An Open Letter to Hon. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa
Posted on July 31st, 2020

By Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Dear President Gotabaya,

Thankfully to the smart and peace-loving Sri Lankan citizen’s decision that brought you to the great victory in the Presidential election in last November, today whole peace-loving Sri Lankans enjoy a sigh of relief and confidence for the future of Sri Lanka.

The brave and bold decisions you have executed so far courageously as the executive president of the country have already started showing positive results to the progress of the island. As a leader who took the oath as the president of Sri Lanka in front of Swarnamali Maha Chaithyaya in ancient capital of Anuradhapura, you made history.

As a staunch and strong supporter of you ever since we decided that you are the most suitable and appropriate person to lead the country and as a person who could convince and transform many opposite voters for you, I have a humble request here by to make.

Please ban cow slaughtering in Sri Lanka”

According to Buddhism also cow slaughtering has caused many illnesses and calamities to befall on human beings and ever since the life span of man has dropped immensely.

It is the high time now to ban cow slaughtering in Sri Lanka and when the present general election is over, please issue an executive order to ban cow slaughtering. This sole act would make you to shine as a real justice leader in the world and pave the way to Thawthisa or Thusitha celestial worlds in your wish after this life.

As arahath Mahinda mentioned to King Devanampiya Thissa (247 BC to 207 BC), ‘You are not the owner of the country, but the ruler and the administrator only. You cannot take lives of any living being which lives on earth, in water or in the sky’.   

Even though there are plenty of more things to note to justify to ban cow slaughtering from our beloved motherland, I do not intend to write a long letter for you today.

I hope you will have the courage and blessings to issue an executive order to ban cow slaughtering in Sri Lanka soon after the current general election.

Thank you Mr. President.

May the Triple Gem and all good guardian deities protect and guide you and Sri Lanka till eternity.


Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Hon. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa”

  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Hope this will catch the attention of cows. They will like it.

    By the way

    Dear Editor, is there no way to keep trolls out of this domain?


    Dear Shripal
    You have displayed true qualities of a buddhist. But in today’s world, if slaughtering cows are banned, then goat, chicks, ducks, pig, peacock, monkeys etc must also be banned. Some of these delicacies attract tourists and well as locals.

    I understand your feelings. I worked in a Abattoir in Nippon group of companies. I start work at 6 am., the gates for open field is opened by me. Gates are closed, the animals, cows, pigs, sheep enter into an open area, the circular shaped barrier narrows as animals move forward, forcing them to queue in to rows, powerful hose spray water to clean them, two rows becomes one, now they go on an elevator, chains falls on legs, neck, the row adjust to the body size of the animal, elevator keeps animal moving forward, at the near end point a main fire at the animal on its forehead, simultaneously guillitone cut the neck, neck falls down, blood, urine etc separated, body moves forward to separate skin, hair, and other body party. Samples are taken and sent to the Lab, samples display still life in it.
    The next day, Nippon Refrigated 60ft containers pick up the export orders of fat, bones,T bone, top side, rump, blade,chuck, brisket,blood, brain, kidney, heart,.liver.lung, spleen,testicle, tounge,tripe, horns, hair into frozen boxes.

    What do we do Mr Shripal? Change the job or change the religion. I did change the job.

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