Disenfranchise Sambandan/Sumandiran and TNA stalwarts.
Posted on November 21st, 2019


It was indeed delightful and thrilling to see Presidential Election results by Noontime on 17th November continuously unfurling with amazing outcomes showing Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa winning Southern electorates of all the 16 Southern districts with massive majorities which were unprecedented in previous elections and which negated early morning results unfavourable to him.   While the results were coming in the air was filled with sounds of crackers and in the neighbouring shops stocks of crackers were sold out fast and the people had to use bamboo crackers to fill the void.  When the announcement of results was over and Gota was declared as the President-elect the jubilant people waving national flags, motorcyclists, three-wheel drivers and vehicle owners took to the streets and joined in massive vehicle parades and mass rejoices.  It reminded us the atmosphere prevailed in the country on 9th May, 2019, the victory day and 17th November, 2019 to become a Celebrity Day.

There were many conspiracies and machinations to prevent Sri Lankans achieving this triumph, mainly by the terrorist rump the Terrorist National Alliance (TNA) in collaboration with the two myopic leaders of the Muslim racist political miscreants, who allegedly intimated, coerced, bribed, misled, and forced Muslims in the north and east to join hands with Tamil terrorists deliberately ignoring the atrocities and mayhem caused by the terrorist Tamils to Muslims in the past while Muslims in the South joined with their ever-loving Sinhalese brethren and swelled the votes cast for Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in concurrence with Ali Sabry, A.J.M.Muzammil, Mohammed Muzammil and the like. 

The prat-fallen Sambandan Kotiseeya, who shamelessly and unblushingly carried out any and all scrubbing jobs for megalomaniac terrorist leader and his cohorts initially were agitating for a boycott of the election later changed their minds following directions received from the diaspora outfits.  This position was further intensified when Sajith and the UNP agreed to grant their so-called 13 treacherous demands wholeheartedly and solidly. These demands were completely rejected by the Gota/Mahinda patriotic duo and said that those demands only deserve to be plunged into waste paper basket.  These Tamils were also spreading the view that a winning candidate must get a substantial percentage of Tamil votes and without Tamil votes, no one can win the election.  This made the JokerBaba further confident making him even to go for their meetings in pony driven carts. It would have been ideal for him if he rode on a Puttalam donkey!

The shameless Sambandan seeya has told the heroic President Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to respect what he called” the very substantial democratic verdict of the Tamil people of the North and East and it is only then that they can bring about a sense of oneness and the feeling that they are all equal citizens of one country and this country will be protected and that by creating such an environment they can achieve major economic and social development which will benefit all the people of this country”.

We, Sri Lankans would like to flagrantly tell this shithead there is nothing to respect in you and your terrorist cabal, and we do not consider the election results of North and East as a democratic verdict but a forced, manipulated, and shameless bullied act without allowing the people to make their own independent decisions. We ask this shithead and his sidekicks why they did not allow the Tamils in the North and East to vote freely as they did in the February 10 LG elections? The outcome of the election results in the North and East cannot be believed at all as results of a fair and free election.

Due to the ignominious activities being done by the Terrorist Seeya and his cohorts we cannot consider these terrorist gangsters as equal citizens of this country. If they, the terrorist gang, have any sense of equality how can the diaspora proxy Sumanthiran, who is to take up the leadership of TNA after Sambandan Seeya’s demise, stated the following to mislead the Tamils, particularly in the North:

  • If Gotabaya wins, our worry is that the constitutional process might not only be stopped but the land that has been released might be taken again
  • We must first settle the issues and do the Constitutional reforms. And if that is done then, we will certainly invite the diaspora to come and invest
  • Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is deliberately trying to whip up the Sinhala nationalistic feelings against us
  • The Tamils should unite to defeat the Sinhalese. He has said that the Sinhalese are united to make Gotabhaya victorious and to counter this move the Tamils should unite and ensure the victory of Sajith Premadasa. 

It is quite clear that these racist Tamils in the guise of representing the Tamil masses have no intention at all to do anything for their welfare and have never spoken about lack of drinking water facilities shortages in educational facilities, need of road development, housing requirement of road improvements, fishing problems, want of additional buses, improvement to train facilities, improvement of health facilities, but only on the need for them to self rule, devolution of power and amendments to the constitution.  This shows that they are keeping the Tamils of the North and East locked up in the Thimpu demands of 1985 for over 30 years just for their personal survival. 

It was not due to the faults of the governments that the Tamils are in this pathetic situation but because this Colombo based politicians who enjoy all parliamentary privileges and a luxury living.  Just visit Upper Kotmale and see how Mahinda Rajapaksa government has provided to the people of Kotmale with spacious houses and all other facilities for a modern living along with the inauguration of the Upper Kotmalee Power Plant project.

Pathetically what these racist TNA did for the last 4 ½ years was protecting the Ranil Wickremasinghe government and voting in favour of all horrendous legislations including  Budgets. 

It is very clear that these white-clothed terrorists have no interest in serving the Tamil community and what they want is promote discontent in them, particularly in the Tamil youth and pave the way for the revival of the LTTE financed by the diaspora.  Therefore the first and the immediate task of the new government should be adopt legislation to disenfranchise Sambandan/Sumanthiran et al and create the atmosphere for establishing unity among all Sri Lankans. The charges against the TNA cabal may include promotion of hatred among the people of this Country on ethnic basis, failure to look after the needs and shortcomings of the Tamils who have elected them to Parliament, active involvement in moves to segregate this country, and violating the constitution.

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