Statement Regarding the Tamils in Mississauga
Posted on May 15th, 2020

I. de Silva Canada

Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga

I have just watched your statement regarding what you refer to as Tamil Memorial Day. I am writing to you because I was offended by your statement and the fact that you are making public statements based on  misinformation and lies without doing any research on the Tamil terrorist movement in Sri Lanka that lasted for nearly thirty years.

It is obvious that you are ignorant of the situation in Sri Lanka and the fact that the terrorist movement in Sri Lanka was by a segment of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka that resorted to extreme violence and terrorised everyone else who did not support their views. The Tamil terrorists  were classified by the FBI as the most ruthless terrorists in the world. The thousands who lost their lives for human rights were not the Tamil terrorists but those who they terrorised.  Tamil terrorism was to deprive Sri Lankans of their human rights, not as you claim, to support humans rights. Their goal, which was the division of Sri Lanka, was to establish a Tamil only, fascist state in the north of Sri Lanka. This effort was funded by Tamil terrorist sympathisers from all over the world  including Canadian Tamils and it was estimated that at least a million dollars a month was sent from Canada. The RCMP has a lot of information on Tamil terrorism and support from Canada so it would have been very simple for anyone in your office to check this funding of terrorism by Canadian Tamils and other facts regarding Tamil terrorism before you issued this biased, ignorant statement. In plain language, Canadians  were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Sri Lankans of all communities and successive Canadian Governments and politicians at every level were aware of this and supportive of it just to get votes in Canada. They not only condoned terrorism but actively helped in the collection of millions of dollars to kill the people of Sri Lanka. Your statement indicates that you are another Canadian politician making inaccurate statements to get Tamil votes in Canada.

The Tamil terrorist movement was ended on May 2009 by the Sri Lankan security forces without the help of the western countries who had throughout the years supported the Tamil terrorists from the west just to get votes in elections in their individual countries. In other words, politicians in the west supported terrorism in Sri Lanka and are accountable for those who died in Sri Lanka because of their support of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Although the military offensive of the Tamil terrorists ended in May of 2009 with the death of their leader, it is obvious that those who supported terrorism in Sri Lanka from Canada are still working towards the division of the country but now they hope to achieve their goal through political pressure and not military offensives. Your statement is confirmation. I trust you will educate yourself on Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka before you make any future statements, unless you are a supporter of terrorism to achieve your goals.

If there is to be a “memorial day” it should not be Tamil Memorial Day but Memorial Day for all Sri Lankans killed by the Tamil terrorists which, for your information, included Tamils. By making this statement you are offending all  Sri Lankans who are the victims of Tamil terrorism whether they live in Mississauga, anywhere else in Canada or the world.

Yours truly,

I. de Silva


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