High Court judges urge Chief Justice to probe judges
Posted on January 9th, 2020

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

The High Court Judges Association (HCJA) has urged the Chief Justice (CJ) to initiate an immediate investigation into the controversial telephone conversations that transpired allegedly between certain judges and MP Ranjan Ramanayake. 

The HCJA, comprising all serving High Court Judges, summoned a special committee meeting on Wednesday to discuss the widely circulating recordings of telephone conversations. 

Following the meeting, the HCJA wrote to CJ Jayantha Jayasuriya and other Judicial Service Commission (JSC) members, urging them to initiate an immediate investigation and take action to safeguard the independence of the judiciary. They added the alleged conduct of the judges could even amount to contempt of court.

The letter, signed by HCJA President, Sampath B. Abeykoon and Secretary A. K. M. Patabandige said the incidents were a serious threat to the independence of the judiciary.

The HCJA further informed the CJ and other JSC members that the alleged electronic recordings of the conversations being circulated virally have serious consequences on the public trust and the independence of the judiciary, and had gravely tarnished the image of the judiciary. They, therefore, urged the CJ and JSC members to urgently initiate an investigation and take appropriate action to safeguard the judiciary. (Susitha Fernando)

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The fact that several serious acts of judicial impropriety have taken place is not in doubt anymore. We the people need to be convinced that the judiciary leaves no stone unturned in their efforts to clear their good name – if any such thing still exists.

    We witnessed how the former Attorney General and now the Chief Justice questioning Ranil Wickramasinghe at the Bond Commission on a prepared set of questions which had been given to Ranil beforehand. This shows something is really rotting away from the head of this lobster called the Judiciary and the inequality of the law has no limits!

    It is the people who are sovereign and not the judiciary, nor the legislature nor the executive. People have had enough of them ‘lording’ over simple people and of their hypocrisy in flouting the law of the land at their will and pleasure even to get their promotions. To condemn a person to death just to get a promotion is what will remain in folk memory for years to come.

    Now, we demand that all findings be placed before the people so that they know the real culprits. Moreover, as the personnel who enjoyed high office and sat in judgement over simple mortals, it is nothing but fair to give them the highest punishment and deprive them of their civic rights.

    Just recently a young father was kept in remand for 9 months over the possession of a toy firearm. However, Ranjan Ramanayake gets bail within one day for the possession of a real firearm as well as ill-gotten ammunition. The fact that he is a free bird, allows him time and space to hide and obliterate any further evidence that he may be still harbouring.

    The wheels of the law do not seem to be moving at all!

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