CID report reveals how weapon training was given at Madrasas
Posted on June 20th, 2020

Courtesy Adaderana

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) submitted a report pertaining to the Easter Attacks of last year to the Fort Magistrate’s Court on Friday (19).

During the investigations, revelations have been made that 24 students had been sent to a Madrasa in Puttalam by suicide bomber Zahran Hashim and his clan.

The report said that under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) the CID is conducting further investigations into Lawyer Hijaz Hizbullah.

According to the investigations that have been carried out so far, 07 phone numbers and 09 mobile phones were registered under Lawyer Hizbullah.

Revelations were also made on 24 children who were sent to the Al Suharia Madrasa in Puttalam through the ‘Save The Pearl Society’ where Lawyer Hizbullah held the title of chairman.

The CID told the Fort Magistrate’s Court that among the 24 students, 10 have identified Lawyer Hizbullah to have conducted lectures at the Madrasa, teaching them to hate other religions and races.

One child has given evidence saying that they were shown a video of an air force bombing and visuals of dead people by Mohamed Kasim Mohamed Zahran, who led the Easter Sunday terror attacks, Ilham Mohamed Ibrahim and Mohamed Ibrahim Naufer.

Another child, testifying on the matter, has said Lawyer Hizbullah had conducted lectures at the Madrasa. The child went on to say that the lawyer had shown them a video of the wat between Israel and Palestine, saying that Israeli Christians had taken the mosques under control and the only way to make them scared is to attack the Christians in Sri Lanka.

The child also revealed that an individual named Hassir Naufer had conducted another lecture in the month of December 2018, stating that in Israel, it is taught that if one person dies another will remain and that they should also follow this teaching.

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