‘Sri Lankan Black Panther’ rediscovered in forests of Adam’s Peak
Posted on January 20th, 2020

Courtesy NewsIn.Asia

Colombo, Jan 20 ((News 1st) – The Wildlife Department has been able to retrace the Sri Lankan Black Panther that was once considered to be long extinct.

Out of the eight species of panthers living in the world, the sub-species, Sri Lankan Panther is extraordinary due to its very limited population. The Sri Lankan black panther is believed to have gained it’s unique characteristics due to a colour mutation.

Srilankan Black Panther. Pic - Daily News

News about the last black panther was reported previously from Mawuldeniya, Pitadeniya when the animal was found dead in a trap. Thereafter, this animal’s hide was then displayed at the Girithale wildlife museum, as the final trace of the Sri Lankan Black Panther.

The wildlife department, which is currently engaging in an islandwide survey on Sri Lankan panthers, recently discovered evidence of the Sri Lankan black panther’s existence. The wildlife department installed a number of remote motion-sensing cameras in places believed to have been the Black Panther’s roaming, on the 26th of October one of these cameras was able to catch footage of the animal that was believed to be extinct.

The department which acted on this footage was finally able to prove that the Sri Lankan Black Panther is no longer an animal limited to history, by capturing more footage of the animal. They’ve also managed to discover the exitance of a black panther family consisting of a male, female and two cubs.

The investigation was headed by Dr Malaka Abeywardene and Dr Manoj Akalanka of the Wildlife Department, while technical support for the process was provided by the Tropical Eco-System Research Networks Organization.

Speaking to News 1st, Dr Malaka Abeywardene says;

The reason for these animals being black is mainly an adaptation for hunting purposes and for protection of their kind since they mostly roam in cold and dark places. We request the general public to come forward to protect these animals since they are an important gift given by mother nature”

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