Doctor uses a toy pistol to rob 7.9 million in cash from the National Hospital (video)
Posted on June 9th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

It has been revealed that the doctor had used a toy pistol for the purpose to threaten the cashier of the Colombo National Hospital Accounts Division and had robbed 7.9 million rupees.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Jaliya Senaratne stated that he was a doctor attached another hospital and has come to the National Hospital for post graduate training as a specialist doctor.

The suspect had arrived at the Shroff Unit of the Bandaranaike building at the National Hospital at around 1.30 pm and had robbed the overtime allowances, salaries and cash for the payment of additional duties of the hospital staff.

Investigations have revealed that two trainee State Intelligence Service officers had chased the suspect in another three-wheeler and arrested him.

It has also been reported that the officer in charge of the Women’s and Children’s Bureau, Waruni Bogahawatte who was in the hospital for an official duty has assisted the two intelligence officers to apprehend the suspect.

The suspect who was arrested is a resident of Horana.

The reason and purpose of the robbery is to be ascertained.

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