Prognosis of intellectual decisions by the new President HE GR
Posted on November 21st, 2019

Kanthar Balanathan  DipEE(UK), GradCert(Rel-Eng-Monash), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE

The newly elected president of the Republic of Sri Lanka has acted with his intellectual decisions with NO partiality or partisan politics in the appointment of executives in the governing team.

Firstly, the appointment of General Kamal Gunaratne was an excellent choice for the position of Defence Secretary where the General will act with positive innovative and ingenious thoughts for the benefit of the country. The administration (Law & Order) of illicit drugs, narcotics, and caribous, etc responsibility was entrusted to the military which is another excellent decision.

  1. The decision of not portraying pictures in government offices, but the government emblem is another decision.
  2. Stopped foreign travel of government officials.
  3. Private celebration expenses to be carried by their own finances.
  4. Cleaning up of the Western Province immediately and to have a clean WP was a dream of the SLPP government.

Such major decisions taken by the President indicate GR’s intellectual, capability, and capacity and proves that Knowledge is Power”.

Expertise + Reliability + Flexibility = Capability

GR’s decisions here indicate that His Excellency possesses the following qualities.

The initiative is a self-starting quality of a person/professional. Proactive is an added value to a self-starter. A person must be a troubleshooter” than a trouble maker”.

Leadership: I believe that behavioral pattern inflicts upon leadership quality. Good listening skills and respecting others’ views is a prerequisite for leadership.

Decisive: Being in an advisory capacity senior civil servant have to make decisions based on their judgment criteria, which, however, should not deter politician’s policy, however, shall not put the country to risk. It is presumed that the president HE GR has considered all of this.

Analytical Skills:  A person has to have high-quality analytical skills to solve problems. Statistical and Reliability analysis is required for economic studies. With the military background HE GR has proved that he has the qualities.

Self-Discipline is another criterion Civil servants and politicians should possess. Staff should be added value to the organization not a liability and shall be a role model for the young ones.

Addressing the defeat of the Tamil politicians (2019): it is indicative that they always cling onto mud-slinging and be on the die-hard, prehistoric side of the political arena. For the last 70 years, the reactionary political parties of the Tamils have been claiming for ethnic solutions. What have they not got? What is meant by ethnic solutions? Tamils are in all the districts. They were given Provincial administration where they did not act with the authority of developing, however, issuing appointment letters to coolies, etc. It is better for the Tamil politicians to sit down and think where they have gone wrong. All the old cognitively impaired and the terrorists with criminal thoughts should leave politics and give room for the young University intellect students with positive, creative and productive thoughts from the University of Jaffna to enter politics.

Sambanthar + Sumanthiran + Mavai — Please do not drive Jaffna + Tamils to take the path of the 60s and 61 s like that of the mad Bulls, Amirthalingam, Naganathan, and SJV who drove the country to scarcity. Please co-operate with the government of SL and, maybe join SLPP and take a couple of portfolios and develop the country. Please do not be lickers to get jobs for your kith and kin. We have entered a new era with the new leader HE GR + MR to make the country progressive and liberal. Please be creative and not destructive and think before you act. Sumanthiran with his Master in Law degree from a prestigious University (Monash) should not defame the University but act according to the standard of the University.

  • Vijayakala Maheswaran should leave politics and go home to maintain her home.
  • Chandrika should never come back to SL. She has been a poisonous worm.


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