Conversion of a regular passenger airplane to a full freighter
Posted on June 25th, 2020

Aloysius Hettiarachchi,

At last Sri Lanka seems to have got a sensible CEO to run our national carrier which has been a huge burden to the country. The clearest indication is the above action taken by the airline according to a news item in the News First. He has also suspended the services of non-essential staff in order to reduce the burden on the treasury, perhaps temporarily.

Our country is situated in an enviable position. This  is the reason some countries including India is trying hard to acquire these valuable assets like ports and airport. This is another reason why the prez should appoint achievers like this CEO to other strategic institution like CEB, ports etc.

Covid-19 pandemic has shown that our land has some other attributes that we can market if handled properly. When we look at the way Corona has affected our country in relation to many others, one can easily see that it does not affect the community in anyway; it is only those coming from overseas that are affected and not those living in the country. We can easily attribute this to the local food, water etc . Perhaps this may be one of the reasons there is a big demand for our vegetables, chicken, fish etc  these days.  I am sure  marketing these items to the world can be promoted together with tourism without any additional expenditure.

If the Prez can have a good team like this he can definitely make a difference in our country within a short time.

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