Reinstatement of Police Officers who have been issued Orders of Vacation of Post of Sri Lanka Police
Posted on June 16th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

With the intention of further strengthening the process of ensuring law and order of Sri Lanka, the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers has been received on 19.02.2020 to reinstate officers of Sri Lanka Police (including Special Task Force], who have currently received orders of vacation of post, considering the appeals that they have made constantly.

Accordingly, the officers who have been issued orders of vacation of post shall be reinstated based on the recommendations of a three-member committee through a formal and transparent process with the agreement of National Police Commission and Election Commission.

Officers who have already received orders of vacation of post is scheduled to be considered for reinstatement subject to the following conditions.

Officers who have received orders of vacation of post as at 01.06.2009

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