Posted on August 20th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage RPEBC-PT, RPhT

The government is the creation of patriotic deserving people of the country, the government will deliver the expectations of people in a well planned short and long term strategy, state service officials must avoid corruptions, bribing, conspiracies of all formats, if such occurs we will use our powerful pens against them in every occasion.Citizen of the Country

Our country is just in front of a new horizon of governing with a new hope of better governing on policies of better on improving the lives of deserving people. The hope is blooming, in the hearts and minds of the people of the republic. I use this platform to educate public in many ways and made aware themselves to take an informed decision to choose right people of selecting to legislative assembly. And they have done it. What a grace; our people have shown to select and eliminate disgusting politicians out of legislature at this time. I am happy like every Sri Lankan, as they have shown power of their mandate and they have taken the most appropriate decision considering their electoral districts. The commitment of the public is the clear indication of how much they are tired of the previous rule and their governance of country. I do not want to write about that bunch, but I need to write something about them, which will open a new discussion and a platform for anybody interested. It is about UNP. What a humiliating defeat they have been given by the public. It seems like people have berried them in a 6’4’’ pit to death for eternity. There is a lesson to be learned from the result; which is the most important to be remembered. Did Ranil and the gang worked for the country or did they worked on an addenda of a foreign country? It is a waste of time of discussing their tragedy. Surprisingly he still want to be the leader surrounded by the bunch of his appointees. They are being called working committee members of the party.The so called democratic dictator still believe he will the up coming provincial election? The country need a strong opposition for its ruling for good governance.  

I have been consistently prioritizing the importance of security of the country and the peace, which is equal importance to economic development. It has been more than ever before has predominantly important for the consistent economic development of the country. We are a small nation in the world map, but strategically in a challenging spot in the Asia region; which is the next economic strategic place of the world economy. Because of the Geo political economic shift, the country has become the most vibrant piece of land for many powerful countries in the neighbourhood as well as world only super power, which is heavily sick due to Covid-19. Our own internal matters, economic development, eradicating drug traffickers, establishing law order has been the most important priorities for the country. 

UNP politicians only did want to snatch the power of the country. Past, present and future they never had a national intentional plan to develop the economy of  deserving people of the country. Just after their humiliating defeat if anybody just listened to everyone and how they are speaking; they are trying to defend one person of their party and that person is Ranil Wickramasinghe. It seems like Ranil is the supreme leader for these 8 politicians, but for sure not for the people of this country. I am sure they will continue to defeat in coming elections as well as future elections in this country. Ranil wickramsinghe is not a leader; he is just a follower and a promoter of neo liberal policies of western countries. That is the main reason western powers welcome Ranil Wicramasinghe and his party in power.

These days we are listening to another drama in this country. That is Athuraliye Rathana Nadagama”. Rathana thera must be aware that his movement will not have any acceptance among the people of this country. We are tired of listening to their grievances on media. The media need to start some discussions on educating of public of environment sustainability with development, Law and order education for public. Our national resources and their management. National unity and reconciliation. Etc. Media need to promote above and take lead by making their platform to discuss national aspects of topics in the country. They must start a discussion how to achieve economic well being for the public of the country through the new state ministerial portfolios and resources. Such a discussion will make more benefit to our people rather than announcing Rathana Nadagama”. I am not devaluing Nadagam Kalawa of our country. Which is one of the best key Ranga kala” item of our own. Rang Kala is something we will need to preserve and promote among the communities of our country.

Election promises are slogans common for us. Promising on a stage to support the people is one thing. And active engaging for reality is another. So the question is how a government follow through on their statement of solidarity? It is important to be intentional. As a matter of fact poor people needs to be met and their livelihood must be improved, By noticing, connecting, valuing and responding to the needs of deserving people, the government can build a stronger relationship and help to advance economic freedom by working on their behalf. The present government’s prosperity vision is real. It has been vividly expressed strategically by allocating state ministries and ministerial portfolios for action by utilizing our own resources. One of the key perspectives has been to promote small scale traditional but vibrant domestic, Batik, handloom, sculpting, Weval, Clay, Art effects, Agriculture of export oriented pepper, kaju, spices etc. When government take the initiative through state participation it will grow, and which will improve the rural economy of people. The concept is new and it will definitely well receive by the people of the country.  

A wave of significant change is happening for better, within Sri Lankan government institutions, society, law and order, manufacturing etc, just after the landslide victory of present government. People were weary of previous government. The most significant analysis of UNP defeat not yet revealed. It could be understood if anybody could understand the basic meaning of Democracy. Democracy mean understanding the people’s necessity and working towards the will of the people’s need. The previous government worked against the will of the people and they made their own grave in this election. I am thrilled of hearing and knowing the state ministries portfolios and their subject parameters. The government is going to provide more funding for inland and rural communities in improving their, living standards through their manufacturing. This seem to me the dawn of a new Horizon to our country. Precisely that is very right to promote the rural deserving people’s livelihood by improving their economy. Think about the clay manufacturing sector of rural economy. Which is a huge manufacturing sector which we could bring foreign exchange to our country. I know the famous Guruleththuwa”. Everybody want to drink water in Guruleththuwa. The freshness of the water in that clay pot never ever similar to cold water in a fridge. The water in a Guruleththuwa much more refreshing than the water from a fridge. The concept need more improvement and must prepare these items to international market as well.

The drugs, addictions, has been devastation the communities and children due to substance abuse over a period of time. It had been in tensed during past Ranil Maithree yahapalanaya rule. It seems like yahapalana administration had been given green light to continue the drug business to make a living for the people of underworld. The political involvement has been identified as well. There were many institutions, police officers, narcotic bureau officials, prison chiefs and officers were to control the drug related abuse and control, but they were unable to control or bring those people to justice as the primary level of controlling. Since it has been malfunctioning and less efficient control those responsible government officers have been involved to those drug related crimes and by abusing law and order. Luckily the task force of present is in full implementation of law to finding the people involved into substance, related crimes of selling, trafficking, abusing, and much more. It is being found and revealing the people of high ranking police and prison officers, and security forces, involving taking bribes from the business. If the government didn’t timely made the decision to eradicate underworld business and killing of each other, the country would have been in its worst state of not being able to find solutions. It seems like growing numbers of Pablo Escobars” type of killing about to happen in Sri lanka, but we are fortunate and thankful to government as they have come forward to save the country and its people from the problem. It needs to be continue to arrest and jail those drug related businesses and people of the country. The country needed more sophisticated electronic equipment to identifying drugs and related crimes at entry ports of the country as well as within the country.    

Hon. President worded Development could be initiated in small scale in every sector.” the statement is a visionary idea of a new beginning. Think about state run transportation system, it has the potential for better development. Introducing car pooling systems in several congested locations., shuttle services, high speed train systems of connecting Colombo metro. Etc. These are capital projects which will incurred huge amount of money at the beginning, but in the long run these projects are much needed investment to improve the economy of major city of Colombo and suburbs. Five years from now people may need to get things done effectively as well as efficiently. Even now people need such efficiency. Believe me when these efficient systems introduced, everything will be much convenient. Along with new improved traffic systems in Colombo metro with specially trained police force to ensure law and order for safety of passengers as well as for those properties. It will be important to ensure the safe use of public transport systems and the safety of those by introducing of laws of how to use public properties. The country will successful  in South Asia if the Transportation Ministry could introduce electric buses for public transport system and remove all gas equipped buses from roads. Which would be very good for the environment as the electric transportation will not produce carbon emissions. Sustainable transport system of environment friendly, in Colombo metro and suburbs.

Over the week we heard the story of unemployed graduates. As a graduate everyone has the right to find a suitable jobs for living. The previous government economic plans were not designed to increase exports or productions of the economy. They relied market economy; one dominant feature of that policy being more towards bringing products and services from neighboring China or India & then allowing goods and services to compete in the market. Ranil and the gang called this as globalization. Instead of jobs and opportunities they tried to introduce free WI FI zone in the country to speak to their girl friends and boyfriends. Even though they were not able to do that, it was just a election promise to snatch the votes of people for power. So we were able to see many street riots ,unrest and tear gas, rubber bullets gun shots over the years.It is because when they are not find a way living through the education, it is obvious the graduates will  challenge the law of the country through street fights and picketing campaigns. It was the tragic era of our university graduates. Uncertainty was looming everywhere in the country. Many people were uncertain whether they will have the uninterrupted train services to get to work and come back from the work. As a result there were plenty of anxiety built up in the minds of the people of the country.

Government has identified this quite well & has designed the state ministries focusing on increasing productions, services , export oriented economy, which will be encouraging domestic handlooms, domestic manufacturing. If the approach would have been identified early, and implemented 5 years ago, country would have gained a much stronger economy. As everybody aware Covid-19 has changed everything including economy. Covid-19 has encouraged every country to have their own self sufficiency of basic needs. As previous government discouraged paddy farming and introduced farming of roses for exports, and if continued doing so, we would have been probably in a huge hunger with no food to eat. The government is doing their best to create jobs to a better economy. It has been on media that the investors are interested investing in the country due to political stability and due to improved safety of the country. The political stability dramatically improved and the safety of the country in its highest ratings over the months and will continue to improve and nobody will argue of its robust development. Our courageous security forces and the president’s vision is the key for this achievement.

Due to improving stability of the country it has been able to attract investments of logistics, rubber related, chemical companies eyeing to do their business in the country. It is because investing by now will have more economic benefits in the future for their investments due to rapid future economic development of the region. Once the country is a resourceful, and safe place for investments they will invest  millions in manufacturing. But the BOI need to follow strict environmental guidelines before approving those any project. People of this country don’t need an economic development, which will cause the damage to our environment and natural beauty of the country; as a result if the people of this country will need to buy oxygen bags when they go out for their daily needs. Hon Minister of environment need to introduce strict laws & regulations to protect them. He needs to implement strict measures to protect our environment and ecosystems from the adverse effects of manufacturing plants. Please establish a high powered bench of expertise of environmentalist and their confidential approval before starting any manufacturing plant in this country. Again environment sustainability is the key for development, when BOI need to consider in terms approving projects.

It has been over the years and now Sri Lanka state is a transshipment hub in the South Asian region. The next immediate development would be more advanced and true logistics and trading hub in South Asian region. When it comes to this status the companies will establish their manufacturing plants to assemble, manufacture or value addition activities. When it comes to approving the BOI need their deep learning with environment experts, and introduce only projects which are environmentally sustainable. The BOI has to be introduced with a new additional piece into its logo, which consolidate and critical of environment sustainability of projects.They need consistently to engage to preserve the nature of the country.  Those multinational companies bring their logic of multi country consolidation theory which eventually 100% ownership. But the law of the country only allows 40% and which must not be changed. The obligated internal compliance to law must not need to change due to integral facts and environment factors. 

The present government is the hope of people, which would deliver the Sri Lanka; people want and families long awaiting to achieve after the Independence. 

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