Post War Sri Lanka: A response
Posted on May 29th, 2020

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

28 May 2020

The Editor
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear  Ms. Campbell:

Re: Visvajit Sriramrajan’s article – Post-War Sri Lanka: Fractured and Unjust forTamils.

I am surprised and disturbed that this article so rich with distortions and untruths found space in your valuable Magazine to be distributed among those in the  Diplomatic Campus, and the political conscience intelligentsia in Canada.  I was introduced to the magazine in the early 1990s by its founder/Editor/Publisher Bhupinder Liddar.

I note that the article is dispersed with the word ‘Advertisement’.  I am not sure whether the author paid a fee to have the article pick up ink in the Diplomat Magazine.  If so that’s unfortunate and it shows the power how money can buy to sell a disingenuous, unfair opinion to destroy a working Democracy, like Sri Lanka, and not giving Peace in that island nation a Chance, after a 30-year ruthless Tamil Tiger Terrorist War that haemorrhaged that island and killed over 100,000 of its peoples. 

 You have splashed Visvajit’s  TAMIL FACT about Post-War Sri Lanka,  in your Diplomat, and now I request you to juxtapose Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH, for your valuable readers to be Judge and Jury who are interested in Sri Lankan Affairs.

Visvajit’s TAMIL post-war FACT saysThis month marks 11-years since the Mullivaikkal massacre which shook the Northern Province of Sri Lanka back in 2009, with the brutal killing of nearly 50,000 Tamils over just a few days.  In other words, painting the majority Sinhalese as  the brutal killers”.  That is unfortunate.

”Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH says It looks like it didn’t shake Visvajit,  by the massacres of innocent unarmed Sinhalese people by the Tamil Tiger Serial Killers which was almost an everyday affair during the 30-bloodying War years.  They killed 100s,  not with  primitive catapults, rocks and stones or with bamboo sticks as used by the Indian policemen, but with sophisticated killing war weapons like Kalashnikovs, detonating Claymore mines to shoot metal pellets into a crowd in a pizza slice formation massacring 100s of innocent Sinhalese civilians on the spot. 

 Like on 11 June  1990 ,  shooting through the heads of 700 Sinhalese policemen who had surrendered to be sent South unharmed as promised to President Premadasa, after lining them kneeling in the Vinayagapuram and Trincomalee jungles with their hands tied at their backs.

Like on 2nd June, 1987 morning, the Tamil Tigers stopped a Buddhist pilgrim bus at Aranthalawa, Ampara,  after chopping  Venerable Indrasara, with a machete like in a butcher shop, and shooting point blank at his 32 innocent novice monks.  Shocking!  Visvajit seems to have forgotten these Tamil Tiger massacres and hundreds of others.  And not shocked by their brutality.

Well… well…well… Ms. Editor, do you really  want to propagate such selective alleged Tamil masacres, painting the Tamil Tiger serial killers ‘lily white’.  and charging the Sri Lankan Government for the alleged Brutal killings of nearly 50,000 Tamils over just a few days.

These are the incredulous numbers that the Tamil Tiger supporters are throwing at us, hoping and wishing the readers of Diplomat are a bunch of gullible fools and village twits.

For clarity of this perverse Fairy Tale, perhaps Viswajit would like to answer the following questions of mine.

Visvajit, it looks like that you are one more of Geneva’s UN’s Church basement Bingo Players pulling numbers from the air to make us believe that it was 50,000 Tamils who were massacred ‘over just a few days.”    Some bleeding-hearted  politicians of the West,  including Canada, said it were 60,000, 70, 000,80,000, 90,000 and also 100,000. That is a lot of people to be killed, and a horrendous job to hide the bodies in a sliver of land along the Nandikadal lagoon. Are you sure there was one or two of your people who kept count of the deaths to come up with the number 50,000? To make your life easy, let’s start to count the skulls, and find 50,000 of them.

If you can’t account for 50,000 skulls let me tell it to your face, Visvajit, you are one down-right mischievous, low, Tamil Tiger terrorist  supporting Humbug!  Nothing more…nothing less!”

Burying of the 50,000 bodies had to be done quickly and would have been a Himalayan task.  No Tamil refugee who was running for his/her life dodging Tamil Tiger’s live bullets told the world, Yes, we were made to claw the earth by the soldiers  to dig large holes and trenches to bury the dead.  Nor did the Red Cross, Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch tell us that there were five Backhoes digging  holes and trenches feverishly, to bury the 50,000 dead.  I wonder whether Visvajit was trying to fool us with his Fairy Tale of Humbuggery?

Nor were we told by any one that during the last few days of the Eelam War IV, that the air was black and had a putrid-sickening smell because the Sri Lankan soldiers wanted to get rid of the Tamil bodies quickly and were burning in pyres of tyres along the Nandikadal lagoon’s beach.  Come on, give me a break, Visvajit. Your Fairy Tale seems to have a stupid and an unbelievable foolish plot.  Did AI, Red Cross or Human Rights Watch tell us that they heard  a constant whirring noise  at night of fast moving fiberglass boats speeding to the center of the Indian Ocean, which ‘He thought were carrying dead Tamil boidies to be dumped in the middle of the Indian Ocean, all 500,000 Of them.

 But then,  for Visvajit’s information, no Indian Coast Guard vessel   of Tamil Nadu or fishermen  had picked up floating bloated  human carcasses and brought  them ashore along the East Coast of Tamil Nadu. So how credulous is Visvajit’s charge of Genocide against the Sri Lanka Government?   If he really wanted me/us to believe him, I feel  a bit charitable this afternoon, and  will give him a rare chance to prove the reasons of His charge of Genocide.  This is Visvajit’s  lucky day.

 I will give Visvajit a simple litmus test,  and if he is successful, I will honestly tell him, Yes, Visvajit, I believe you that there was indeed Genocide of the Tamils with the existance of 50,000 skulls.

And if he can’t he will hear my voice clearly,  and  I will place on his head a crown decorated with polished charnokite and kabook Sri Lankan rocks, most suitable for the Best Tamil Genocide Humbug in Asia”.

Here is Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH  simple litmus test.

How would Visvajit reconcile with this Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH with  that of his charge of Tamil GENOCIDE. 

This  Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH, I know and Visvajit knows, and so does the whole world know that on 19 May, 2009,  the Tamil Tigers were annihilated militarily, on the beach sands of the Nandikadal Lagoon shores along the East coast of Sri Lanka.   

The whole world knew, except the Tamil Tiger sympathisers like him, who didn’t  want to know,  that Sri Lankan armed forces rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees by 19 May 2009, from the clutches of  the Tamil Tiger terrorist leader Velupillai  Prabhakaran and his  ruthless killing machine, the Tamil Tigers.  

Asoka’s  TAMIL TRUTH tells us that these 295,873 Tamil refugees were marched as a Human Shield from the west coast  to the east coast under a scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi Sun, like unwashed cattle, for 30 long months. Most starving wanting a piece of bread and for a drop of water to quench their thirst.

When they were rescued, my weeping heart said, people like Visvajit expected the 295,873 to be bumped off the way the Tamil Tigers bumped off the 700 policemen with their hands tied at their backs and blasting their skulls with bullets bought out of funds collected by the Canadian Tamil Diaspora and stuffed into Tamil Tiger War chests in Canada.  That didn’t happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Visvajit, don’t you see that your Fairy Tale is breaking down storyboard by storyboard, as a Tamil Separatist Tale of Humbuggery.  

So what the UN Bingo players, Ban Ki-MOON,  Marzuki DARUSMAN, Steven RATNER, Yasmin SOOKA, Navi PILLAY and Prince Zeid bin RA’AD, in a Geneva Church Basement  were trying every permutation to come up with the number of deaths of Tamil Tigers during the last five months of the War, to hurt Sri Lanka.  So came out with a variation of numbers from 40,000 to 100,000 to find the correct number of Tamils allegedly massacred by he Sinhalese soldiers defending Sri Lanka’;s sovereign real estate.  The right number was always there, The UN said it was

7-3-9-8 and BINGO! And that’s the lucky number fought without a War Manual for Dummies by the UN – How to Win a War against Terrorists without Killing a Single terrorist.

If  Visvajit was not aware  of this he will now  know after reading’

Asoka’s Tamil TRUTH:  that after rescuing 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers by the compassionate Sinhalese men and women in khaki, whites  and blues, who did not have a heart to bump them off, and went ahead  and helped the Government to house them in temporary camps, and prepared a million (100,000) hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day to sustain these Tamil refugees.  And that is the Holy Truth.  That was one great Classy Textbook Classic of a Compassionate Act, by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, which was never performed before by any National Army around the world.  I say to you Visvajit, make a note of it and don’t you ever forget it.  The Sinhalese soldiers men and women in khaki, whites and blues saved your Tamil people with a lot of caring and

Affection.. And this is another Asoka’s TAMIL TRUTH’s

Well…I’d like to know how  Visvajit Sriramrajan  would reconcile  with Sri Lankan Armed Forces compassionate Act, with his  vulgar charge of Tamil Genocide as the grand finale of this 30-year long brutal unnecessary war by the Tamil separatists.  What was despicable was that the Tamil terrorists were aided and abetted by foreign countries like India, Canada, Norway, UK, France, Demark and a few other foreign countries in the West.

And to conclude my expose of Visvajit Sriramrajan’s Liars Fairy Tale of Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka, I feel that this is Visvajit’s Lucky day, 

Here is his last chance for Visvajit to defend his thesis of the Charge of Genocide of 50,000  of Tamilian people in Sri Lanka’ by the island’s armed force.

War statistics always claim that at the conclusion of every war between two countries, the number of casualties is double the number of soldiers and civilians killed. If that is indeed the norm, then, I’d like to know from Visvajit,  what happened to the wounded casualties, some maimed for life, of  that 100,000 people?  Were they left behind by the foreign bleeding heart bullies, without crutches, to hobble their way to find their homes and their loved ones; not enough bandaids to cover their  gashing, bleeding wounds exposed to the scorching Nandikadal sun; with nothing to eat or drink.  With no walkers to get them to safety and no stretchers to carry the badly wounded. What happened Visvajit?    They were a bunch of cruel bleeding hearts from the West,, won’t they! What happened to your Western bleeding-hearts. No one ever talks of the 100,000 casualties, not even , Geneva’s Church basement UN’s BINGO players like, Ban ki-Moon,  Mazurki Darusman, Steven Ratner, Yasmin Sooka, Navi Pillai, Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad, British Labour MP for Mitcham and Morden, Siobhain McDonagh, who pulled out the number dead at 100,000 and I asked her in  a letter,Tell me Siobhain what the  heck did you put in your  morning  coffee to hallucinate so badly.”  So plotting they did, juggling the numbers of Tamils killed during the last five months of the Tamil Terrorist War.  To see whether they could nail Sri Lanka onto a crucifix sighting these  lies.  That’s the rub, and that is how the cookie crumbled.

My last bit of advice to Visvajit Sriramrajan is, just cut out your stupid charge of Genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka as it never happened.  Don’t be so stubborn, idiotic and bullish.  You won’t go anywhere with this string of baloney which is still bleeding from lies by Tamil Tiger backers like You. Don’t cut out yourself as a pathetic cardboard-Humbug. Take my brotherly advice,  Pack up your Goody-two-shoes-foolishness and go home and have a peaceful sleep.

It was the Tamil separatists and politicians who were spoiling for a fight with the Sri Lankan Government and not showing any gratitude having lived for 131 years as the privileged minority” during the divided and rule policy of the British when Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was her colony, while the Sinhalese lived as the wronged majority”.

If the Tamils wanted to live by the gun, then  they should be prepared to die by the gun and stop  sulking and complaining through important political magazines like the Diplomat.  It is that simple.

For winning this unwinnable war”, and giving back to 20 ½ million Sri Lankan people their Right-to-Their-life which was hijacked for 30 years by the Tamil Tiger terrorists,  I bow to every Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and othe minority men and women dressed in khaki, whites and in blues saying Thank You for being an amazing family of yours and my Mother-Lanka for whom you stood tall and guarded  her when she really needed you.”   Thank you…Thank you..Thank you!


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

2066 Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

One Response to “Post War Sri Lanka: A response”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese and Sri Lanka have been most unfortunate to be at the receiving end of hatred from the traitor
    foreigners tamils and mussies. Colonials brought them to work in tobacco plantations plus 100s of 1000s
    kallathonis landed on our shores to SAVE their lives from the severe famine in the 60s. Today, all of them are natives with 1000s of years of history without an ancient tamil brick older than 400 to show to substantiate their bogus claim. Knowing Sinhalese are divided thanks to anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, murderous (Sinhalese Buddhists only of course), Mother Lanka dismembering, minority worshiping, lying GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats thieves.

    Then we have the fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies whose ancestors were saved from
    parangis by the then King Senarath who settled the traitors down in the east away from parangi bullet. After multiplying like …. mussies are also after our blood and want to annihilate the Sinhalese race. How unfortunate
    we have to end up like this abusing our hospitality. These foreigners don’t want to co-exist with the Sinhalese.
    They want their own drealam and mussithan for themselves only while living all over the country. Even if the
    traitors get their kingdoms after fighting protracted wars and killing millions of Sinhalese, it is not going to end there. The traitors will be fighting to expand their territories and Sri Lanka is going to be an eternal bloodbath. To avoid this, only solution will be to claim our country back.

    Tamils can go back to India where they came from (Mr Modi has opened the doors) and mussies
    can go to mussie countries, there are over 80 they boast. Of course, they can go to former Buddhist countries
    iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malayasia and indonesia which they turned to mussie countries within
    a few hundred years of their arrival with their baby machine wives (BMWs?). This way, they don’t have to kill
    any Sinhalese or fight for halal, sharia, several wives, goni billa dress, child brides etc. etc. All already there in
    those countries, and they can live happily ever after. See no blood spilled.

    Sinhalese should petition the Government to encourage these traitors to leave and also resurrect Sirima-
    Shasthri Pact.

    We sacrificed 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese, for one lot’s drealalm campaign. They haven’t given up the drealam
    yet while fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies getting ready for their mussiesthan war. Do
    we have 100s of 1000s of Sinhalese lives to fight these wars looming soon? 100,000+ bloodbath and Sinhalese
    suffered most losses. A word to say sorry? No chance in hell. Still drealamists are hard at work in Sri Lanka and
    worldwide. Sinhalese think about it. To avoid eternal bloodbaths ask the tenants to leave! Their record during the
    last 500 years haven’t been any good. Not a single good act! Even have the audacity to say no Sinhalese in N&E
    while living all over the country, enjoying more benefits than the natives. Can the Sinhalese trust these traitors?
    Of course not! They too should understand they haven’t been good guests and should pack up and go without
    causing eternal bloodbaths.

    Tamil and muslim deshapaluwas are wholly responsible for where we are today. They led a separatist campaign
    ever since we got independence. The Government should take away civil rights of those traitor low lives
    for the hatred and the separatist agenda they promoted. Colonials did irreparable damage to Mother Lanka. After importing tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations and tea estates, now we have to battle constantly at home and abroad today. Instead of trying to help us from these troubles they side with the ‘imports’ for their votes.
    We should not also forget the contribution from GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats deshapaluwas who over
    promoted mussies and tamil votes. Thambi mudiyanselage jr@, lk porisada R@, Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot
    r@nil, hitan hutan puppet vairapala sorry sena, lk porisada jnr@ from samagi jana balu wegaya (dog speed),
    kunu datha, milk dog aka kiri xalla, mongol pongol etc. etc. etc. Enemies of Mother Lanka, Sinhalese and
    Buddhism far far too many, home and abroad.

    How unfortunate Sinhalese have been thanks to colonials. Must be the hardest hit country in the world. This is the only way to avoid future bloodbaths and to leave us alone in peace. It will bring peace not just to Sri Lanka, to
    the whole world! Sooka yaka, reeri yaka, mahasona, bahiravaya,, monkey boon (previously), jaithul ulama,
    baka muuna, UN, AI, AB, CD, EF, etc, etc. then deshapaluwas the world over like mcdermutt, david milibanda (previously) etc. etc. can sleep soundly without worrying about drealamists’ votes. See the whole planet plus Sri Lanka can breathe a sigh of relief! Do it to avoid eternal bloodbaths since you don’t want Sinhalese to be present
    on the Island. Do the decent thing and leave Sri Lanka to save millions of lives!

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