Racist Vultures seeking Corona Cadavers
Posted on April 11th, 2020


It is sad to note that attempts are being made by Hakeem and Mujibur Rehman to overcome their political desolation by instigating the Muslims over-performing funerals of some corona infected Muslims.  These so-called Muslim lovers who remained totally silent when Rodee Ranawaka and his companions Ratana and Gnanasara theros (saffron-robed thugs) instigated riots against Muslims at Gintota, Ampara. Digana, Akurana, Gampola and Katugastota, and youth were burnt to death at Digana as they felt protecting the then government was more important than speaking against the atrocities of the rioters. 

The sole objectives of the above referenced two irresponsible miscreants are to instigate hatred between the Sinhala and Muslim communities for their political advantage.  Out of the Corona, patients died so far there were two Muslims one from Negombo named Abdel Jalil and the other from Maradana.  Health authorities who are very much concerned about curbing the spread of disease, by all means, has not granted permission to bury Abdel Jalil in Negombo due to water table in the area was high and which could spread the virus seeping through the water in the area.  Although two family members are permitted to attend a funeral in this instance none of them attended.  In the case of the Maradana patient’s death, the administrators of the Jawatte Mosque had dug a grave for 9 meters deep for his burial but the people of the area including the majority of Muslims in the nearby Hetewatte have protested against burying him there and since the body cannot be kept for a long time the health authorities have taken it to Kotikawatte.  The government subsequently issued a gazette notification permitting to hold the funerals of the coronavirus deceased personnel on the wishes of the relevant family members. 

As per a directive issued by the WHO the virus affected deceased patients should either be buried or cremated in accordance with their family desires.  The WHO guidelines make provision for burial besides cremation.  It says, Burial is the preferred method of body disposal in emergency situations unless there are cultural and religious observations that prohibit it. The location of graveyards should be agreed with the community and attention should be given to ground conditions, as regards proximity to groundwater drinking sources,  The U.A.E. Ambassador in Colombo has said that in U.A.E. a separate area has been earmarked in Sharjah for the burial of the corona victims. Similarly in Sri Lanka too Muslim religious leaders could meet and decide a location in Colombo without allowing the political miscreants to create friction with the other communities. 

The Organization of Islamic religious leaders the Jameeathul Ulema has issued a religious directive pertaining to the burial of a Muslim deceased as a result of contracting this deadly virus.  Relevant extracts from the directive are reproduced below:

It is a compulsory act coming under Farl Kifaya (compulsory responsibility) for Muslims when a death occurs to wash the body, cover the body with a white cloth and bury it. Farl Kifaya is a responsibility of all Muslims but if it was performed by some of the others become excluded from the responsibility/.  However, if it was not performed by anyone, everyone becomes guilty of not performing it.

Similarly having the body washed before performing the funeral prayer is compulsory. It becomes impossible to wash the body if someone dies by drowning, or by entrapped in a fallen building, or when the body is not found. There are different schools of opinion about the funeral prayer for them should be performed or not. The majority opinion is that the funeral prayer is not compulsory in such instances.

The purpose of the funeral prayer is to supplicate for the expiation of the sins that may have been committed by the diseased.  The scholars point out that if certain things could not be performed in a situation like this whatever that can be performed should not be avoided. 

 The directive which has been issued in Sinhala further states that that the government has also issued a statement about performing last rights of someone died of Corona Virus and accordingly if the dead body is to be buried the grave should be at least 6 ft, deep and the burial should be performed in the presence of government authorities and only a few close relatives should attend the funeral.

The directive has been issued by the Secretary of the Fatwa Section (Religious Directive Section), As Shaikh M.L.M.Ilyas of the All Island Islamic Scholars Council (All island Jaamiathul Ulema).

Many Muslims and leading Sinhala civil organizations have called upon the people not to get mislead by attempts being made by the miscreants to espouse communal tension over this virus issue.  The Governor the Northwestern Province Mr. A.J.M.Muzammil has issued a message requesting the Muslims not to provide room for racist extremists to spread communal hatred and has asked to act in a responsible manner to respect law and order in the country. He has said that it is very important for Muslims to extend their fullest cooperation to the government at this moment when it is taking all measures to contain and curb the spread of this deadly pandemonium. He has also requested the Muslims to cooperate with curfew regulations and strictly follow the directions given by health authorities.

Mr. Gevindu Kumaratunga, the Head of the Yuthukama Organisation, who is the son of the well-known educationist Munidasa Kumaratunga has also issued a message asking the Muslims not to get mislead by racist extremist miscreants and requested them to join hands with other communities in a national spirit to overcome the current pandemic situation causing equal hardships to people of all communities and rise up as a great nation once again. 

It has been pointed out that Prophet Muhammad has admonished that when there is a plague somewhere the people of that area should not leave from that area and people from outside should also not enter the plague affected area until the situation becomes normal.  This Admonition of the Holy Prophet should be widely communicated to the Muslims by the administrators of the mosque in all towns and villages.

The head of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Council Mrs. Deepika Udagama has warned against attempting to create communal tension among communities over the funeral of the deceased Corona infected patients and has advised that health authorities should get the consent of the family members of the deceased persons whether they want the bodies to be buried or cremated. 

The malicious miscreants Hakeem and Mujibur Rehman have no moral right to speak about the Muslims as they have gone into records of violating Islamic ethics and performing things contradictory to the teachings of Islam.    The plot of these two miscreants to espouse Muslims against the government and gain political mileage out of it, got shattered on Thursday (9th April) when the funeral of the 7th person died of Corona Virus, the gem merchant of Mt. Lavinia was allowed to be cremated by his family and the said cremation took place with the participation of his family members.  At the same time, the former UPFA member for Vavuniya, Mr. Cader Masthann, his brother and his two bodyguards are reported to be in self-quarantine for 21 days in Vavuniya after participating in a funeral function held at Tamarapuram in Vavuniya in which a Corona positive patient has also participated.   The self-quarantine measure taken by Mr. Masthan should be commended as it would encourage many to take similar precautions. 

Also, it should be noted that Buddhist devotees who flock to Temples throughout the country on Poya days did not visit Temples on  April 8th on the Bak Fullmoon Poya day although it was a very significant Poya Day in which Lord Buddha has visited Sri Lanka (one of his three visits) to diffuse the possible war situation that had prevailed between Chulodara and Mahodara.  In addition to this for the first time in history the the auspicious timesheet” known as Avurudhu Charitra Seetuwa” which is presented to the ruler of the country each year has not been carried out this year.  It is reported that all Sinhala New Year events this year have been suspended and they will celebrate the New Year with only their family members at their residences  Also it is said that if the Corona Virus situation continues there will be no Wesak Pandals, Dansals and other Wesak activities this year.

In the case of Christians they were unable to observe the Maundy Thursday which signifies the day before the Good Friday in which the Jesus Christ had the last supper with his apostles and in which the Judas betrayed Jesus Christ to the Roman rulers,  They were also unable to observe Good Friday prayers in the Churches. The Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ following his arrest by Roman soldiers guided by Judas Iscariot at the garden of Gethsemane for 30 pieces of Silver.  They will also not be able to perform Church services on Easter Sunday as well although this Easter Sunday signifies the first anniversary of brutal attacks carried out by Zaharan and his inhuman terrorist gang in which over 300 persons were killed and more than 500 were injured.   

Hakeem and Mujibur Rehman should feel ashamed of trying to espouse communal hatred for their political advantage when all communities are making enormous sacrifices to curb the spread of the Coronavirus and save this country to usher in a better future for the future generations. To be continued…………

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