We must grieve for the impending victims of mass slaughter on Hadj Festival Day
Posted on July 27th, 2020

Senaka Weeraratna  

We grieve for dead Leopards, dead elephants while remaining mum and in total silence over the impending mass slaughter of innocent animals during Hadj  festival beginning tomorrow i.e. July 28.

Millions of animals are killed all over the world in the name of religion with none so poor to say in public that it is a crime and contrary to our humanity. 

Life must be revered and not destroyed to claim reward from an unknown God. The true test of a religion lies in saving and preserving life, and not destroying it. 

Our insensitivity to killing of animals is a product of  brainwashing starting from school days. This must be corrected.

The Buddha condemned animal sacrifice.

The Buddha and Mahavira played a big role in converting India to a largely vegetarian country . Highest percentage of Vegetarians is in India. Thanks to the Message of the Buddha calling for compassion and loving – kindness to be extended to all living beings.

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