Dear Ambassador Hanspeter Mock:
Posted on January 6th, 2020

Asoka Weearsinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

6 January 2020

Ambassador Hanspeter Mock
Ambassador for Switzerland in Sri Lanka
63 Gregory’s Road
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka

Dear Ambassador Hanspeter Mock:

Since I wrote you last year, on 29 December 2019, I have been reading the continuation of your Switzerland Saga in Sri Lanka with enormous interest.

Sweet Mother of Jesus, that is a story of Western Diplomatic intrigue, arrogance, condescension and stupidity.

The true story of this diplomatic intrigue, is good for an exciting script for a film.

The synopsis of this film, Swiss Government KO’d by a local compulsive lying staffer in an Embassy in the Orient. would read like this:

This story takes place, mainly in Asia’s Indian Ocean island Sri Lanka, and the rest happens in the Alpine capital City of Switzerland, Bern. The story changes decades of illegal migration patterns of Tamil refugees risking their lives by trying to cross the vast oceans in rickety trawlers,  and some Tamils hiring  rickety ships to smuggle them to Western countries and drop them off on their shores at night.  This story tells us how Switzerland wanted to change all that by trying to smuggle refugees in an Air Ambulance making Asia’s refuge seekers to Switzerland, a sophisticated and a painless exercise.

In a world of terrorism and the western countries banding together to eliminate terrorists, how Switzerland decided to go on its own and be out of sync with the rest of the world by having their Federal Court’s rule that the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, the India trained Tamil Tigers, who created the human bomb suicide body pack, and assassinated two heads of State, Rajiv Gandhi of India,  and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, is not a terrorist organization.  You could hear the separatist-Tamils rejoice singing in the background heartily with a Tamil accent :

Halleluja..halleluja, we can now
continue to assassinate
and murder the Sinhalese
to claim our mono-ethnic state
of the racist Eelam. 

Haro… Hara… Eelam
 Hallelujah.. Eelam.. Hallelujah.”

With the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) rapping the knuckles of the Swiss Government for its high handed statement on December 30, 2019, attempting to undermine Sri Lanka’s core values in her judicial system which they had followed and treasured in abundance for more than two centuries, changed the centuries old Colonial Masters claim that little Sri Lanka and its peoples were a White-man’s burden. With that intervention by BASL,  this Colonial Masters claim has taken a 180 degree turn to be portrayed as the white-faced Switzerland now being the burden of little brown-faced people of Sri Lanka.   This film has new geo-political  intentions, implications and intrigue. It is an intriguing expose how Switzerland viewed to lead their New World Order of the 2020s and failed miserably.”

Well, Hanspeter Mock, if your Swiss Government still wishes to smuggle the Tamils, let’s not go bonkus with an expensive Swiss Air Ambulance Shuttle. Make it simple.

Announce to the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka, that the Swiss roads are paved with gold, as they love gold, and the pastures are greener than Colombo’s Galle Face Green, and hold a Refugee lottery. Spray cans of gold-paint on the road that leads to town from the airport, and don’t pave the road with the real gold you all hoarded after World War II as it would be picked at night with a dentist’s tooth pick, and you will have scores of hundreds of Tamils wanting to claim refugee status in friendly Switzerland which has given a clear bill of health for the terrorist Tamil Tigers.  Siphon them out, Hanspeter.  Make it fun and siphon them out in relays like the first batch being the  -lingams.  Pull the lingams out like the – Sothilingam, Rasalingam, Jayalingam,  Suntharalingam, Panchalingam, Nagalingam, Sivalingam  and so forth.

Siphon the Raja’s in the second batch of Tamil refugees like Thurairajah, Sellarajah, Senthilrajah, Waratharajah, Nadarajah, and so forth.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince the southern Tamils, especially those in the capital region of Colombo.  They are the Tamils who drive BMWs and have no reason to come to live in your country when they are millionaires minting a million rupees a day from their businesses in the city and along the mile long business district’s Main Street in Pettah, patronized by the majority Sinhalese community, like  Tamil Spice Stores, Thosai restaurants, Jewellery Stores, Sari Emporiums, Pharmacies, Thosai flour and rice Stores, Masala wade and Ulundu wade boutiques, etc.  And of course the professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers,  Landlords, and so forth, who educate their children abroad.

The bottom line of all these Swiss massaged shenanigans were to undermine the newly elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his new Government that were voted in by 1.3 million people of Sri Lanka.  Hanspeter, you certainly weren’t smart enough to figure out that your effort to bully President Gotabaya would only bring the wrath of 1.3 million people, who would tell you Hanspeter – ‘Pox on You, keep your hands off our President, who with his military team gave us back our right-to-life which was hi-jacked from us for 30 bloody years, by your newly found friends, the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists. Just bug-off.’

 We were told that you were a veteran Diplomat.  Phew! You certainly didn’t show your smarts, on this vulgar, crude and your Embassy’s  Swiss cesspit issue, did you?  Pity!

Hanspeter, I see that SriLanka has a Peace offering from Bern. Hmmmm…!  Quite an interesting turn of events.

The Third person note says …..The Embassy regrets that these developments have led to the Sri Lankan authorities commitment to due process being called into question and reaffirms that Switzerland, like Sri Lanka, is committed to upholding good governance and the rule of law.  The Embassy hopes for a swift return to an environment conducive to resuming the -positive cooperation between Switzerland and Sri Lanka…..”

Hanspeter, this is all well and good.  In my opinion the aberration of the cooperation between Switzerland and Sri Lanka was too swift, too condescending, too arrogant in its quality to tell Sri Lanka, We know all about good governance and ‘due process’.  ‘We are Holier than thou.’ and you were in the White-man’s Bully mode.  I will not forgive you for Mocking at my people and trying to intimidate the newly elected President of Sri Lanka, who was voted in by 1.3 million Sri Lankans.  And that should  have said something to you. And as President Gotabaya says, in all the Swiss crap I was the victim.”

And my unsolicited advice to him is – Sir, Beware of the Geeks coming to you Bearing Gifts.”  These people in Bern have burnt themselves, just be ware of them as they tried to shame you and bury you.  They are now good friends of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who tried to assassinate you.”

Well…Good Luck with your conciliation efforts with the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry personnel and their Minister.  Let me tell you one thing more Hanspeter.  These guys

at the Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Ministry are too smart to drop down and roll over pretending they are dead, when they hear the Swiss heavy footsteps approaching them.  You’re in for a surprise and so are your colleagues in Bern.

Come down your from your high-horse Hanspeter, and stopping Mock-ing at my Sinhalese people as they will Mock…Mock back at you in double quick time.

I wish you a Happy and a Good 2020.   Remember to cultivate a little  humility and don’t walk towards them with an uppity nose high up pretending that you are a White-Platinum Tin God.  The Sinhalese people won’t buy it.  They will shush you away with a Lion and Lioness’s dignity, grace and pride. You bet!

Sincerely Asoka

2 Responses to “Dear Ambassador Hanspeter Mock:”

  1. aloy Says:

    Dear Asoka,
    You will have a lot of writing to do in the near future. I think Prez Tump (the villain of Iran affair according to BBC) passed UK’s baby (LTTE cry baby) back to UK. And they are going to pass it to Canada in the near future to pursue the case vigorously in Mock Mock’s country.
    BBC started the campaign in support of their proxy. I watched a few minutes ago in their World Service their documentary “Finding Father Francis” who might have been an LTTE leader in disguised as a priest.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Asoka, you made one mistake by calling these morons white. I remember during Steve Biko’s case In South Africa, when the judge asked Steve, ‘why do you call yourselves black?, you are not black, you are brown’. Then Steve said, ‘why do you people call yourselves white?. You are not white, you are pink. So in the future please call these morons pinky pies.

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