Posted on March 16th, 2020


Maithreepala Sirisena is aiming to obtain 1st place in Polonnaruwa and garner over 200,000 votes at the next parliamentary elections. In 2010 election, the Alliance of Mahinda Rajapakse secured 127 seats.

In 2010 election, Maithreepala secured 90,118 votes in Polonnaruwa District, at a time Maithree’s and Mahinda Rajapakse’s popularity  remained  high.  Since then, has popularity of Maithreepala increased or decreased?

Of course, he won the Presidential Election, at the peak of Maithree’s popularity, he only managed to score 118,845 votes in Polonnaruwa with the support of UNP, section of SLFP, SLMC etc. 

Becoming the President of Sri Lanka did not help Maithreepala to increase his vote base, even though he is now many times more richer with his team of sibilings.

We estimate that Maithreepala may not secure more than 50,000 votes, still managing to secure a seat in the house of representatives.

However, if the voter sentiments were projected to be against him, there is no doubt Sirisena will make a secret deal with either Ranil or Sajith.  This distinct possibility must be vetted by SLPP in its planning process.

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  1. Lionel Says:

    Don’t talk nonsense. If SLPP allows Sirisena to get nominations with thier consent, people will vote him. He used millions of public money for his electorate being pro-active. If he gets elected to the next parliament, SLPP should take the full responsibility. Same with Dumnida Dissanayake in Anuradhapura.
    SLPP could have told SLFP, come without rogues like Sirisena, Nimal Siripala and Duminda or —- off.

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