Posted on February 3rd, 2020


An Indian Muslim boy has no right to fall in love with a Pakistani girl. Mohammad Rashid simply violated this rule; so he is being treated like a criminal. It was somewhere in 2017 when Mohammad Rashid, a resident of Banaras, India went to Karachi (Pakistan) to attend a family marriage function. There he fell in deep love with one of his cousins and decided to make her his life-partner but this decision was too early. His relatives in Pakistan advised him not to be so emotional and think a little more before taking any final step. Moreover his visa was also about to expire and he was supposed to report back to India within the permitted time limit. So he had to say good-bye to his beloved with a promise to come back soon. In 2018 he once again succeeded in coming to Pakistan. This was the point where his bad-luck started changing the whole scenario of his life.

Mohammad Rashid is now in the custody of the security agencies, every moment passing through an agonizingly painful process of investigation. The Indian security agencies say that he is an ISI agent, sending sensitive information to the ISI about movement and deployment of the military troops. Moreover on the instructions of his alleged handlers, he is involved in instigating the general public to add violence in protest against the CAA and NRC. Astonishingly his life style, his social and educational status and his mental level do not match with the blame levied upon him.

Mohammad Rashid is a 23 years old young man with school education only up to class 8. His parents got divorced and remarried in his very early childhood. In the beginning Rashid started working at a local tailoring shop and then at a medical store as a helper. The time when he went to Karachi, he was working as a panaflex and sign-boards fixer in Varanasi. Details released to the Indian media by the Indian intelligence agencies say that when he went to Karachi for the second time, one of his cousins there arranged his meeting with two ISI agents who convinced him to work for the ISI and pass on sensitive information regarding the movements of military troops and the future plans of the Indian army. He was allegedly promised that he would be paid for all his services and the way to his marriage with her beloved would also be paved. In short, the Indian intelligence agencies started keeping an eye on Mohammad Rashid when he came back to India and after a long and tedious surveillance he was arrested.

How stupid is the narrative of the Indian Intelligence Agencies that a young man with education just up to class 8, working as a helper at a tailoring shop and a medical store and then working as a panaflex fixer was assigned to gather information about military movement and future planning. If a young man with such an ordinary social, educational and financial status could have approach to such sensitive information and so secret matters, then the Indian Military hi-ups must review the security and secrecy standards of their set-up.

Dragging Pakistan into internal matters of India and blaming ISI for all that goes wrong there is not a new practice; it is a decades old story, repeated time and again. In the world of defence related affairs such activity is commonly known as ‘False Flag Operations’. From Mumbai Blasts to the Pathankot Incident and to Pulwama Attacks, such False Flag Operations have ever been a routine matter. The intensity of such activities increases whenever Pakistan is in some FATF like turmoil. The Indian conspirators simply start concocting new stories of Pakistan’s alleged support to terrorist’s activities particularly in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. But most of the times these stories are illogical and irrational same as the story of Mohammad Rashid. In their hostility against Pakistan, the Indian intelligence agencies even don’t spare their own people and sacrifice them ruthlessly at the altar of their foolish desire of defaming Pakistan.

Recent arrest of DSP Davinder Singh of J&K police is also one of such callous and brainless activities. Throughout his career as a police officer, DSP Davinder Singh has earned a reputation of a very honest and devoted officer. According to a report published in the India Today on 13th January 2020, the intelligence agencies have blamed that the DSP has very close links with the terrorists working for the liberation of the Indian Occupied Kashmir and he has been co-operating with them for a long time. It is astonishing fact that a few months back, the same DSP was awarded the National Police Medal for his gallantry by the Occupied State of J&K and was promised an out-of-turn promotion to the rank of SP as reward. Now the same ‘national-hero’ is behind the bars and facing investigations like a criminal.

In other words, Mohammad Rashid, a Muslim and DSP Davinder Singh, a Sikh; both are pushed to the same fate. Rashid’s linkage with the ISI has been ‘established’, now it is the time to prove that a National Police Medal holding officer of the Indian Police Department was also an agent of the ISI. This situation is horrible as well as ridiculous; it is expected that in near future, when Mr. Modi won’t be the Prime Minister, some day, someone from the Indian Intelligence Agencies would reveal that Mr. Modi had also been working for the ISI when he was the Prime Minister.

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