Swiss Chocolate Roll
Posted on January 2nd, 2020

A Patabendige Colombo Courtesy The Island

January 2, 2020, 7:17 pm


They are not selling Swiss Rolls down Gregory’s Road anymore. Not after having to eat two of them, one ‘original’ and the other that makes the Swiss look like donkeys or ‘proper nanas’ in Colombo. The Swiss, like their cheese and chocolates, haven’t looked good ever since their hoarding of Jewish gold surfaced after WW2. This included the gold teeth of 6 million Death Camp inmates in WW2. In Colombo they have produced circus clowns.

There is an Ambassador no less trying to hoodwink, if not bully, a sovereign state into accepting a ‘complaint’ that went viral as it meant to, but has now boomeranged. The complaint was that one of the Embassy ‘make in SL’ versions had undergone all manner of harm, less murder, in day light in the middle of the city. It took 48 hours to make the complaint. Was the delay with the female? What was she up to this time and who was her adviser?

The Ambassador then decided he would lodge the complaint on behalf of a SL citizen. In late 2018, the Ambassador became an intermediary in a parliamentary standoff supposedly as a neutral. He may have believed his efforts were appreciated. It was therefore not to the Police but curiously and ingeniously to the Prime Minister of SL. What did he expect to happen? Did he think because of the rapport he had built up with the parliamentary protagonists during the musical chairs of 2018 that the administration of law and justice could be short circuited on an old boy basis?

The Ambassador was not satisfied with making extravagant and ludicrous charges. His own aberrations were shocking. This was made clear to him. The charges were based entirely on the ‘make in SLs’ recipe for asylum (mental or physical or both), bonus (Christmas) or mercenary ambitions. He got down an air ambulance possibly thinking that the SL government would panic and give in, as it did some time ago. He made out that a ‘traumatized’ woman in need of medical attention should not be seen by her own doctors but needed Swiss ‘doctors’ 8,000 kms away.

He had to bow down to national law. She had to go to the CID. Close protection comfort too sensitive and even frightening to TV viewers was given as she was escorted by the Swiss to the CID. At first, there was this matron. Then there was a man who wrapped his arms round her. It was very painful, reminiscent of Jews going to where the Swiss must know. This charade, the Ambassador’s contribution to local teledrama, continues, despite everyone having seen her face splashed on TV and the newspapers. Goofy.

The Swiss were unmasked. They had recruited this woman whose antecedents were obviously unchecked.

The Swiss government knowing that it had been made to look infantile, puerile and really silly called Mock to plan damage control. Still labouring it is now trying to twist SL’s hand. It has sent its former Ambassador to intercede as the present one had messed up. It gratuitously asked SL to conduct her inquiries expeditiously according to ‘international norms’. Norms it did not adhere to when taking the LTTE of its terrorist watch. Pretty rich too coming from the only country that still hoards gold, cash and jewelry belonging to Jews that were sent to the gas chambers by Hitler. Apparently, the Jewish claimants couldn’t produce death certificates from Death Camps! The Swiss did not return anything for over 55 years after WW2 despite the world demanding it. That is ‘international norms’ for them. Heil! Heil!

In WW2, a few thousand German Swiss mainly from Bern and Zurich fought for Germany in the Wermacht and the horrible SS. The Swiss have had a reputation as mercenaries- criminals who kill for money. Did they with de Meuron’s regiment, formerly of the Dutch East India Company then, help the British East India Company to begin plundering SL in 1802? Who remembers?

The Swiss must know that inquiries into a litany of lies manufactured, labeled DPL, and bundled into the CID, cannot be concluded until the whole truth is out. Is that what excites and troubles Switzerland, which is blowing alternately hot (threatening) and cold (embracing) on the issue, hoping it will be forgotten? No Embassy has ever before trespassed as much in the SL state’s affairs.

Nowhere else in the world is a criminal plaint lodged with the Prime Minister! The Ambassador now babbles about how investigations should be done. Did he not know that the inquiry had to be done by the police and not by him and his gullible, arrogant, excitable and strutting staff? He should get off his high horse and settle for a donkey.

This was an affront to SL. A false flag. The truth needs no embellishment. The Ambassador must now vamoose with his wretched staff. This madness with mischievous intent cannot ever be allowed to happen again. The Ambassador tried first to bully. When that failed he pretended to be conciliatory. He should not be allowed to spit on the people and the nation in which he is a guest and get away with it. Not only because no one in SL will ever ask a guest, and not only God as in Switzerland, to pay for a glass of milk. The Swiss national anthem nevertheless states ‘That God dwelleth in this land.’ Why did Mock then come to ‘dwelleth’ in SL and test God too?

A Patabendige

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    The defence secretary promised unearth the truth after the CID began it’s investigation. So far they have not managed to find the accused mobile phone. Why can’t they get a court order to recover that phone? Has the government gone soft to please the Swiss when it is obvious the Swiss went to extraordinary lengths to embarrass the government and the president. The government should stop these foreign governments and the NGOs interfering in our affairs.

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