Public Need to be Wise and Intentional in this Election
Posted on July 23rd, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage

We want to establish a people centered government, which fulfills people safety,security, diversity, equality, inclusion, experience , and happy.President H.E. Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

Death penalty needed to be introduced ASAP for drug traffickers, vandalizes of ancient historical heritage sites, deforesting of rain forests preserves.

I have been inviting for individuals to use their platform to educate public of upcoming election and requesting to stand for the country’s peace and security. We have to have a choice and mobilize that choice of selection and promote it. My personal opinion say the media is not doing enough in this important occasion to educate the public. When think of peace & security we ourselves know how important that two entities to a country. We have been experienced the 30 year civil war in our country. Prior to civil war we experienced the JVP insurgency. Both of those resulted huge human capital loss and property damage; as it was mismanaged, politicized, without a leadership, it brought a huge peril to our country as well as to entire south Asia. When peace and security of a country uncertain, that country will not have a future. When peace not prevail in a country people are scared in their daily lives, send their children to school, daily activities of business will not happen as usual. Peace and security relate with law and order and justice. So achieving peace and security of a country is paramount important more than anything else according to present day world circumstances.

We all remember over the past four years our country was fragile in maintaining peace and security and vulnerable for attacks of terrorist groups. You know what I am talking about. The Holy Sunday attack made our country quite unstable and you remember Ranil Wickramasinhe publicly acknowledged to bring anti terrorism act. Which apparently make the country much more vulnerable for more attacks. Ranil Wickramasinghte is not a thoughtful leader to this country. I was listening to his discussion with SL VLOG representative. That discussion had no depth of vision how to establish peace and security to this country. He said to improve home economics by putting money into peoples pockets. He said he can borrow money from donor countries. That is the simple core content of that discussion. My objective of this article is to educate people of this country on peace and security and more. I need to made aware families to understand the importance of their freedom and safety, peace and security. Think about your country, your children, environment, what did you experience immediate past four years when we were under Ranil Maithree rule. Sri lankan state was in complete mess in every where of the country. Do you need a rule of such again?

Our people and governments does not have a very good understanding the importance of peace, Security, safety and law an order. Those are the indicators of peaceful country to travel and investments of modern day world for development. None of the western traveller want to make their destination if the country is not safe for travelling, none of investor want to invest in a country if there isn’t law and order. Think about what happen to middle east. Americans were needed to get rid of Saddam Hussein and they did it in horrific way against the will of the people Iraq. After the horrific death of the American President was announcing that Americans brought peace to Iraq; An Iraq young boy was saying Really”! We know what happen to that country after all. Once that beautiful country was standing in the world map as powerful historical ancient civilization center for the world. The moment the leader was gone enormous devastation happen to that country, How it looked was desperation, shattered buildings, gunmen were fighting on streets, then ISIS” entered to that country and horrific man slaughtering took place on daily basis. Apart from that, parents lost their children, husbands lost their wives, Wives lost their husbands, refugees, dead bodies, and that is how it look like modern Iraq. I heard beautiful young girls was saying I felt the value of peace and security’ for the first time in my life”. The bottom line is no other country bring peace and security to another country. Only themselves can find it. Americans had geopolitical interest in middle east to achieve that they label the invasion as We brought peace to Iraq ”. by way of killing the president of that country.

More recently minister Bandula Gunawardena announced for the first time in  history there will be a procurement process with 100 percent local reliance and without importing, Which is a great step taken by any ministry. We need to let to our own state run companies to develop and progress. Then the products they manufacture will be ours and we will save money as well. It says all software should be procured from local firms, and if it is not possible approval has to be received from treasury and information technology agency. One time I remember former minister Daya Gamage said we wil make this country a market place for every body to come & play”. Which means floodgates had opened and the doors were opened for imports of everything. This is what was look like when Ranil Maithree dual was ruling the country. We need to further tighten our imports as much as possible to create more trade surplus. I know we must proud about this great decision.

Kurunegala ancient building has been destroyed.These are national crimes. People who do destroy or vanish our history must be taken as crimes similar to drug trafficking. The Kurunegala Mayor speaks in media and justifying himself as not guilty, Hon, president Gotabhaya, we are tired of seeing this vandalism and this mayor trying to be a hero commenting to media amid the fallen historical walls. Shame on you man. He must shut up and let the authority to conduct their duty. Most importantly he must be hand cuffed and put in jail as a suspect, until investigation is over. People of this country tired of seeing these national crimes. I know many people cannot listen or take the national crime lightly. One of the ministers of the cabinet Johnston Fernando publicly addressed a sensitive issue in favour of the mayor of Kurunegala. This is a serious conduct of conflict of interest, and minister Johnston’s screaming in public to protect the mayor is a huge slap on President Gotabhaya’s vision and his ruling of the country. Hon President this act of vandalism of our ancient historical priceless siting is a slap on your face and it must taken seriously should be given death penalty to those convicts. Surprisingly these mostly done by responsible people of the community. I wish to see again this historical vandalism make it back to normal preserving the ancient glory. We need to start a national discussion how to preserve our national heritage. The government need to take tough policies to preserve these valuables. We are a proud nation and these valuables are evidences to prove that glory. Please be aware and contribute to preserve our national heritage as good citizen of the country.

I listen to Dhanasiri Amaratunga’s interview at Elakkaya” program. Dhanasiri seems like a good person to do something different to Wathu” society. At the interview he did questioned and gave a brief analysis of that Colombo sub culture and its existence. The youngsters of those who living in those watte” areas  and their future defined by the living address of them. There has been concious bias has developmed in the society against the people living in those addresses. Which is a  discriminatory element of society. Which is unfortunate Dhanasiri, My sincere appreciation to you as you notice that sub culture, which is based on living area. If a person address ends by the name of Watte” which will decide his or her fate. How it will mitigage to his or her disadvantage. It is important to identify these small societies and need to work for their improvement. Most of people living in these sub areas are much different to main culture. People use to identify those places for drug traffickers, underworld activities etc. These sub cultural living segments need to be improved and their lives matters in our society.

Over the week drug traffickers publicly threatened to our law and order. This is a serious development. The drug distribution and crimes had been occurring since 2013 with the involvement of police officers and government officials. The huge drug dealers network will never surface to public if the president did not appoint the task force. However, It seems like drug dealers has declared the war again security of the country. We need to understand how south American drug dealer Pablo Escobar” maintained his drug network and the crimes he did to people of Columbia  other South American countries and United States of America. President Ronald Ragan, President George Bush Senior were working hard with C.I.A to caught Pablo Escobar with the collaboration of Colombian Government. Pablo Escobar killed many government officers of Columbia including ministers. He had planned to kill president of Columbia but he survived as he didn’t step into the plane. Finally he died in a firing battle with Colombian forces. There were many government officers in his pay roll who supported Pablo Escobar to continue his underworld drug business. So it is very important to introduce death penalty to drug trafficker if we want get rid of drug menace of Sri Lanka. There is no other way of solving this drug trafficking and crimes happen in our country. The government of Sri Lanka must introduce death penalty to drug dealers without delay as we are in a threshold of a time drug trafficking and use. Furthermore, when visa is issued there should be a line saying Drug trafficking will be imposed death penalty.”

These days politicians make numerous promises in front of people. One simple technique to identifying is the truth behind these public comments. Please try to identify the politicians who speaks one single solution to their electorate and how he is going to deliver that. Make sure the person is coming from a good background. We know these politicians are corrupted in such a way, we don’t rely on these people. Politicians like S. B. Dissanayake, Range Bandara, Appuhamy in Puttalam district are few those who involved in bribe discussions in media to gain voting for power. Please do not use your powerful mandate for such politicians. Furthermore, there are many politicians on the stage who involved to central bank bond scam as well there are corrupted names like Ravi Karunanayake, Sujeewa semasinghe who wrote a book on this crime; please don’t use your valued vote for such people including the mastermind of this national crime Ranil Wickramasinghe and his former ally Maithreeplala Sirisena. People need to closely monitor how Ranil Wickramasinghe does his election campaign; he simply accused the government with no basis of his claim and continuously propagating the slogan to convince public. That is the only slogan he continues to come to power. This old sinking ship must be removed from Sri Lanka politics. Public must aware that they are the most powerful people to appoint these members to legislative building and selecting them need to be done in a comprehensive method. One simple example H. E. Gotabhaya Rajapakse met farmers of Ratnapura district and discuss of pepper harvest and their problems and solutions. Last week he called in ministry officials and request them to work on exporting possibilities as finished products and making more foreign exchange to those farmers. We need to observe this initiative, and its positiveness. Again please compare how Ranil Wickramasinghe and Sajith Premadasa speaks in public meetings. Can you rely on these people of what they promise and going to deliver to public?

We need to express people perspectives on ethnic problem of our country. We all suffered a 30 years of civil war, and it was the Tamil insurgency and armed conflict to a Tamil separate land. It is important to look for a solution to this problem from a present day communal, racial, black lives matters, perspective as well. We know some of the Tamil people were brought to our country from India for commercial plantation and economic reasons by the British rulers of former Ceylon. North and east Tamils originated either from Indians or historically they might have lived in those areas of the country. Our political leaders need to find a scientific solution to Tamil problem from a fair point of view. Human dignity must be respected by the constitution for all Sri Lankans. Now the 3rd generation of people is living in north and east and upcountry. Those people are Sri Lankans they need to have the same and equal schools, health care, housing , benefits of development. Tamil and Sinhalese languages must be the official language of government. Public service officers must be fluent with Tamil as well as Sinhalese languages. Eqality, Diversity, Inclusion must be a reality, not to confined to words but actions must be delivered at the same time. This is only a perspective but could develop as an idea. If every politician including Tamil political leaders work together honestly identifying these entities we would have a beautiful Sri Lanka for all of us. We all can live in harmony as a beautiful nation in the world.

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