Your Excellency David McKinnon: your Canada Day (July 1) Message to Sri Lanka
Posted on July 19th, 2020

Asok Weerasinghe Ottawa

Your Excellency David McKinnon:
Kindly read my response to your Canada Day message to Sri Lankans

19 July 2020
Your Excellency David McKinnon
High Commissioner for Canada in Sri Lanka
33A, 5th Lane
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

Dear High Commissioner David McKinnon:Re your Canada Day (July 1)  Message to Sri Lanka

We must stand together and embrace our diversity as strength”.

Canada would continue to support the reconciliation process through their long-standing collaboration on national languages and by assisting with demining work.”

Wow”, what Charity, what Compassion, specially your saying that …Canada would continue to support  the reconciliation process …..through collaboration on national languages and by assisting with demining work.”  

Come again, High Commissioner McKinnon.  I am confused. I am stymied with what you are trying to convey to the Sri Lankan people.

There is one thing that I must stress up on you, which you may have found out by now.  That Sri Lankan’s are very intelligent people with 92.4% of the population being literate, that means they can read and write, and easily figure out which forerign diplomat is trying to hoodwink them with their ‘hokus-pokus’ diplomacy. Like the Swiss Mock-Mock diplomacy lately.

Like the young Tamil airport -Taxi driver who drove me from Royal Gardens at Rajagiriya to the Airport.  He was well dressed – black trousers, white shirt and a red tie with a lot of elegant class. He may have been around 28 to 30 years old. And this was the conversation we had during that short 45 minute trip.

Do you own this taxi?”  No, Sir, I work for a Tourist Company on a

daily wage and a commission on the mileage I do on trips.” His perfect spoken English made me curious. Where are you from and which school did you go to.”

I am a Tamil, Sir, from Grandpass, and studied upto Grade 10 at D.S.Senanayake College.”

How come you left College after Grade 10?”  I had to Sir, because my

father was no good, he drank his earned money away.  Someone had to look after my Mother and younger sister.  So I took over that  responsibility.”  You’re a good son and good brother.  May God bless you.” 

Where do you come from, Sir?”  I am from Canada”, I said. Are there a lot of Tamil people there?” he asked.

Lots of them”, I said.

The Canadian government is run by  bad people who let those Tamils create trouble for us Tamils, by letting those Tamils collect money to buy guns and bombs to fight the war, and create trouble for us.  I am happy here, Sir.  I don’t want to go to Canada. By the way, Sir, I am married from Grandpass. My wife is a Tamil also.”

Ah! There you are High Commissioner McKinnon, I swear that  it is a true story.  The Canadian government is run by bad people who let those Tamils create trouble for us….”  Go figure that one out.”

The words, Collaboration on national languages’ and demining work’, does not equate with the word reconciliation.”  It’s all eye-wash, isn’t it?  It is all tosh, to me.”

When  Canada’s Province of Ontario, does little for the reconciliation of the two communities, the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils, by massaging, and continuing to provide Oxygen to the separatist Tamil community to dissect my Motherland, Sri Lanka, with the  Made in Canada Halloween-Pipe-Dream.

You say you (Canada) are promoting reconciliation” in Sri Lanka, what reconciliation may I ask when the separatist Tamils still have not included  the word S-O-R-R-Y into their lexicon.

I find it immoral and insane for Canada to keep promoting reconciliation”. when it becomes a downright dishonest silly notion when Canada has rejected, ignored nor accepted the classic textbook Human Rights Act that the Sri Lankan soldiers rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees by the end of the Eelam War IV on 19 May 2009, from the clutches of the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists and didn’t bump them off, as theTamil Tigers did to the 700 policemen who surrendered  with the promise that they will be  sent south alive and not in plywood boxes.

These Tamil refugees were used  by the Tamil Tiger terrorists as a human shield and marched them under the scorching Killinochchi-Jaffna sun, like a herd of unwashed and hungry cattle for 30 scorching months from the west coast to the east coast.  Why,  why  ….why may I ask you a thousand times Canadian High Commissioner David McKinnon.  Not once has Canada acknowledged this humane spirit of the members of the Armed Forces which is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to rescuing these 295,873 Tamil refugees, they were housed in temporary camps and prepared a million meals every day to feed them with three hearty Meals – breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

I expected the bleeding Canadian Government hearts would salute

this amazing human rights gesture, by hailing these mainly Sinhalese angelic-volunteers who provided this service.  But Oh No! Canada didn’t.   That showed how deceitful Humbugs, we Canadians are.

And now you tell the Sri Lankans … we are promoting reconciliation

in Sri Lanka.”   What reconciliation High Commissioner, when we Canadians lack the decency to be honest, understand, and acknowledge  the reconciliatory Acts that have been put in place by the Sri Lankan Government already, which Canada refuses to acknowledge. I don’t  think Sri Lanka, my Motherland,  needs Canada’s approval or rubber stamp, their  ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ efforts in reconciliation. Sri Lanka is doing alright and her people are appreciative.

High Commissioner McKinnon, remember how we Canadians reacted when the Province of Quebec tried to split away from the rest of Canada.

It was touch-and-go, and almost all the Anglophone-Canadian politicians were shaking inside their pants, like autumn leaves blown by the October’s strong chilling Quebec winds.  Remember!  Why on earth does Canada  promote separation for the Tamils, cloaked sneakily in the word reconciliation.”

And then some of our Federal and Provincial politicians couldn’t care two dead silvery capelin on the rocky beaches of Logy Bay, in Newfoundland, about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. Whether the rich tea-garden is  dissected into two.  But I, who left my Birth Land,  (Ceylon) Sri Lanka, 64 years ago still care and romance that  beautiful island of smiling people, and resent the Canadian politicians who want to dissect it and give one-third of the real estate in the north and east bordered by 66% of the coast line to the separatist Tamils, that doesn’t even amount to 10% of the population. The Tamil population has been depleted having flown away from their cuckoo’s nests in search of  lands with gold-paved roads, as they thought that Canada was one of them..  After all, High Commissioner McKinnon, this island is not Canada’s land, this is my land, from Velvettithurai to Dondra Head, and this land is not yours but mine, according to my birth-right. ”

So some of our Canadian politicians support and massage the Tamil separatist cause, I said.

Like Conservative Foreign Minister, John Baird, who  goes to the UN and does his Nepean Jig, lambasting the Sri Lankan Government on alleged human right violations.  Really, High Commissioner McKinnon, see who was talking, a Canadian from a country which is peppered  with Human Rights violations. Shish..what disingenuous Canadian-poppycock!

But even being a Conservative  bleeding heart he couldn’t care less that the Sri Lankan soldiers gave back to the 21 million peoples their most paramount  and precious human right, their right-to-life which  was hijacked by the  Tamil Tigers for 30 bloodying years, until the last of them,  their leader Prabhakaran was shot dead through his forehead on the beach of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east coast.  And that was on 19 May 2009.  

Besides MP John Baird, there were others who wanted to nail Sri Lanka onto a UN crucifix, like NDPs, leader Jack Layton, who compared Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela

in front of 10,0000 Tamils at Queen’s Park. What a Do-do!

I was told that at that moment, the earth over Mandela’s buried body at his family ancestral home’s plot at Qunu, shook a little.  Very likely an angry Mandela telling off Jack Layton asking him not to insult him, like a blithering idiot, comparing him to Prabhakaran, the Tamil Tiger terrorist serial killer, just so as to bribe the 10,000 Tamils present to vote NDP, the next time.

High Commissioner McKinnon, then there was Liberal Immigration Minister Judy Sgro who got on her high-horse during post-Tsunami days, pressured by her Tamil constituents to bring their kith and kin who were supposed to have been affected by the Tsunami, to Canada as Refugees..

So this Minister tells parliament to expedite the Visas for such applicants that Canada will open a Consular Office in Jaffna and that she doesn’t need permission from the Sri Lanka Government to establish such an office.

Sweet Mother of Jesus!, High Commissioner McKinnon, that was the height of Canadian arrogance which I abhor.

I wrote to her asking her to cut out her arrogance, and not embarrass herself, nor her Liberal Party and Canada, to go back to school and audit Course 100 on Diplomacy and Protocols, as I assured her that the Sri Lankan Government will not tolerate that diplomatic crass-rubbish and will ask her to pull up the stakes of her Consular office, bundle them up in an Atlantic fishing net and vamoose on the next flight to where she came from. All that to buy the Tamil votes for her and her Liberal Party.

What insolence, what Madras curry flavoured dhal wade garlands hanging from the storefronts of Tamil Curry Huts in the Greater Toronto  Area, ready to be bought to garland Minister Judy Sgro as a ‘Thank You’ for her efforts to bring their Tsunami affected people from Sri Lanka.

And you Sir, told the Sri Lankans on Canada Day, that ‘Canada was promoting reconciliation.”  What ‘reconciliation’, may I ask.  That is unfortunate with such an arrogant backdrop of the Canadian Liberal Government that looked the other way for 13 long years when the Tamil Diaspora collected two million dollars a month to stuff the Tamil Tiger War Chest, to buy guns, bombs and bullets to kill my innocent Sinhalese, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and their infant-grandchildren who were plucked from milk-feeding breasts and bashed their little skulls against hard charnockite rocks and celebrated when the ketchup blood oozed out of those little skulls.

 And you talk of ‘reconciliation’.  Tell me High Commissioner McKinnon,  is Canada making an effort to teach these separatist-Tamils the words I AM SORRY!”  That will be a start for Canada’s dream-catcher reconciliation” between  Sinhalese and the Tamil communities. High Commissioner, you may have realized  by now that ‘reconciliation’  is a difficult proposition as only the Sinhalese community at large who might consider a ‘Reconciliation’, while that Tamil separatist community wouldn’t want anything of that other than their mono-ethnic,  racist Tamil state, Eelam.

High Commissioner McKinnon, I started this letter by acknowledging – Wow, what Charity, what Compassion, specially your saying that ‘…Canada would continue to support the reconciliation process…”

The more I think about the past, and how Canada has dealt with the separatist Tamil issue, I question Canada’s sincerity, and have difficulty to give Canada the benefit of my doubts, when Canada keeps supporting the Tamil Tiger separatist cause and almost all politicians of the three major political parties telling the Tamil community…”Here this is what I did for you all today, now give me your vote.” 

It is really hard for me to believe in Canada’s sincerity, after a realty check, like  how two senior Ministers of Jean Chretian’s Liberal Government, Paul Martin (Minister of Finance) and Maria Minna (Minister for CIDA) and nine backbenchers, on May 6, 2000, patronized a $60-a-plate fund raising dinner in Toronto, organized by FACT to collect funds for the Tamil Tigers terrorists (LTTE) to purchase war weapons to fill their armoury to fight the Sri Lanka Government for the want of their separatist, racist, mono-ethnic Tamil State Eelam,  thus undermining the global fight against terrorism.

You know what, High Commissioner McKinnon, while Ministers Martin and Minna and their nine backbenches were licking their fingers off the

Tamil Tiger Tikka Masala beef curry in Toronto,  the Tamil Tigers were mounting a major offensive called Unceasing Waves III that aimed to drive Sri Lankan Government forces out of Sri Lanka’s Northern  Jaffna Peninsula.  The conclusion that one can arrive at is that the Liberal Government of Canada, aided and abetted the Eelam War to dissect the island Sri Lanka into two.  No, ifs and buts.

Canada is guilty of this warmongering to destroy a Commonwealth sister  nation by letting the Tamil Diaspora fund one-third of the Tamil Tiger War Budget. Nasty, isn’t it?   And you, High Commissioner, McKinnon talk of

Reconciliation.”  It is a mockery of the first order of civility. And I ask you a simple question – What re-con-silly-a-shun” are you talking of?

And when Prime Minister Stephen Harper boycotted the Commonwealth Conference in Colombo in November 2013, he sent his emissary Minister Deepk Obhrai to represent Canada.  So what did he do  High Commissioner?  He acted like a Canadian High School Bully, giving the impression that he was a hired hit-man by the Tamil Diaspora to insult his host the Sri  Lanka Government who welcomed him with an excellent cup of the best Ceylon Orange-pekoe tea., not in a mug from Dollarama, but in an exquisite cup from a vintage silver tea-set fit for Royalty.

Your Excellency, you talk of reconciliation” between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities’ and our Canadian Parliamentarian Conservative Obhrai blew that for you, when he showed his hidden thuggish persona and got muddied in the salt-sands of Elephant Pass, as well as losing his shawl of Tanzanian dignity that dropped from his shoulders.

I know that you know this story how Canada insulted the host Sri Lanka

at the Commonwealth Summit,  but let me nudge your memory.

Minister Obhrai was taken to Jaffna on a well orchestrated trip, no doubt organized by your Canadian Mission in Colombo.  He was flown into Jaffna, and then took the road for an 8-hour journey to Colombo.  The reason, he said,  was because the Sri Lanka Government had deprived him of a flight back.

This was absolute false, and he was pretty well caught with his pants down as a liar, when Chief Air Marshal Harsha Abeywickrama, was  reported to have said, The SLAF Chief declined to say what may have motivated Minister Obhrai to alleged closure of the Jaffna airport.”

Everytime Minister Obhrai  opened his mouth todefend why he took the road, his disingenuous story kept snowballing like, Here we go gathering coconuts in November….coconuts in November…, coconut in November….”

Minister Obhrai was not telling the truth, which bombed your proposal of reconciliation”.  Returning to Colombo, by road,  he had to pass Elephant Pass, with a wreath hidden away in the vehicle, with a sign In memory of all innocent Sri Lanka victims of violence”. The vehicle stopped at Elephant Pass for a quick exit by Minister Obhrai,  to lay the wreath on the ground at Elephant Pass, where three historical battles were fought by Tamil Tigers killing 100s of Sri Lankan soldiers.  And Minister Obhrai said the wreath was laid at a neutral ground.’  That was codswallop.  He was cunning to the core of his Tanzanian bones and he was on a mission as a hit-man to satisfy the Tamil Diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area, salivating at their ballot  cards.  And with him was a photographer to record this despicable Act, which was done against the protest of a  Sri Lankan Government official.  What an act of Canadian arrogance…what thuggery…what stupidity!  And that act angered many Sri Lankans, and the majority of the Sinhalese-Canadians, and I, a card carrying Conservative tore my Conservative Party membership card and flushed it down the toilet..

And he returns to Ottawa and briefs Tamils in Toronto what he did for them hoping that they will vote Liberal again at the next federal elections.

With such provocation by a Conservative Government parliamentarian, you are so foolish, High Commissioner McKinnon, to try your hand on reconciliation” or is it re-con-silly-a-shun,”  as it doesn’t have a

Hudson Bay snowball’s chance in Hell to succeed.  I will wager my last $ on that prediction of mine.

High Commissioner McKinnon, the time has arrived for Canada to be honest with herself as we cannot pull wool over the eyes of Sri Lankans anymore.  As they are fed-up with the Hocus-pocus foreign Mock-Mock diplomacy  They are a smart lot, 94% of the population are literate, and they can read, write and can comprehend what is being told by foreign diplomats and decipher whether its a load of Humbug or strings of baloney hanging from a Byward market Deli.  

Stop fooling the Sri Lankans and giving them false hopes as you did with your Canada Day Message.  They know which foreign country  let the Tamil Diaspora collect two million dollars a month for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest, to buy sophisticated war killing weapons to kill their people;

 They know which country let a Tamil cut a cheque from his bank account in that country to pay for the purchase of 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of RDX from the Rubezon Chemical Factory in the Ukraine which were used in the Truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank building, in Colombo on 30 January 1996,  killing 114 people and maiming for life 1,338 others;

They know which Head of a State that boycotted the Commonwealth Heads Summit that was held in Colombo, as a protest for alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka;

And they know which country Parliament charged Sri Lanka of Genocide” during the Emergency debate on February 4, 2009. They know the MP who lead the charge of Genocide”.  When standing in the Chamber and reading the charge, he recited it like a punch drunk Greek sailor singing the Tamil Tiger Blues” off-key.  And of course the Sri Lankans know the other parliamentarians  who joined him were like  nughty choir boys, who  had been drunk too singing off-key the ‘Tamil Tiger Blues.

High Commissioner David McKinnon, since the world is changing quite rapidly and the citizens Globally are seeking lawmakers to be honest to govern the world with geo-political honesty,  to make the world go around with decency, honesty, respect and peacefully.  With that in mind, it makes sense for Canada to be more judicious when coming to conscious decisions and conclusions about Sri Lanka, and not to be trashed, rude, be spat at or be crucified by sister Commonwealth nations and others, having sold their souls to accommodate the separatists Tamil Tiger humbug Fairy Tales,

 I say to Canada, just BACK OFF and  stop poking your fingers in Sri Lanka internal affairs, and her kiri-pani-pie.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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