Message from ‘Stop MCC Save Sri Lanka Movement’ Sri Lanka Depends on you
Posted on July 5th, 2020

Gandara John


Democracy is the unfettered exercise of universal suffrage by the people of a Sovereign State. Democracy in Sri Lanka has suffered; it has been hijacked by the political Parties in the country. 

It has been our experience that a Party after being elected to power by the will of the people, tosses out the will of the people and substitutes instead the will of the Party leadership.

There is no democracy in the country, only the simulacrum of democracy remains. This, the Americans found to be very convenient.

Seeing how easy it is in such a situation to capture State power, the Americans have simply hijacked the hijacker; they have bought out the leadership of all the political Parties of significance. To the Americans therefore, it matters not which Party wins at the Elections; whichever Party wins, the Americans wins. Heads I win Tails you lose.

The MCC is the preferred instrument of the Americans to physically capture the geographic territory of a country whose legislative, executive and administrative organs are already under their control. The MCC is the coup de grace.

At this juncture it is the people, AND THE PEOPLE ONLY, who can save Sri Lanka from the Americans;  the people must insist that  Gota, Mahinda, Ranil, Sajith, Anura Kumara, other party leaders and their candidates renounce unambiguously, at all public rallies, the MCC, in any shape, form or re-arranged form, and publicly pledge to rescind all laws and treaties that have eroded the sovereignty of the country, if these Parties and their candidates wish to receive their vote.

If the Party leaders and Gota fail to do so, the people are urged to vote for any honourable, NON-PARTY candidate in the voting list who publicly pledges to renounce and rescind the MCC, ACSA and SOFA.   

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  1. Sirih Says:

    MCC does exactly the same thing as USAID and utilizes information from Freedom House (a purported CIA front group): The MCC was intended to make up for USAID’s apparent gap in political and economic “morality.” The MCC was portrayed as America’s conscience and will to enact a new world order and not just talk about it. The MCC conditioned all its aid on recipients’ nature and intentions in terms of democracy and free markets. The MCC would use data from Freedom House, the World Bank, and other outside institutions. Never before has a U.S. bureaucracy outsourced its primary judgment and decision-making authority to external organizations. The creation of the MCC also reflected a sizeable distaste for past U.S. policies and their apparent amorality.

  2. aloy Says:

    Ours has been a Buddhist country from time immemorial. Therefore it is the duty of Mahanayakes of all sects to get together and demand from the major political parties to give a pledge at Sri Dalada that they will not sign any agreement in any form with respect to MCC or anything concerning giving away of land or assets of our country (even for management) if they come to power.

    If they fail to give such a pledge, the voters should select the best from the independents who are unlikely to misbehave in the parliament.

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