The Biggest Election Win in History by GR
Posted on December 3rd, 2019

Dilrook Kannangara

This is not supporting a politician but purely a prescriptive academic exercise in analysing election results which I do after every national election no matter who wins. Surprisingly this time there seems to be a dearth of post election analysts.

Gotabaya’s election victory (52.25%) is the highest in Lankan history. 
To be rephrased, the highest for any oncoming party. The highest for any challenger.

The historical significance of numbers did surprise me after comparing with past election results.
In 1994 Chandrika won 62.5% and in 2010 Mahinda won 58%. But those were not their primary election into power. By November 1994, CBK’s PA had won in August 1994. It was less than 50%. Mahinda first came to power with just 50.3%. Those high figures were their reaffirmations.
Even in 1977 UNP managed to win only 50.9%.
In 1956, SWRD Bandaranaike’s win was only 39.5%.
In 2015 Sirisena won 51.2% which is the second highest for any challenger.

To call a spade a spade, it must also be accepted that despite the highest ever real election win, the winner this time was humble enough to hold a low key ceremony in comparison to his predecessors. There were no large continuing celebrations and he got down to work almost immediately despite a hostile parliament.
Hopefully the list of good won’t end there though some signs are up that they might.

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