Posted on March 30th, 2020


Digressing from the plight brought about by the  COVID 19, I wish to draw the attention of your readers to an important item discussed in the Island, issue of 23rd March. It was referring to the British High Commissioner who was said to be too busy to comment on his alleged intervention in the judicial process of Sri Lanka. The former chief magistrate Mr. Tilina Gmage under oath at the Presidential Commission stated that he received a letter from the British High Commissioner offering ‘unsolicited advice’ in dealing with a case handled by him..

This is a serious matter which affects the rule of law, directly and indirectly, it is an act that violates the diplomatic rectitude. On the other hand during a period when it became known that the NGOs, high profile ministers attempted to interfere in the judicial process, it is impossible to shake off simply the allegation against the British High Commissioner. Some of the controversial statements issued by the Western embassies on governance in Sri Lanka during the period of the last government can be sited as evidence of attempted intervention in Sri Lanka’s domestic issues. It is indeed ironic to find that most of the advice contained in these statements wanted to fix our judiciary to redress the claims of ex-terrorists.

Oddly enough, one wonders whether COVID 19 is used as a convenient cover by the British High commissioner to run away from facing the issue. In any case, now that the quarantine period is over, he should now come forward and explain his position clearly to the Government of Sri Lanka and the people of Sri Lanka. While waiting for his explanation, we trust that Sri Lankan government too will raise this issue to seek clarification. We hope that the High Commissioner will live up to the great British practices.


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