotabhaya. 

The Lanka E-News, which is a pro-UNP website operated from London and access   to which is barred from Sri Lanka due to a personal dispute with Sirisena and the Lanka News Web sites are alle3gted to be financed and operated by quisling Mangala Samaraweera has started publishing a smear campaign directly targeting Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa connecting him with various allegations.

As in what was done in the campaign period for the 2015elections, CIA/, 16/ RAW  agents are reported to be operating through their embassies and their friendly embassies and various UN Agencies and their sole objective is to prevent a Gota victory since they will not be able to manipulate things and affairs in this country under a Gota regime.  Already there were reports that some RAW Agents were in attendance at Gota’s meetings and recording his speeches.

 The treacherous made a big fuss today saying that Mr Gotabhayq Rajapaksa is still a U.S.citizen and hence Sri Lankans should not vote for him.  They give wide publicity to this concocted rumour and even made a hitherto unknown Buddhist priest start a fast against Mr Gotabha.

Following this several legal-luminaries lead by Mr Ali Sabri PC held a media conference and displayed the following documents to counter the UNP’s malicious rumour:

  • Copy of application of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa requesting for relinquishing his U.S. citizenship;
  • Copy of acknowledgement from the U.S.Embassy on the receipt of Gota’s application;
  • Copy of certificate issued the U.S.State Department on the cancellation of the citizenship;
  • Photocopy of Gota’s U.S.Passport stamped with the CANCELLED£ seal.

In addition to this, these legal-luminaries pointed that in the case filed against Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa by the NGO activists Dr Chandragupta Thenuwara and Gamini Uyangoda there was no argument about Mr Gotabhaya relinquishing his U.S.Citizenship and their argument was that the Sri Lankan citizenship that had been granted to him has been done in an irregular manner. 

The political chameleon and the alleged PRRAA  contract killer for Rs. 50,000 per head of a Southern JVPer Dentist Rajitha Senaratne realising that his political misdeeds will be over with the imminent victory of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has started operating a fake info squad to bring to the fore some paid fellows as informants and narrate various funny stories accusing Gota’s involvement in those activities. Pa.Cha.Ranawaka is also reported to be organising such a squad to make use of the experiences he gained in Ampara and Digana. 

Gotabhaya becomes the No.1 richest man in the world by stealing 7 million kilos of Gold that belonged to Tigers.  This is the biggest lie uttered by Rajitha.

Two men who accompanied Rajitha for a media conference in Colombo said that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. When he was the Defence Secretary in the North stole a huge amount of gold from there.  One man said that there was a dispute with him on sharing the values of this gold. Rajitha interfering at this moment that about 7000 tons of gold belonging to Prabhakaran had been stolen.  7,000 tons has a huge value.

He said that at present the market value of gold kilo is about Rs. 8 million.

Accordingly 1 kilo of gold value os = Rs. 8 million.

Y7,000 tons = 7.000,000 kilos.

The total value = Rs. 56,000,000,000,000

The value in U.S.DOLLARS  311,111,111,111 (Billion 311)

The bluff master Rajitha said that this amount even exceeds the value of the wealth of the world’s three richest persons.

If what this bluff-master Rajitha (who once said that saw with his own eyes Namal carrying on his shoulders the 18.5 Billion U.S.Dollars alleged to have been stolen by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to a Bank in Dubai, Addressing weekly media conferences this bluff master claimed that Mahinda will be arrested for this crime) 250 investments equivalent 1.4 billion $ investment of Hambantota harbour could have been made.

In 2012 the population in the North was one million.  Hence it could have been possible for Prabhakaran to distribute even 7 kilos of gold to each person.

It is the United States that has the highest gold reserve in the world and it amounts to 8000 tons.  Germany is in second place with  3,300 tons.  Hence this alleged stolen quantity amounts to second place in the world.

Meanwhile, the real identity of the man who came with Rajitha claiming that he was the white van driver has been discovered.  This man told at Rajitha’s media conference that he served as a white van driver of Mr Rajapaksa and was involved in abductions.  He has attended the said media conference with a false beard and wearing spectacles. It has been found that this person has been working as a driver in the Ministry of Home Affairs for several years. His real name is also not Fernando as he mentioned at the media conference. He has spent the previous night at the house of a Secretary of Rahitha and joined Rajitha to attend the media conference on the following day. 

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