India’s National Security Threatened by Sri Lanka’s MCC Compact
Posted on November 28th, 2019

– A Paper by the Military Study Circle –

Reliable intelligence sources indicate that India was blindsided when details of the MCC work plan for Sri Lanka leaked out into the public domain.

Until then Alaina Teplitz glibly lied to the public that the MCC money was simply a ‘Grant’ to Sri Lanka, that Sri Lanka did not have to pay back a Cent and that the Compact would not affect Sri Lanka’s bank balance.

 But, what Teplitz did not say, amongst many other things, was that although Sri Lanka did not have to pay back a ‘Cent’, Sri Lanka had, in lieu of monetary payments, to accommodate the US by making available special land Corridors which the US was insisting on, to repeal local land laws and make new land laws  to make all Sri Lankan land available for outright purchase by the US, to replace Sri Lankan Laws with US laws in all land areas owned by the US, to make the MCC the supreme body (over the Government of Sri Lanka) in making land policy, doing land research and disbursing Sri Lankan funds, in contravention of the Sri Lanka Constitution.

 And, Teplitz also did not say that a large sum of the 480 Million USD pledged had already been spent, paid to US contractors for work that Sri Lanka is required to do before the Compact is signed.  

Unfortunately for Teplitz, MCC’s Steve Dobrilovic unwittingly leaked out, into the public domain, the gist of the MCC Compact, in the form of a work plan made by the MCC.

 The MCC work plan included the map of Sri Lanka in 2050 and the focus of America’s interest: The Economic Corridor from TCO to CBO, the electrified railway line between these two locations, intervention in Colombo’s transport problem, a specially outlined niche (with access to the Bay of Bengal) in the East of the Island where Zaharan cadres are located, an International Airport in Polonnaruwa and a clear pictorial statement that the Ministry of Lands is subordinate to the MCC; also subordinate to the MCC is Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Finance which Constitutionally is tasked to manage and control Sri Lanka’s funds.

 Confronted with these documents, the MCC Country Director Edelman went red in the face and was nonplussed; she mumbled that Steve had mistakenly given the wrong map.

 The writing on the wall is very clear. The Americans are attempting to take over Sri Lanka in line with their pivot to Asia policy and Sri Lanka is key to that policy.

 Sri Lanka will be their hub. It would serve as their military, terrorist and narcotic hub which would destabilise the littoral states and shipping in the Bay of Bengal.

 There are several indicators to substantiate this construct.

 In 2017 the US military, lingually erased the Indian Ocean and renamed it the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

 In the same year the Pacific Command of the US Army was renamed the Indo-Pacific Command and its responsibility was extended beyond the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

 Japan is the anchor of US Military strategy in the East. To accommodate the new strategic vision of the US, Abe passed legislation in the National Diet that removed the restriction on Japanese military expansion and enabled the Japanese to move their military into the Indian Ocean.

 Japan is playing a key role in the MCC plans. To justify Japanese presence in Colombo, Karunanayake on instructions from Washington, gridlocked Colombo traffic from 24 KPH to 06 KPH.

 With the Japanese monorail to give respite to the traffic congestion, artificially created, the Japanese have justified their access to Colombo and to key intersections in the road highway network.

The electrified railway from TCO to CBO (given in the MCC Map) is being constructed by the Japanese, giving them access to the TCO Harbour as well as to the CBO Harbour.

Furthermore, the Japanese are attempting to ensure that India walks in lockstep with them, selling India much needed submarines.

 There are more indicators that go to make the drawing on the wall, clearer. The Indo-Pacific Command, with their funds, built seven barracks in areas that included Nintavur, Soodaikkudah, Adalachenai and Sainthamaruthu; the barracks could accommodate a Division of US troops in the designated caliphate in the East of the Island. The cost of the barracks was one Million USD apiece and were all built, by their Pakistan contractor, Maqbool Engineering Consultants, under high security conditions.

 These barracks are located in the caliphate area of the MCC Map, as are Hizbullah’s Shariya ‘University’ and the Zaharan terrorist stronghold. The US boots on ground would have eyeball supervision of these caliphate terrorists, the TCO harbour and the TCO Oil Tanks.

 It is significant that the Caliphate area interfaces the Bay of Bengal and provides maritime access to the Eastern Seaboard of India, to the littoral States in the Bay and to International shipping traffic.

 There is credible intelligence that the US Embassy in Colombo was predominantly involved in the Easter Bomb attacks. Teplitz suggested that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ISIS terror group may have been involved.

 Trump, President of the US, says emphatically that Obama is the founder of the ISIS and Hillary Clinton its co-founder. He has reconfirmed this many times.

In US political circles, Teplitz is regarded as a Hillary-Clintonphile.

 With the Pivot to Asia, the US has transferred 60 percent of its Naval Assets into the Indo-Pacific Ocean  and pivoting along with the US into Colombo are America’s Military Allies that include Japan, Singapore and Australia; Sri Lanka has signed, in secret, Treaties with these countries.

 In recent times the Bay of Bengal has got increasingly militarised, with the US conducting trilateral and multilateral military exercises. Never before have Foreign military forces got in such close geographical proximity to India.

Showing the Chinese bogey and preying on India’s concerns with China, the US military has inveigled itself to come within touching distance of India, a geo-political non-event in years gone by. It is our considered view that the US poses a direct military threat to India.

Indeed, the US will be in an enviable position if it were allowed to pivot to Colombo. It then has the option of prioritizing the Enemy it would engage, China, Iran or India. And this option will remain always because they would never de-pivot from Sri Lanka.

When the US map of Sri Lanka (2050) came out into the public domain and when the Easter bombings took place our sources indicate that Delhi was concerned. Upto that time any fears India may have harboured, had been allayed by granting certain concessions like Sampur, Colombo Port etc.

 But with the turn of events, India was concerned. To placate them, the Americans took it upon themselves to virtually give Palaly Airport to India and to make it an International Airport. Yet not entirely satisfied, the Americans were compelled to make further concessions to the Indians, in Kashmir.

All these concessions however have not diminished, in any way, the dangers posed to India by the US Pivoting to Colombo.

One of the intrinsic fault lines of India’s Defence is that Indian Naval Assets have to move South of Sri Lanka to meet any threats posed to its Eastern or Western Coastline. Between the Eastern and Western Coastline of India would now be juxtaposed, the Americans and the Chinese (and of course the US military allies like Japan).

 Whether US aligns itself with India to engage China or whether US aligns itself with China to balkanize India would be US’s prerogative

 A very simplistic but possible scenario that the US could always script is to hold India by its nose in the East; when Indian naval units have moved East (from the West) in support, the US could then rub India’s butt in the West and prevent or impede movement of Naval units sailing West in support.

Unwittingly, India has allowed itself to be surrounded and possibly choked by a potential Enemy, the US, which believes that India needs to be balkanized.

Sri Lanka has a good grasp of geopolitical reality. China, like India, has been a good friend and Sri Lanka sincerely believes that the two friendships are not mutually exclusive.

 Sri Lanka, like India, is a Founding member of the Non-Alignment movement and committed to Non-Alignment based on the principles adopted in Bandung. That has been our strength and our defence too. 

Here, Aryasinhe, the controversial Secretary of the Foreign Ministry, needs to be rapped on his knuckles. Sri Lanka is not a Neutral Country; it is a Non-Aligned country. It is his duty to brief his hierarchy, on the nuances of the two terms. It is not a case of semantics.

 In 1971, Sri Lanka initiated a resolution at the 26th United Nations General Assembly that the Indian Ocean be declared a Zone of Peace.  The resolution was adopted and the Indian Ocean was designated a Peace Zone by the UN.

In this paper we reject outright the MCC Compact. it is unconstitutional and destructive to the Nation State of Sri Lanka

 We propose that we reaffirm our faith in the Indian Ocean being a Zone of Peace.

 We further propose that Sri Lanka be designated as the hub of the Non-Alignment Movement.

And in conclusion, we propose that Sri Lanka make a financial offer to the US, based on the very same terms and conditions as the MCC has proposed to Sri Lanka. Our focus of interest is a Corridor of 500 miles running from Jacksonville to New Orleans.

Outlining the proposal in broad terms, Sri Lanka shall be investing 800 Million USD in the project involving Land, transportation and Food. Pivoting to Jacksonville with Sri Lanka, we hope, will be our friends, India, China, Iran and Cuba. The US would give us access to all their Land registries and records and make all State Lands available for purchase by Sri Lanka. The US would need to change their Constitution and Sri Lanka shall be in control of the US ‘land Ministry’ and the US Finance Ministry (their equivalent). Sri Lankan Laws shall apply in all areas owned by Sri Lanka. Some of these conditions must be done by the US prior to Sri Lanka releasing the funds.

And the US does not have to pay us back a Cent. It is an outright gift and will not affect their Bank balance.

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