Posted on February 24th, 2020


Sri Lanka Ports Authority will carry out a 15-month feasibility study for a new port development to help it meet its goal of container handing capacity of around 35m teus.

The port authority planned to develop the Colombo North Port, in the northern side of the existing Port of Colombo to use for for liquid bulk, dry bulk, ro-ro and containers.

Capacity at the Port of Colombo is around 12m teu per annum, but the completed extension of West Container Terminal brings the capacity of Port of Colombo to 15m teus.

SLPA has signed a consultancy agreement with AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited for the Colombo North Port Development Project feasibility study.

agreement signing

The South Port of Colombo predominately focuses for transshipment and domestic container handling.

As the energy demand of the country increases rapidly with the large developments taking place in the Colombo city, the requirement of a terminal facility for the importation of LNG is a mandatory requirement” said the port authority.

Additionally, said the port authority, the LNG ships require a sheltered area. The berth occupancy and usage in the existing Port of Colombo is already congested, so demand to have another sheltered area adjoining to the Port of Colombo is in discussion.

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