How MCC Aids the Tamil Eelam Project
Posted on January 20th, 2020

Dilrook Kannangara

MCC agreement’s land issue is the very same matter that ITAK, India and USA have been demanding since 1955 since Ceylon ended the Anglo Ceylon Defence Partnership Agreement resulting in expelling USA and UK from Trincomalee. Since then India and their agents have been trying their best alienate land around Trincomalee port area from Sri Lanka.

MCC is an enabler of US troop and military logistics movement between the US military base of Diego Garcia and towards China in order to contain China. The other two matters – US troop and military logistics – have been achieved already.  The Agreement regarding the status of U.S. military personnel and civilian employees of the Department of Defense who may be present in Sri Lanka for exercises or official duties” came into force on May 16, 1995 and Agreement concerning acquisition and cross-servicing (ACSA) came into force on March 11, 2007.

The MCC will complete the militarization of Sri Lanka for the purpose of US troop and military logistics movement between the US military base of Diego Garcia and towards China in order to contain and confront China.

However, it has another aspect – Tamil Eelam project.

The declared capital of Tamil Eelam by the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) was to be Trincomlaee. LTTE also declared that Trincomalee would be its capital. India in 1987 post Indo-Lanka Peace Accord declared Trincomalee to the capital of the merged northern and eastern province after massacring over 100 Sinhala civilians in an attempt to turn the are Tamil-only. However, LTTE rejected it in 1987 fearing an Indian takeover of Trincomalee port. 13A to the Constitution devolved most powers to the provincial council including land powers. Sri Lankan government has restricted land powers to the provinces using administrative means. Legally, land powers rests with the province.

In 2013 September, just a week after TNA swept the Northern Provincial Council election, the Supreme Court decided that state land” is the subject of the central government and not the provincial council. Specifically, provincial high courts cannot judge matters relating to state land”. Over 75% of the land are state land”. Tamil Eelam project cannot proceed without land.  

MCC agreements regulates land registration and makes it easy to convey land title. MCC also encourages the government to reform” land laws to make it easier to sell or lease out land to local and foreign private buyers. Once these lands are no longer state land”, the Eastern Provincial council will pounce demanding land powers. There is no use having land powers until then.

USA helps India and Tamil Eelamists in their project by removing their biggest road block cleverly.

It will create a submissive and compliant weak nation in the island’s north and parts of the east. Displaced people will be sent to the remaining piece (Sri Lanka?) which will accommodate them thanks to foolish generosity. The next Diego Garcia in the making. They would have achieved their goal peacefully where war failed.

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  1. Geeth Says:

    There is only one answer. Renegotiate or completely abrogate the 13th A. And relocate our nation’s capital to Trincomalee. Move the central government to the heart of the city of Trinco. Colombo can be a commercial hub like New York while the capital of the state of New York is still remaining in Albany.

    Trinco and Colombo can be connected with a highspeed electric train. To the technology of the day, these trains can run 400 MPH means, can connect two cities within 30 minutes. (China is already leading in this technology) 40 minutes is the time span that will take to travel from Kirulapona to Pettah with the current traffic conditions in SL. But with the new train service, a courier service personal can hand-deliver a letter form, Colombo, to Trinco in the morning while promising his girlfriend to join her for the breakfast in the cafeteria in Colombo office within 90 minutes. How sweet is it?

    If the current president to be the futuristic ruler of our history, he may consider moving the capital to Trincomalee. He can realize his dream of building a futuristic city with our cultural metaphor engraved in it in the architecture and city planning from ground zero. It might be the greatest project of all times of our modern history. But the cost of it would be worth it considering the political, geostrategic effect of it. By casting this single stone, Pres. Gotabhaya can hunt many birds. Above all, it will end the Elam project once and for all.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    It is clear from all those other countries that have received MCC compacts that it was the US who benefitted leaving those countries poorer and at the mercy of the US. The US has never worked never genuinely to alleviate the poverty of any nation without getting their ‘pound of flesh’ in terms of ‘military corporation’ – which only means the ability of the US to use the victim country’s resources to their benefit.

    The country of Haiti situated within a stone’s throw from US borders still remain a country ravaged by US excesses and one of the most lawless and poorest countries in the world. The US has no shame with such an eyesore right on their doorstep!

    If this is the case how can a country like Sri Lanka expect anything better from them? It is obvious to anyone that the US$480 Million the US is dangling before Sri Lanka is only the carrot to take away our sovereignty and territorial integrity away from us.

    The road project is not for our convenience, but for the convenience of US forces moving about Sri Lanka with ease. The land project is for the large scale acquiring of state land for US companies to move in and consolidate their hold over the Colombo – Trinco so-called economic corridor.

    Moreover, it will lead to a physical division of Sri Lanka with an outside force traditionally intent on dividing Sri Lanka in the middle trying to play ‘honest broker’! Once the MCC is established with ACSA and SOFA in place it will only be a matter of time when there will be ‘certain incidents’ that will necessitate the intervention of the ‘honest broker’ to mete out justice. This has happened in Panama and elsewhere and we know the position of those countries today.

    Sri Lanka must strengthen her forces independently. Sri Lanka should introduce national service to all eligible citizens as an introductory measure to stay powerful and independent!

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