Posted on June 7th, 2020


It is reported that Ratnajeevan Hoole, the commissioner of the Elections Commission has told a TV station that Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna ( SLPP) had been criticizing him and is against democracy and therefore the people should not vote for the party.

The members of the independent Election commission are considered as public servants under section 9 of the terms of reference of the Elections Commission as specified in Amendment 17 of the Constitution.

As such Hoole’s action contravenes the law and the expectations of a member of an independent commission.

We trust that the public service commission or any other relevant disciplinary body will take the required action to discipline Hoole and to prevent the recurrence of such unethical, and illegal actions.


One Response to “HOOLE’S BULL”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Full kotiya is doing its bit to establish tamil drealam. Why aren’t these drealamists goback to India where they
    came from rather than getting ready to kill millions of Sinhalese to get their exclusively them only drealam while living all over the country enjoying more benefits than the native Sinhalese.

    Colonials brought them to work in tobacco and tea plantations and then a lot of kallathonis crossed the 16 miles
    of sea to save their lives from the severe famine in tn in the 60s. Today, all of them are natives with 1000s of
    years of history without an ancient tamil brick older than 400 years to substantiate their bogus claim. Knowing divided Sinhalese (thanks go GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats) are easy prey, drealamists and fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence mussies are getting ready to kill millions of Sinhalese to have exclusively them
    only drealam and mussisthan.

    Patriotic Sirima B negotiated to send 650,00+ estate tamils back to tn under Sirima-Shasthri Pact. Then Sirima
    lost the elections and traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ scrapped the
    Pact and gave citizenship to all of them for their votes. Today, they must be numbering 3-4 millions or even
    more and aspiring for a greater drealam. Thanks thambi mudiyanselage jr@, the traitor who started the demise of Mother Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. Mr Modi recently opened the door for hindus and christians to come. Why these people who want to annihilate us not going back to where they came from. Not a single good deed for the last 400 years (apart from Murali) and brutally killed 100,000+ and getting ready for the next mass murder Sinhalese project.

    Do we have to fight these wars? Of course not. We have been prisoners in our own country. We aren’t supposed
    to live in N&E, or go to universities there while they can write in tamil, marked up by tamils (uni through back
    door) and go to any uni, get free education and become doctors etc. etc. can give money to kill us. To put a
    name board, sing our National Anthem etc. etc. we need foreigners’ permission. We have become prisoners in
    our own land thanks to these ungrateful, untrustworthy, racist imports. Even if they get their drealam and
    mussisthan they will be fighting eternal wars to expand their territories and Sinhalese going to be refugees in
    their own land eventually. Do any of the Sinhalese want that, apart from the samanala gang who doesn’t have
    any off spring? Of course not. Sinhalese should petition (e-petition) the Government to send these undesirables
    to where they came from since they want to annihilate us and do not want to co-exist with us either. All three parties going to realise it was the right thing they did when the dust settled to avert eternal bloodbaths!

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