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Posted on November 14th, 2019

Asoka Weerasinghe. Kings Grove Crescent . Ottawa. Ontario  . K1J 6G1 . Canada

14 November 2019

Rt. Hon. Maithripala Sirisena
President of Sri Lanka
President’s Secretariat
Galle Face
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka.

Mr. President:

Re: Granting Presidential pardon to 34-year-old Shramantha Jude Anthony Jayamaha who was serving a life sentence for murdering 19-year old Yvonne Johnsson at Rajagiriya’s Royal Park Towers.

My reaction under my breath was, You silly fool, why the heck did you do that for!  Was it money,  or was that you wanted to be elevated to the status of a Tin-God before you left your Presidential Office!”  My annoyance was visceral,  and my eyes were red cartwheeling with anger spitting dragon breath at you.

But I held back writing to you spilling my bile, until I read the news item Galle Bishop denies ever requesting President to pardon Jayamaha.”

Oops! President, what was that all about.  Were you hiding behind the men of cloth, some saffron robed, and others in white, black and crimson robes with their white collars starched towards Heaven.  An easy way out for a ‘loving’ father of a daughter who made an idiot of himself.  Would you have let a young punk touch your daughter to hurt her.  I don’t think so.  Would I?  No bloody way.  Oh No, I won’t let him go!

 The murder took place due to an argument over a love affair between a youth and the young girl, seems to be the excuse given to you by Ven Athraliye Rathana Thero as the reason for that brutal killing. Damn it!  What an excuse to take away a young life.., Mr. President.  this Punk had no right to take young  Yvonne’s right-to-her life.  It was not a simple tiff like –

‘Arapung Lucia dhora, Malu Kade Jora Mumma; Suruttu paththu karaganda matta, Lucia arpungko dhora.’   I don’t think Jora would have strangled Lucia to death and beat the shit out of her to have her skull fractured into 64 pieces. That was brutal, that was sick, that was demonic, and was no excuse to pardon such a killer, such a brutal murderer. That is the bottom line, Mr. President.

You had very little compassion for Yvonne’s  Mum Chamalika, Dad Roger and sister Carolyn, whose hearts have been bleeding ever since that brutal death, grieving for their daughter, grieving for the sister.

You couldn’t have cared two Yahapalanayo-farts for that grieving family.  Give me a break President Sirisena, give a break Rathana Thero.  As a dad of a daughter and a brother of five sisters, my heart is bleeding for Mum and Dad Johnssons and sister Carolyn.

The reason for my anger was simple.  For the past seven-years I have been wearing a  round  lapel button on my winter coat which says take action on violence against women”.  And for the past 11-years I, as the Coordinator of the Outreach Programs at  the Theravadha Buddhist temple, Hilda Jayewardenaramaya in Ottawa have collected warm clothes, mitts , scarves, toques etc.,  displayed on the temple’s Buddhist Mitten Tree to be donated on the Poya day each  December to the Interval House that looks after abused women and children.  That is my Mission, that is our Mission.  And that  is why I cannot condone your stupidity, Mr. President

You tell me Mr. President, will your Minister of Tourism John Amaratunga go around the world and tell the 19-year old women who would have loved to visit our resplendent island,  Sri Lanka, and  now scared that they might return home in a plywood box having been killed by a 19-year old Sinhalese punk.  Is he going to assure them by saying:

We promise you that there won’t be 19-year old Sinhalese punks lurking behind walls, behind pillars, behind bushes, behind doors at night clubs,  to get at you, to rape you and murder you  We will assure you for your safety.’

Can Minister Amaratunga assure them that he wouldn’t tolerate, a punk telling a buddy  who would want to gang rape a  pretty foreign 19-year old, saying: Don’t worry Machan, my family is rich, they will get us off this soup.  The top Yahapalanayo guys love the smell of thousand rupee notes.  Did you enjoy her,  Was she good?”  John Amaratunga has his job cut out to convince the 19-year old foreign women, begging them to visit our resplendent  Sri Lanka.

So  Mr. President, did you really wanted to be elevated to the position of a Tin-God before you left your Presidential office, and leave behind  an indelible mark of ‘compassion’ by pardening Jude.   Roger, Chamalika and Carolyn really didn’t matter to you did they? Who are you now Mr. President Maithripala Sirisena?  Are you now been christened as God My3 Sirisen by all those who came to you, as mentioned in your Press Release, requesting you to pardon Jude, the heinous killer of young Yvonne denying her, her right-to-her-life, the worst human rights violation in humanity.

I am still angry.  My anger is visceral, and my eyes are red cartwheeling spitting dragon breath at Tin-God My3 Sirisen.

Please take good care of your daughter.  Don’t let a single punk harm her.  Don’t you abdicate that ultimate responsibility for your daughter, as her ‘loving’ Dad.  You certainly did not show that you cared for the pain  of the Johnsson family.  To hell with your ego wanting to be the Tin- God My3 Sirisen, Who the hell cares.  Certainly not me.

And I say POX to everyone who came to you to convince you to pardon Jude Jayamaha. And I am angry.

President, permit me to take a small space in my letter to you to say a few words to the Johnsson’s  to compensate for the lack of compassion you showed them in comparison to what you afforded Jude, who murdered their Yvonne.  And that hurts.  And you are damn well guilty of it in my eyes.

Roger, Chamalika and Carolyn, believe me when I tell you that my heart has been bleeding for you.  Permit me to join hands with you in prayer for Yvonne’s soul.

 And through this letter to President Sirisena, permit me to extend my condolence to you –

May stars carry your sadness away,
May flowers fill your heart with beauty,
May hope forever wipe away your tears,
And above all, may silence make you strong.” 
and take good care of yourselves,  all three of you.


Asoka Weerasinghe.

Ottawa, Canada

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    After reading your letter and Jude Shramantha Jayamaha’s letter, as a Buddhist, I can agree with President Sirisena’s decision to parole him. We all know that 2600 years ago at the time of Buddha, Buddha himself pardoned the worst ever murderer of 999 innocent civilians, and he was called Angulimala.
    At that time in King, Pasenadi’s this brutal, bloody-handed, cold-blooded murderer who was devoted to killing & slaying, showing no mercy to living beings turned villages into non-villages, towns into non-towns, settled countryside into the unsettled countryside. Having repeatedly killed human beings, he wore a garland (Mala) made of fingers (Anguli).

    Though Angulimala did not stay in a prison even for a day, Buddha helped him to rehabilitate himself and to became Monk and in the end, he reached the supreme end of the Arahathship and became a well -known disciple of Buddha. Even today Buddhists in Sri Lanka recite the Angulimala Piritha (stanza) to ease labor pains at childbirth
    If he had the best behavior and completed at least 16 years in prison, even in Britain, he is eligible for parole.
    So, this is quite normal and you shouldn’t have used those hard words against President Sirisena’s for his meritorious decision!!!

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